Friday, 16 September 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: The night's end

The night's end

As I entered the house, the sun just beginning to rise, I slowly made my way up the stairs. My body ached from the night's work and all I wanted to do was sleep, only as soon as reached the top of the stairs I was greeted by Natalya, Sasha and Elena wearing, nothing but lingerie.
“Welcome home, Master,” Elena whispered stepping forward, before freezing to the spot. “Quickly, girls, Master's hurt. Help me get him to the bedroom.
“It's okay,” I replied, before glancing down at my shirt and flashing my bloodstained fangs. “It's not mine.”


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease 13th September 2016

I'd found the house at the end of an overgrown trail, and it was perfect. No-one would ever find me here. Walking around the outside of the building I found a broken window and, carefully, removed the shards of glass which were left.
Climbing inside I saw the exposed joists, and smiled. Standing on the window ledge I grabbed one of the joists and swung my legs forward, to make sure the thick piece of wood wasn't rotten. Satisfied they were strong enough I dropped to the floor, and opened my bag. Taking the thick rope from within I sat on the floor, removed the diagram from my pocket and sat down. An hour later, after a few false starts, the rope finally looked exactly like the image on the paper.
After attaching one end of the rope to the ceiling joist I went outside. After searching for a few minutes I found exactly what I needed. Re-entering the house I place the battered, wooden, chair under the rope and climbed up.
Slipping my head in to the noose I closed my eyes and kicked the chair back, the snap of my neck the last thing I heard before everything went black.


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: The morning after

The morning after

Opening my eyes I stared at the ground, ten feet beneath me. Stretching, to my full six feet four, I could feel every single muscle in my body aching, from the shift to panther and back again. I hadn't got a clue why I had started shifting all I knew was it had been happening more and more frequently, so now waking totally naked and, more often than not, up a tree was less of a surprise to me than the occasional days I woke in an actual bed.
Rising to a crouch I looked down, and saw fresh blood under my nails. Fear coursed through my body as I tried to remember what had happened but, just like after every shift, my mind was a total blank. The blood didn't seem to be mine and all I knew was I had to get home, and get myself cleaned up, before anybody saw me.
It took me a couple of minutes to work out I was less than a mile from my home, so now all I had to do was get there without being seen. Taking one last look, to make sure there was no-one around, I dropped to the floor and began to run.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: Three's company

Three's company

Dropping my keys on the small table I began to make my way up the stairs when, about halfway up, I froze. There was soft music emanating from the bathroom. Pausing I listened for a couiple of seconds, and realised it wasn't only music. I could also hear whispering and giggling, she wasn't alone.
Making my way up the rest of the stairs in two steps I flung open the bathroom door, and stared in disbelief.
“Hello, baby,” Alice said, as she turned to face me. “This is Lucy, and she answered our advert for a new playmate.”


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: My way

My Way

Regrets I've had a few.
Fuck, Frank, that's one hell of an understatement. I've had a lot more than a few
Taking another mouthful of the burning liquid from the bottle I shivered, as it set fire to my throat on the way down.
Sitting there with the only friend I had in the world, a bottle of Jack Daniels, I wondered why the fuck I was still here. Then realized it was probably because if I tried to end it I'd fuck that up just like I'd fucked up everything else I'd ever tried.
Another mouthful and the haunting words of Frank Sinatra filled my mind again.
Too few to mention.
Yeah right Frank I'd had that fucking many I had lost fucking count. The self-harming, the failed marriages, in fact my failure at fucking everything and anything. Still none of it mattered any more, not now, now I could, and would, do anything I wanted.
The trouble was though all I wanted to do was empty this bottle and then start another, if I was still capable.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: Hide and seek

Hide and seek

As I stared across the swimming pool, at the huge mansion, I couldn't believe what I was looking at. When she'd told me, in a text, that if I wanted her I'd have to find her I'd had visions of searching through something a lot smaller.
I continued to stare at the house, hoping a flickering shadow would give me an idea as to which room she was in because, as easy as it would've been for me to find her, the sooner I did the better.
I just hoped she felt the same, when my fangs sank in to the soft skin of her neck.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: Audition


