My Perfect Bride

As we waltzed around the bed, our day having gone absolutely perfectly, I stared into Terri's eyes and smiled.
“So how does it feel, babe?” I asked, as I spun her around effortlessly.
“How does what feel?”
“To be Mrs. Williams.”
“It's going to be strange, but I'll get used to it,” Terri replied, leaning forward and placing her lips against mine, fleetingly.
Sliding my hand down her back I let it come to rest on her perfect ass, and gave it a little squeeze.
“I couldn't believe it when he said I know pronounce you husband and wife,” I told her, leaning in and kissing her back.
“I know what you mean, it sent shivers down my spine as well,” Terri replied.
“Mr and Mrs Williams,” I whispered, before dropping my hand a little further, and scooping her off her feet.
“What are you doing?” Terri gasped, as I turned to the bed and placed her down gently.
Instead of answering her I placed my hands on her corset and pulled it down, over her full, firm, breasts, lowered my head and flicked my tongue across her rapidly hardening nipples.
Terri gasped, and squirmed, under my touch, lifting her breasts to my mouth. As she did I slowly ran my hand down over her stomach, stopping when I finally reached her crotch. As I continued to suck and lick each nipple in turn Terri lifted her ass and slowly pulled her wedding dress up, just far enough for me to get my hand underneath.
Slowly I ran my fingers over her lace stockings and up her thigh, Terri moaning softly as I did, until I felt the lace of her panties. Running my over her crotch slowly I eventually slipped my fingers in to the top of her panties, before wrapping my hand around her thick, hard, cock. 


My boss, my lover

“Get your fucking ass in here, Damon.” Marcus bellowed from the doorway of his office.
Saving the work I had been busy on I jumped from the chair and made my way towards his door, straightening my tie as I went. Taking a deep breath I tapped lightly on the dark wood door.
“Yes, come in.”
Gripping the handle tightly, my knuckles turning white, I turned it slowly and pushed the door open.
Yes, Boss, what's up?”
“Shut the door,” Marcus ordered, as he stood up from behind his desk and made his way over to me.
Doing as he said I then turned back to face him, only to find him just inches away from me. As I stood there he reached passed me I felt his warm breath on the side of my face, just before I heard the lock on the door click in place and as soon as it did I grabbed him and pulled him close.
“Fuck, Marcus, you certainly know how to keep a guy waiting,”
“You love it,” Marcus replied, before stepping around me with a smile on his face and pushing me slowly back to his desk.
I allowed him inch me back towards his desk and, as my knees hit his leather seat, I lowered myself down.
“I bet that lot out there think I'm going to get the boot,” I smirked, looking up at him, as he bent his head as close to mine as he could without touching me.
“They probably do but I didn't get you in here to talk about that lot, did I?”
“So what did you get me in here for then?”
As I spoke I reached forward and placed my hand on the back of his neck.
“You, that's what,” Marcus replied, lowering his head and placing his lips forcefully against mine.
For a few seconds our lips just lingered against each others but the aroma of his aftershave, which I had brought him for his birthday, had the effect on me it always did and I was quickly forcing my tongue passed his lips. As we kissed passionately I felt Marcus' hand grasp the, rapidly swelling, bulge in my trousers and begin to massage me roughly.
Releasing the back of his neck, our lips still joined together, I fumbled for the waistband of his trousers and quickly undid the button and slid the zipper down. Without looking I eased his trousers and boxers down, just enough to release his thick, hard, cock, wrapped my hand around him and began to slowly stroke his shaft.
“Fuck that feels so fucking good,” Marcus gasped as I moved my hand slowly along his full length.
For a few seconds I continued to stroke him before I took my lips away from his, and looked up at him.
“I bet this will feel better.”
Before Marcus had a chance to respond I lowered my head, eased his shirt up a little and, holding the base of his shaft, opened my mouth and took his full length to the back of my throat. I began to bob my head up and down, massaging his balls gently as I did, slowly building up to the rhythm I knew drove him wild.
As Marcus gripped his shirt I reached behind him and started to run my finger up and down the crack of his muscular ass as I continued to suck him greedily. I desperately wanted him to explode in my mouth, to drink his seed and as I sucked even faster I eased my middle finger between his cheeks and began circling his tight hole.
“Fuck please, Damon, do it to me, make me cum,” Marcus managed to gasp, as my finger continued to tease him.
I knew he wasn't going to last much longer and, gripping the base of his shaft tightly, I slowly did as he wanted. Sliding my finger deep inside him I quickly found his g-spot and began to run my finger back and forth over it as I sucked his cock as hard and as fast as I could, without hurting him.
“Don't you dare fucking stop now,” Marcus moaned and as his balls tightened in my hand and his body began to tremble I knew he was about to cum, and braced myself.
Stroking his shaft, as I sucked him, I felt his cock suddenly twitch in my mouth, the first thick stream of his seed hitting the back of my throat forcefully. Swallowing as fast as I could I continued sucking, until he was completely drained, before slowly taking my mouth from his shaft and relaxing back in to his chair.
“Guess I ought to get back to work now,” I whispered breathlessly, taking a tissue from his desk and making sure there was no evidence of what we had been doing on my lips.
“I suppose you're right,” Marcus moaned before bending down and kissing me on the lips. “One more thing before you go though.”
“What's that?” I asked, surprisingly nervous at the thought of what he was going to say.
“I've got a work seminar this weekend and I want you there with me.” Marcus said, as he straightened his clothes and unlocked the door. “Oh and one more thing, we leave tonight. I'll pick you up at seven.”


