As I knelt on the cold, stone, floor, the blindfold over my eyes taking what little bit of light there was away, the aroma of my mistress suddenly filled the room.
“It's time, my pet,” she whispered, as she placed the point of her stiletto in the centre of my back and pulled my head up by the blindfold.
Pushing her heel harder in to my back the pain caused every muscle in my body begin to strain against my frame and I could feel my body changing, in to the beast I kept hidden for so many years.


A change for the better?

As I woke up and stared at my body in utter disbelief the words of the mysterious dark-skinned woman, that I had spent the night before drinking with, reverberated in my mind.
So you think being a woman is easy? You shall see.”
Panic swept through my body, my new fully female body, as I played her words over and over again in my mind. Surely her words were just that, words with no meaning, yet here I lay, my muscular tanned physique gone and replaced by the soft smooth curves of a woman no older than her mid-twenties. My toned pecs had became large firm breasts, my six-pack stomach now the soft swell of a female, even my cock was gone and in its place the neatly shaved V of a pussy.
Staring for a few seconds, as my new breasts rose and fell rapidly, I closed my eyes tightly and hoped that I was still asleep and the image before me was nothing more than some sort of horrendous nightmare but as I reopened them slowly I saw that it wasn't a dream, I really had become a woman overnight.
As my hands trembled I slowly ran my fingers over my new dark nipples and was stunned at how quickly they became erect, yet the shiver of ecstasy that covered my body with goosebumps stunned me even more. Running my fingers lightly over the soft swell of my unblemished stomach I pinched the waistband of the black lace panties I was wearing and lifted them slowly. Staring at the short golden curls I slip my hand into the panties, my fingers slipping between my thighs and along the slightly moist opening that had replaced my usually hard cock.
At first I snatched my hand away, as my new lips parted slightly, I began to panic even more. Was I destined to live the rest of my live as a woman? Had that woman really put a curse on me, changed my life forever, with those few words? I knew I had to return to the club and find her, get her to take her words back, yet the more I thought about what I needed to do the more the feeling of wanton desire coursing through my body grew.
Closing my eyes, hoping to block the thoughts out, I felt powerless as my fingers slipped back into the panties, my free hand beginning to caress, massage and occasionally pinch my erect nipples and breasts.
Hearing the small gasp escape my lips as two of my fingers slipped easily into my moist pussy I rubbed at the swollen little bud I had first brushed accidentally. Warmth tore through my very soul as my fingers stopped rubbing and started thrusting in and out of the hot, soaking depths of my body, my moans getting louder, my body thrashing wildly all over the bed and I felt the juices, my juices, start to flood over my fingers yet the more I came the harder I rubbed, the deeper I thrust my fingers as my body refused to let me stop.
Eventually though, after what felt like hours and with sweat dripping from every pore of my body, I finally collapsed back onto the bed, my breathing erratic, my heart pounding in my chest and I wondered if the mysterious woman really had cursed me or if what she had done was really a blessing in disguise.


Honesty is the best policy

Standing in her brand new lingerie Brooke bent over the dressing table, ran her fingers through her long, golden, hair and smiled. in to the mirror.
“Not too bad, even if I do say so myself,” she whispered to herself, before straightening up and running her hands down, over her slim, slightly tanned body.
Brooke knew her first date with Andy was going to be hard, but she also knew she had to tell him the truth, just as she did all her dates. If he then decided he couldn't date a transsexual at least she would know, before she fell in love with him.


Three's company

“Close your eyes, baby,” I whispered, “and keep them closed until I tell you.”
“Why, what are you up to?”
“You'll see.”
Katrina began to giggle nervously, probably thanks to the bottle and a half of wine we had drunk, but did I as asked.
Looking towards the door I watched as it opened quietly, as Katrina's nervous giggles became raucous laughter and nodded.
“What's happening, babe?”
As Katrina spoke Holly, our best friend and lover, slipped off her gown, revealed her gorgeous, totally naked, body and stepped in to the water with us, for the first time.


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