Friday, 26 May 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Together forever

Together forever

As Callie pressed her hand against Jared's six pack he leant forward, his mouth stopping just above her ear.
“You don't know how long I've been looking for someone like you,” he whispered.
Running her hand down Callie massaged his hardness through his boxers, the wetness of her pussy leaking through her panties, before resting her head against his chest.
“Please tell me this is going to last,” Callie whispered. “I couldn't bear to lose you.”
“Believe me, baby, this is going to last for eternity,” Jared replied, softly, before sinking his fangs into the soft flesh of her neck.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Not what they planned

Not what they planned

Sandwiched between Alexander and Yuri, the two russian playboys who'd been trying for months to get her into bed, and wearing nothing more than a thin lace babydoll, Sasha could feel their excitement growing rapidly.
It's such a shame things aren't going to go the way they think she thought to herself, as she pulled Alexander close, while reaching behind herself to wrap her other hand behind Yuri's neck.
As soon as his lips were close enough Alexander leaned forward, to kiss her, only for Sasha to quickly move her head, and sink her razor sharp fangs into his neck.


Monday, 15 May 2017

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Sexy Saturday: The perfect end to the perfect vacation

The perfect end to the perfect vacation

When he sent the text, telling me to meet him at the place we first set eyes on each other, he gave no reason. Now though, as I reached the secluded alcove at the end of the beach, I knew exactly what was going happen and just the thought of it caused a stirring inside my shorts.
Saul was lying stretched out on the white sands, totally naked, his thick, uncut, seven inch cock resting on the top of his thigh, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed, he looked absolutely gorgeous.
Stepping closer to the man I had spent most of my holiday with, the hardness inside my shorts growing the closer I got I was suddenly thrown when, without moving, or even opening his eyes, Saul spoke.
“I wasn't sure if you'd come.”
“Why not?” I asked as my eyes traveled over every inch of his muscular body, finally coming to a stop on his cock.
“Not sure but as I knew it was your last day I thought you might have stuff to do. I just couldn't think about not seeing again though.”
“You had no need to worry about that,” I replied, taking another couple of steps forward. “I would have come and found you before I checked out.”
Steeping even closer Saul suddenly reached his arm out and grabbed my ankle, pulling me down on to the sand beside him.
“Couldn't have you standing there much longer, you were blocking my sun,” Saul laughed as he placed his hand back behind his head.
Placing my elbow on the soft sand I lifted my head and lay on my side, staring as Saul's chest rose and fell slowly, my eyes drifting slowly down his body to his cock again. Lifting my other hand I placed it on his muscular pecs and began toying with his hard nipples through the small amount of coarse chest hair covering them.
Saul gasped as I pinched, tweaked and twisted each of his nipples in turn, until they were as hard as they could.
“Fuck, Mark, not so rough, “Saul winced.
“Oh you know you like a bit of rough,” I replied, as I quickly swung, one leg over his body and straddled him.
Bending my head I flicked my tongue over each of his nipples in turn, before biting them a little harder than I meant to. Suddenly Saul bucked his hips and before I had a chance to react I was flat on my back, Saul now on top of me.
“I'm not the only one who likes it rough though, am I?” Saul smirked as he gripped the waistband of my shorts and tore them from my body, leaving me as naked as he was.
Staring back up at him I lifted my hips and ground my hard cock against his naked ass.
“Fuck, Saul, I am going to miss you when I leave.”
“I'm going to miss you as well,” he replied before climbing off me and, effortlessly, flipping me on to my front.
Swiftly he knelt between my legs, gripped my hips in his strong hands and lifted my ass into the air. Placing my hands into in soft sand, to hold myself up, I felt the swollen head of Saul's cock pushing against my ass and braced myself. Slowly Saul began to push forward and I felt my ass part as his cock began to press against my tight hole.
“Jesus, Saul, fuck me, fuck me hard,” I groaned, wincing as the swollen head of his cock slowly eased its way in to my ass.
Saul paused for a couple of seconds, giving me chance to take a deep breath, before he began to thrust slowly forward once again, until his full length was buried deep inside me. Gradually Saul's thrusting become quicker, more erratic, and I knew that he would soon explode and fill my ass with his seed for the first, and only time, since we had first made love.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Just an ordinary guy

Just an ordinary guy

As I pulled Andi as close as possible I couldn't believe she was finally mine. For months I had wished I could've called her my girlfriend, only I never thought I'd be good enough for her. After all there was nothing special about me. I was just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary job, and an ordinary body and she had the world at her feet.
Her flowing blonde locks, perfect figure and piercing blue eyes had made her one of the most lusted after transsexual models in the world yet she had given everything up for an ordinary life, with me.


Thursday, 13 April 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Protecting her Master

Protecting her Master

As I pushed the front door open I was greeted by the sight of Sasha, the maids, perfect, lace covered ass, stockings and suspenders.
“Is everything okay, Sasha?”
“I'm so sorry, Sir.” Sasha replied, jumping to her feet. “I wanted to get this cleaned up before you got home.”
“What happened?” I asked, noticing the light red pool on the floor.
“I promised I would do anything to serve you, Sir, so when he broke in armed with a knife...” Sasha whispered, beginning to sob. “I didn't mean to kill him,”


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: The set-up

The set-up

As she slowly opened her eyes breathlessly, from the multiple orgasms she had given herself and with droplets of sweat covering her brow Sarah was stunned to see her flatmate standing at the foot of the sofa watching.
“H-h-how long have you been there?”
“Long enough,” Karen replied, as she lifted her t-shirt over her head and unclasped her bra. “That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.”
Pinching her own nipples, to make them as hard as Sarah's Karen stepped out of her summer skirt, stepped over the arm of the sofa, and began to lower herself on top of her friend.
“What are you doing?”
“Something I should have done a long time ago,” Karen replied. “Something I've been aching to do ever since you moved in.”
Before Sarah could say another word Karen placed her lips, softly, against Sarah's before slowly moving down her body, her lips brushing over her nipples.
As she went lower her lips brushing over Sarah's nipples, her soft flat stomach, Sarah began to smile. About fucking time she thought as she slightly parted her legs, to allow Karen access to her aching wetness.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sexy Saturday: I just had to find out

