Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: The greatest day of my life

The greatest day of my life

Ever since I'd first seen her I just knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and once the ceremony was over it would be official and nobody could ever deny our love again.
Standing in front of the reverend we listened while he explained everything, before gripping each other's hand, staring into each other's eyes and reciting the vows we had made for ourselves. Once we had finished turned back to the reverend , and waited with baited breath.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” he eventually said, a sly smile on his face.
As soon as he had finished speaking we turned and began to walk away from the altar the few friends, the ones who hadn't turned against us because of Sally's transsexuality, began clapping, whistling and cheering.
Turning to face our friends we smiled proudly and continued to walk along the crisp white sand, still gripping each other's hand, as Sally continuously stared at me with the biggest smile on her face I'd ever seen, a smile which told me we had made the right decision and anybody who didn't agree could stay out of our lives, forever.


Friday, 20 January 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Money can't buy happiness

Money can't buy happiness

Standing with her back to the crowd, in just her leather basque, tiny g-string, stockings, suspenders and leather boots, Isabelle could hear the screaming, whistling and catcalls from behind her, demanding she removed the rest of her clothes. With tears forming in her eyes she half turned her head, towards the crowd, before thinking better of it and storming off the stage.
As soon as she was safely out of sight the tears began to flow freely. She no longer cared how much money she could make taking her clothes off, all she knew was that she'd sooner be broke than leered at any longer.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: Love is all that matters

Love is all that matters

Ever since I'd first seen Brooke, on social media, I knew she was the woman for me. We spent hours, every day for a couple of months, getting to know nearly everything about each other. The trouble was I could tell she was hiding something, something she said she would only tell me face to face. Knowing she was the one for me whatever she had to tell me wouldn't change my feelings for her, we quickly arranged our first date.
Taking her to a quiet restaurant she dropped the bombshell, between our main course and dessert, that she was a pre-op transsexual. Almost choking on my wine I lifted my head, and stared deep into her eyes.
“I know I should have told you sooner,” she whispered. “I'm so sorry, and I'll understand if you want to walk away.”
Smiling at her I put my glass down, reached forward and took her hand in mine.
“Let me tell you something,” I began. “Ever since I first saw your picture I knew you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so walking away from you is never going to happen.”


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sinful Sunday: This was going to be my darkest piece of work ever

As Taylor eased his cock from his jeans, wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and lowered her head she couldn't believe how well life had started to treat her. In the last week she had found a new job, which paid double what she was earning previously and came with a fully modernized penthouse flat overlooking the river and was now heading back to the flat of the guy whose cock she was slowly stroking, whilst he sped through the traffic, seemingly as eager for her as she was for him.
She didn't even have to worry about the secret she had kept hidden from every guy she ever met because, after the way his hands wandered all over her in the club, he must have guessed that she had a cock of her own.
Opening her lips wide she flicked her tongue over the swollen head of his cock, as he struggled to keep the car under control, before lowering her head and taking his full length to the back of her throat. Keeping a firm grip on his shaft she began to bob her head up and down, occasionally stopping to run her tongue up and down his hardness and over his swollen balls.
“Fuck careful,” he managed to gasp as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. “We have the whole night there's no need to rush and get us both killed.”
Looking up at the handsome face, which was fixed intently on the road ahead she smiled before wrapping her lips around him again. This time she bobbed her head a lot slower, savoring the salty taste of the pre-cum that had leaked from the slit in the end of his cock, the desperation to have him inside her making her own cock throb excitedly.
“Almost there,” he moaned as he swung the car to the left and down what Taylor thought felt like an old farm track, each bounce from the car driving his cock deep to the back of her throat.
Suddenly the car jerked to a halt and Taylor felt his hand grip her hair tightly. Pulling her head up he stared at her, a slight smile forming on his lips.
“I won't last until we get to mine I want you right here right now,” he barked aggressively, his deep voice shocking Taylor. “Get out.”
Opening the door Taylor stepped into the dark night and looked around, the road was barely visible at the end of the rack he had driven down, before slipping her hand under her skirt and removing her panties. Just then he appeared behind her, pushed her face down over the hood of the car and lifted her skirt.