With one hand wrapped around my hard shaft I leaned back on the bed slightly and, using my free hand to maintain my balance, started to stroke my cock. Slowly I began to ease myself down on to the thick blue dildo, which had been lubricated and positioned in the center of the bed. Involuntarily the muscles of my ass tightened, as I felt the cold wetness touch my hole for the first time and I raised myself up again.
“I haven't got all fucking day,” her voice bellowed from across the room.
“S-Sorry it's my first time,” I apologized, taking a deep breath and lowering my ass once again.
“Well the sooner you prove you can take that the sooner we can begin the filming, with this.”
As she spoke she stood up and slowly undid the belt holding her silk dressing gown closed and exposed her own hard cock. Seeing her standing there, erect and with just a glistening of pre-cum seeping from her slit I gritted my teeth and lowered myself once again, this time not stopping until the thick end slid slowly deep in to my ass.


Friday, 15 July 2016

Flash Fiction Friday: The street

The street

Waking up, with a start, I stared at the row of identikit houses in front of me, and wondered where the fuck I was. The city behind looked familiar yet the houses, each with a perfectly manicured tree and identical MPV in front of them, I'd never seen before.
Slowly I stood up, and looked all around, hoping to get my bearings, before noticing someone in one of the upstairs windows of the end house. They seemed to be beckoning me forward and for some reason, and unable to stop myself, I started to make my way forward.


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Julia


Entering the bedroom I walked over to the bed, where my chosen lingerie was laid out and ran my fingers over the soft white lace. Taking a quick glance at the bedside clock I saw it was six-thirty, ninety minutes before I was due at the restaurant and sat down.
After running my hands down my legs, to make sure I'd shaved them perfectly, I picked up one of the lace stockings. I pushed my toes in slowly, so I didn't ladder them, before easing the delicate material up my leg. Once I was happy with how it looked I smoothed it out and did the same with the other one, before picking up the corset.
It took me longer than normal to do the corset up thanks to my hands, which trembled nervously. Eventually though it was on. After clipping the suspenders to the stockings I picked up the pure white, silk, panties and stepped in to them.
Stepping over to the dressing table I sat down, and applied my make-up. Once finished I took one last look at myself, before slipping my skirt and blouse on. Once dressed I headed to the front door and stepped outside, as Julia, for the first time ever.