I just had to find out

For years I'd wondered what it would be like to take another man's cock in my mouth. I'd watched so many videos, and looked at so many pictures, of guys with a thick, hard, shaft pushed all the way into their mouths. I'd even practiced on numerous different sized, cock shaped, dildos but knew nothing would help me describe the act better than actually doing it.
Now though, with my best friend standing totally naked in front of me, his thick cock standing proud a matter of inches from my face, I felt as nervous as hell.
What if I do it wrong? What if I gag, bite down and hurt him? What if I throw up? Negative thoughts ran through my head, giving me major doubts as to whether I could actually go through with it.
“You'll be fine, Jackson,” Maddox whispered, softly, taking a few steps back. “Just kneel in front of me, wrap your fingers lightly around the base of my shaft and start by stroking me slowly.”
Pulling my top over my head I stood up, walked across the room and dropped to my knees in front of him, just like he'd told me to. Seeing the swollen, purple, head of his cock so close to my face I was shocked at just how big it looked. How the fuck am I going to get that in my mouth? I thought to myself, as I slowly lifted my hand towards his cock.
Nervously, and with my hand trembling like I was suffering withdrawl symptoms, I put the palm of my hand against the underside of his shaft, and slowly wrapped my fingers around his thickness, causing Maddox to gasp.
Quickly I snatched my hand away.
“S-s-sorry. Did I hurt you?” I stammered, ready to stand up and call it quits.
“No, quite the opposite,” Maddox replied. “It felt wonderful, please don't stop.”
“If you're sure I didn't hurt you,” I said, reaching forward once again.
This time, when my fingers wrapped around his shaft and he gasped, I kept hold of him.
“Stroke me slowly,” he gasped.
Taking a deep breath I began to move my hand back and forth, slowly, staring up at Maddox's face as I did. With his eyes closed, and his breath quickening, as I continued to stroke him my confidence began to grow and I started to move my hand faster.
“Oh fuck, yes,” Maddox gasped. “Are you sure you've never done this before?”
“I swear I haven't, I've always been too scared.”
“Well you certainly know what you're doing,” he moaned. “But I think it's time for you to take the next step.”
“The next step?”
“You know what I mean. I want to feel your tongue running along my shaft and over my glans, your lips circling my hardness and I want to see your heard bobbing back and forth as you suck my cock.”
Relaxing my grip on his shaft I cirlcled the swollen head, of his cock, with my thumb and forefinger and nervously poked my tongue out. Lifting his cock I moved my head forward, closed my eyes and ran my tongue along the full length of his shaft, before circling the swollen head of his cock and running my tongue over his glans.
“Fuck, Jackson, that feels fucking amazing,” Maddox gasped. “Please, just fucking suck it.”
Running my hand down his shaft, my hands stopping at his swollen balls, I opened my mouth and began to move my head forward. As it was my first time I was unsure what to expect but, after what I'd just done, it seemed natural to just get on with it.
Closing my eyes once more I opened my mouth even wider, as wide as I could and started taking his cock into my mouth, inch by inch. Gagging as his swollen head touched the back of my throat I pulled back a little, and closed my lips around him and began to suck.
Surprising myself I held the base of Maddox's cock, and began to suck like I had been doing it all my life. Every now and again I pulled my mouth from him, flicked my tongue over his glans and then took every inch of him to the back of my throat.
“Fucking hell, Jackson,” Maddox groaned. “I'm about ready to come.”
Hearing those words I slowed for a second, unsure whether I was ready to take his seed in my mouth.
“If you aren't ready I don't mind,” Maddox moaned softly. “You can finish me with your hand.”
Glancing up at him I could tell, that even though he'd said what he'd said, he looked disappointed. What the fuck. I've gone this far I thought and began to move my head, quickly, back and forth along his shaft.
“Fuck, Jackson, that's it. I'm going to come.”
Loosening my grip on the base of his cock I pushed my mouth slowly down his shaft, just as his cock began to twitch. Bracing myself , and with his cock halfway in my mouth, I began stroking his dick furiously until he couldn't hold back any longer.
Suddenly his cock twitched violently, and he began to flood my mouth was his come. At first the slightly salty taste nearly made me gag but I continued to stroke, and suck, until Maddox was completely drained. Pulling my mouth from his shaft I ran my tongue over his glans, and took the last seed to seep from the end of his cock.
“For someone who has never done that before,” Maddox gasped breathlessly, “you certainly seemed to know what you were doing.”
Wiping my lips I smiled.
“After the amount of pictures I've seen, and videos I've watched, it would have been a poor tale if I hadn't.” I told him. “And I just had to find out. However if there's ever a next time I need to go even further, if you know what I mean.”


Friday, 7 April 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: A surprising welcome

A surprising welcome

“I'm home, babe,” I called out, as I slumped onto the leather sofa.
“How was the office?”
“Deal's done,” I replied. “We're set up for life, sweetheart.”
“That's fantastic, baby. Now close your eyes.” Sasha called back.
“Just do it,” she snapped.
Wanting a peaceful night I did as she said and heard the living room door open, a few seconds later.
“What are you doing, Baby?” I asked.
“Now you can open them,” she purred, as she climbed onto my lap. “Tonight is for all your hard work, Sir and you can have anything you want.”