“I can't believe my luck,” the man began, before bringing his hand down on Taylor's firm ass sharply, pleased she wasn't able to see the look in his eyes. “Of all the girls in the club I must have pulled the only one with a cock.”


Friday, 13 January 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: The perfect model

The perfect model

As yet another model stood before, naked, I inhaled deeply on my cigarette and sighed. As beautiful as all the women I'd seen throughout the day were there was nothing with any of them to make them stand out, nothing any advertising agency hadn't used a thousand times. I was about to call it a day when the door to the studio burst open, and the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen entered the room.
As I looked her up and down I smiled. No agency would have dreamed of this I thought, as my eyes settled on the sight of the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Release Promo: A honeymoon like no other by J S Morbius


Darryl Collins had it all, or so he thought. A beautiful fiancée, a lavish wedding and honeymoon all booked. Everything was perfect. At least, it was until he found his fiancée and best man in bed together.
Destroyed by the betrayal of the two people closest to him, all Darryl wanted to do was get away. Packing a suitcase, he headed off on the already paid for honeymoon, alone, intending to forget about everything that had happened and start to rebuild his life. He didn't expect to meet two beautiful, Russian exchange students to help him forget about his troubles.
Returning home after his incredible "honeymoon" vacation, Darryl couldn't get the two women out of his mind, and was determined to do everything he could to see them again.

Will Darryl achieve his goal, or would the women he'd fallen for be out of his life forever?


As the first rays of light filtered into the bedroom, I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head to the left, then right. Seeing the gorgeous faces of Sasha and Elena sleeping peacefully with their arms over my chest, I couldn't believe how my life had turned out.
Less than twelve months had passed since my life took a turn, for the better as it worked out. I was engaged to be married, the wedding was booked as was the honeymoon and I thought life was perfect. What I didn't know though was that my fiancée wasn't happy, well, not with just one man in her life.
Catching her and the man who I classed as my best friend, the man I'd asked to be my best man, in bed with each other ripped my world apart. I had shelled out thousands for her and the day I caught them almost destroyed me but it was also too late for me to cancel everything and get my money back, meaning I was in debt for nothing.
Nowadays though, as I kissed each of the girls lightly on the forehead, and eased myself out of bed gently every morning, I found myself thanking my ex for giving me a life other men could only dream of, a life where two stunning women were both as eager to please me as I was them, and who had settled into their lives in England better than I could have expected. The three of us had jobs so we didn't see each other during the day, but when night came, and the three of us eased ourselves into the king-size bed I'd had to go out and buy, we made up for our time apart.
Sometimes I think I'm dreaming and keep waiting to wake up all alone, still cursing my ex.
However, I am getting ahead of myself here, so sit back and let me tell you the story of how my life ended up as it is now.


   J.S. Morbius is the pseudonym of a father to nine children, four of his own and five stepchildren. He is also partially disabled, having been born with a neurological condition that has caused his nervous system to deteriorate over the years, and finds writing to be the way to express his feelings, and fantasies.
Having been writing for over five years, Star Search, published by Naughty Nights Press in November 2011, was his first release. This was followed by an appearance in the gay male anthology The Boy's Club, also published by Naughty Nights Press, where he had two stories, Opposites Attract and Room for Two.
His second stand-alone release, Addicted to Charlie, came out in June 2012, quickly followed by Naughty Hot Shots - Reunited at a Reunion, which earned him his first ever bestseller certificate from his publisher, and then shortly after his next Transgender release, Naughty Hot Shots - Top Of The Class, which earned him yet another silver star at All Romance Ebooks on the very first day and has since been listed in the top 100 best sellers in Gay & Lesbian on Amazon. J.S followed with The Love Of Leon, a gay male romance, The Girl In The Red Bikini, another transgender romance, and then Freed From The Chains Of Deceit, a self-discovery gay male novella. His only other formally published paranormal work, aside from Xavier Kane, Lust Of The Vampires, was released in October 2014. J.S. Morbius has received the coveted award of best selling author of 2014 at Naughty Nights Press, and he could not be more honored. He sends out his sincere thanks and gratitude to his ever-faithful and growing reader list. J.S. feels it would just not be the same without his fans cheering him on, year after year.
J.S. has several stories currently on the editing table of his publisher he hopes will be out to his fans shortly. There may even be a few surprises to his upcoming works in 2017, as he broadens his romance genre horizons and gives his readers more of the LGBTQ reading they've been begging him for.
J.S. still continues to write, mainly in gay male, transgender, and cross-dressing genres, but believes in always trying new things at least once in his lifetime.