Monday, 11 July 2016

Masturbation Monday: Shower shock

Shower shock

Glancing around I saw everyone else had gone and I was the last one in the shower, just as I always was. Listening carefully I made sure no-one else was about before running my hand down my body, and taking my cock in my hand.
I slowly began to stroke myself to hardness, which didn't take many seconds. Closing my eyes I slowly continued to move my hand up and down my full length, the thrill of knowing I could be caught at any moment making me harder than ever. Moaning softly, as I continued to enjoy my time alone, I didn't hear the shower door open.
Blissfully unaware I wasn't alone I began to stroke myself faster, my hand a blur as it moved along my shaft. Suddenly I froze, as I felt somebody's breath on the nape of my neck.
“Don't stop,” whoever it was whispered softly, making it difficult for me to make out who it was, before pressing their body against mine.
Feeling their cock pressing against me I reached back as far as I could, and gripped their ass tightly. As I started to stroke myself again I put my head back, on my visitor's shoulder and sighed.
“I've waited so long for this moment,” I moaned.
“So why didn't you say anything?”
This time he didn't whisper and I instantly recognised the voice of, Travis, the team captain.
“I couldn't say anything could I,” I replied. “I mean being gay isn't something you just randomly announce, especially in a dressing room full of muscular footballers.”
“I wish you had,” Travis said. “Because then I could also have come out.”
“You're the captain, if you'd come out nobody would have said anything. I'm just one of the guys.”
“You are not just one of the guys,” Travis said. “You are the man who has made it possible for me to live my life out in the open.”
As he spoke he reached around my front, gently took my hand from around my shaft and replaced it with his own.
“What...” I began to say as Travis started to stroke my hard shaft, his thick cock now pressing against the crack of my ass.
“Shh,” Travis whispered, before placing his lips against the nape of my neck and kissing me softly. “Just relax.”
Sighing, at his gentle touch, I closed my eyes, leaned back and placed my head against his shoulder.
Travis,who had obviously been with another man before, expertly stroked my shaft until I felt my legs start to tremble and my balls tighten in their sac.
“Fuck, Travis, I'm going to come,” I managed to gasp, just before my cock twitched violently in his hand, and the first stream of my thick milky seed exploded from the end of my cock.
“Beautiful,” Travis whispered, as he continued to milk every drop of come from my body.
Once I was spent Travis released my cock, turned me around and placed his lips against mine. Forcefully pushing his tongue in to my mouth he ran his hands down my body, gripped my ass firmly and pulled me as close to him as possible.
Feeling his cock against mine I was surprised to feel myself harden again. Pulling my lips from his I smiled, and looked down at his cock. It was about the same length as mine, but looked thicker and it had a small drop of pre-come leaking through his glans.
Before I knew what I was doing I was on my knees, my hand around his cock and slowly stroking him, just as he had me. Only I didn't want to just stroke him I wanted to taste him, taste his seed, so opened my mouth as wide as possible. Moving my head forward I felt Travis place his hands on the sides of my head and guide me, before I flicked my tongue across his glans. At first I thought the salty taste of his pre-come was going to stop me, I'd never even tasted my own seed, but with Travis' hands guiding me I opened my mouth as wide as I could and slowly took the head of his shaft in to my mouth.
Running my tongue over, and around, his swollen cock I heard Travis gasp loudly and closed my mouth around him. As I began to move my head back and forth I reached down, and wrapped my hand around my own shaft.
As I stroked my cock, in time with my sucking, Travis placed his hand on my head to stop my movements.
“Please, Kurt, don't come again,” He moaned. “Because once you are finished down there I want to feel that beautiful cock of yours in my ass.”
Surprised I released my cock and began bobbing my head back and forth even quicker, and as I did Travis began bucking his hips wildly. With travis fucking my mouth, and me sucking him as fast as I could it didn't take long until his bucking became more erratic. Releasing hjis cock I reached around him, gripped his ass tightly and pulled him as far forward as possible.
Knowing he was about to come I braced myself, as I had no clue what I would do when he began to flood my mouth, and took every inch of him to the back of my throat. Gripping my hair Travis suddenly drove his cock forward and, after his cock began to twitch violently, my mouth began to rapidly fill with his seed.
Without thinking I started to swallow every drop before he pulled out of my mouth, wrapped his hand around his thickness and squeezed one last drop through the slit in his cock.
“Fuck, Kurt, that felt amazing,” Travis gasped breathlessly. “Now fuck me.”
Before I could say a word Travis turned around, placed his hands on the shower wall and bent over slightly.
“Please, Kurt, I need you now.”
Never having done it before I placed one hand in the small of his vback, and gripped my cock with the other. Moving forward I slowly eased the swollen head of my cock between his cheeks and began to move it up and down, until I felt his what I was looking for.
“Fuck yes,” Travis gasped loudly, as he felt my cock start to push against his tightness.
At first I didn't think I was ever going to enter him, his hole seemingly not wanting to allow me in, but eventually the head of my cock finally broke through his defences.
“I wish I'd known about you before now, Kurt,” he gasped, as I started to push my cock deeper in to his tight ass.
“I wish I'd had the balls to say something,” I replied, before finally burying every inch of my cock in to him.
“Fuck me hard, Kurt. Fuck me and make us both come.”
Gripping his hips I began to thrust back and forth and, because of his tightness, soon felt my orgasm building again.
“I'm going to fiucking come,” I managed to gasp, brearthlessly, before driving my cock as deep in to his ass as I could.
“Fuck, yes,” Travis screamed, as he pushed his ass back against me.
Closing my eyes I thrust a few more times, before my cock spasmed violently and I began to come again, my seed rapidly filling his ass. As I continued to fuck him I reached around, took his hard shaft in my hand and began to stroke him furiously. After a few minutes Travis gasped once more, before his come exploded from the end of his cock on to the shower wall.
Bending his head down, Travis' breathing slowly began to return to something resembling normal, and I slowly eased my, softening, cock from his ass.
Wrapping my arms around his waist I held him for a few minutes, my soft cock pressing against his ass, before he finally straightened up, turned around and smiled.
“We are fucking stupid,” Travis said.
“Because we could have been doing this all these months we were teammates instead of hiding our true feelings, that's why.”
“Well now we know why don't we hurry up and get dressed,” I replied. “Then you can come back to my place, and we can begin making up for lost time.”