Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: If you go down to the woods today

If you go down to the woods today

I'd decided to have a day out walking through the woods, when I came across a small path, which I decided to take and came across a naked couple fucking furiously. The woman was kneeling on the ground, her head resting on her partner's clothes, as he pounded her from behind.
For a few seconds I just watched, stunned at the scene in front of me, the hardness in mjy shorts growing rapidly. Crouching down I stepped on a twig, causing it to crack loudly.
“Instead of watching why not just ask to join us.”
“Yeah come on,” the man said, removing his cock from his partner's pussy. “besides it's been a long time since I've enjoyed the company of another guy.”
Walking over to them, half expecting them to explode in rage. Only as soon as I was within reach the woman whipped my shorts and boxers down, leaving me as naked as they were. Before I had a chance to say a word the woman wrapped her lips around my hard shaft, and began to guide me down, her partner's thick cock pushing against the tightness of my virgin ass, before eventually entering me, hitting my prostate and causing me to come instantly in her mouth.



Anonymous said...

Ah, nature. Excellent tease, Julez.

Angelica Dawson said...

That NEVER happens when I walk in the woods. Total bummer. :( Great piece.

Pablo Michaels said...

Wow! That was fast. Being a virgin, once many years ago, I can appreciate his quick reaction. The pace of your teaser flowed swiftly by which made the scene more believable. Well done.

Doris O'connor said...

Well, well, well, that certainly turned into an interesting walk ;-)