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: My Last Vacation (A tale from beyond the grave)

My Last Vacation (A tale from beyond the grave)

The apartment had been freshly decorated, the lingering smell of paint a dead giveaway, yet something still felt strange, there was definitely a chill in the room which was a surprise considering the outside temperature. Before I could ask why though the bellboy ushered me through the door and began to show me around the apartment, with it's newly-fitted kitchenette, brand new two seat sofa, which still had it's plastic covers on, satellite TV, which he assured me was totally free and full-to-bursting mini-bar.
“Which one's the bathroom?”
“That's through this door, Sir.” The bellboy placed his hand on the cold, metal, handle but as soon as he did the same chill that I had felt on first entering the room ran through my body once again. “Are you alright, sir? You look a little pale.”
“Guess the flight got to me more than I realized. I'll be okay after a long, hot, soak.”
“I'm sure you will, sir.”
With that he pushed the door open, and as I saw the blood-stained floor, walls and bath, for the first time, I also saw the stiletto blade appear out of the middle of my chest.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Keeping my promise

It's that time of the week when a group of friends and I take the same image and come up with a 100 word piece of flash fiction and, after reading my offering you can find my friends take on the image at http://flasherfictionfriday.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/january-6-2017.html

Keeping my promise

My journey started with an email, an email I'd never normally open, an email in my spam folder begging for help and now, as I stared from the window of the light aircraft and looked down at the city, I couldn't believe I'd almost arrived. Seeing the size of the place I knew I'd got a job on my hands to find her, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Still I'd promised her that I'd not only find her but I'd also take her away from this place, and the things she was forced to do to survive.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: Protecting Mistress

Protecting Mistress

As Mistress led me through the hallway, the heavy chain hanging down, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Mistress didn't realise I'd frozen to the spot, not until the chain became taut, but as soon as she did she turned to me and crouched down.
“What is it, Caleb?” she asked, placing her hand on the back of my neck.
“They're coming for me, Mistress,” I replied. “They're coming, and they will do anything to get me.”
“I won't let them. Haven't I always protected you?”
Lifting my head I sniffed the air, and felt the muscles in my body start to twist and turn under my skin.
“Yes, Mistress, but these smell different.”
“Then we must move. Quickly”
Mistress broke into a jog, her heels tapping on the wooden floor, as I ran beside her.
“We'll be safe in the cellar,” she panted.
The pain tearing through me suddenly became too to bear much and, as every sinew of my body contorted in ways they shouldn't I raised to my full seven foot, swept Mistress off her feet and headed to the, hopeful, sanctuary of the cellar.


Friday, 30 December 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: The final betrayal

The final betrayal

I could smell the two of them the second I opened the front door. The mixture of sweat, sex, aftershave and perfume filling the hallway before the door was even half open and, this, after all the promises it would never happen again.
Pushing the door, fully, open I stared at the stairs. Shoes, panties, a tie, bra, shirt and blouse all spread out, going up. The two of them couldn't even wait until they were inside properly. Well, this time enough was enough.
He'd been warned more than once, and this time I meant it, we were finished.