Sex Drive

As Taylor eased his cock from his jeans, wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft and lowered her head she couldn't believe how well life had started to treat her. In the last week she had found a new job, which paid double what she was earning previously and came with a fully modernized penthouse flat overlooking the river and was now heading back to the flat of the guy whose cock she was slowly stroking, whilst he sped through the traffic, seemingly as eager for her as she was for him.
She didn't even have to worry about the secret she had kept hidden from every guy she ever met because, after the way his hands wandered all over her in the club, he must have guessed that she had a cock of her own.
Opening her lips wide she flicked her tongue over the swollen head of his cock, as he struggled to keep the car under control, before lowering her head and taking his full length to the back of her throat. Keeping a firm grip on his shaft she began to bob her head up and down, occasionally stopping to run her tongue up and down his hardness and over his swollen balls.
“Fuck careful,” he managed to gasp as he gripped the steering wheel tightly. “We have the whole night there's no need to rush and get us both killed.”
Looking up at the handsome face, which was fixed intently on the road ahead she smiled before wrapping her lips around him again. This time she bobbed her head a lot slower, savoring the salty taste of the pre-cum that had leaked from the slit in the end of his cock, the desperation to have him inside her making her own cock throb excitedly.
“Almost there,” he moaned as he swung the car to the left and down what Taylor thought felt like an old farm track, each bounce from the car driving his cock deep to the back of her throat.
Suddenly the car jerked to a halt and Taylor felt his hand grip her hair tightly. Pulling her head up he stared at her, a slight smile forming on his lips.
“I won't last until we get to mine I want you right here right now,” he barked aggressively, his deep voice shocking Taylor. “Get out.”
Opening the door Taylor stepped into the dark night and looked around, the road was barely visible at the end of the rack he had driven down, before slipping her hand under her skirt and removing her panties. Just then he appeared behind her, pushed her face down over the hood of the car and lifted her skirt.

“I can't believe my luck,” the man began, before bringing his hand down on Taylor's firm ass sharply, pleased she wasn't able to see the look in his eyes. “Of all the girls in the club I must have pulled the only one with a cock.”


Rules are made to be broken

As we sat on the sofa totally naked and with our cocks as hard as they had ever been, well mine was anyway, we stared across the room at the two girls opposite us.

“Well what are you waiting for Damon?” Julie asked.

“Yeah come on. You'd expect us to do it to each other if we'd lost,” Sammi added, her eyes never veering from our hard cocks.
“Come on girls, you can't be serious,” Damon pleaded, his hands firmly down by the side of his thighs. “I've never touched anyone's cock but my own.”
“What's the problem. There's only us four and no-one will ever find out.”
Sammi fluttered her eyelashes at Damon as she spoke, one hand dropping down between her legs and she began to rub her pussy through the white lace panties she still had on.
“Babe, come on...”
“Look if you want to change the rules, to the game you suggested, then me and Julie are going home,” Sammi shouted picking up her skirt, blouse and bra. “Come on, Julie, let's go and leave these spoilsports gagging for it.”
Julie quickly followed her friend, grabbing her own clothes as she did, before the two of them stormed out of the room and dressed in the hallway.
“Christ it was only a fucking bit of a laugh,” Sammi said, just loud enough for Damon and me to hear. “I'd never have made them go through with it.”
With that the front door opened and quickly slammed as the two of them stormed out leaving Damon and me naked, our cocks still rock hard, staring at each other. Within seconds, and once we had heard the tap-tap of their stilettos getting fainter as they went down the path, the two of us began to smile at each.
“Thank fuck for that. I thought they'd never leave,” I whispered as I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around Damon's hard cock, before doing the same to my own and, slowly, I began to stroke us both as Damon put his head back and closed his eyes.


The morning after the night before

As I opened my eyes I glanced around the room, the neon light from the casino across the road bathing the room in an eerie green glow, the crushed beer cans, the contents of which we had hurriedly devoured , before devouring each other, just discarded on the floor alongside the condoms that lay unopened and unused, due to our urgency for each others muscular bodies.
We had first met at the casino where we were both on a roll at the tables and, after calling it quits at close to ten grand up, we went to the bar and spent the next couple of hours laughing and joking about how well we had done and that was when he put his hand on my knee and asked if I wanted to continue our good night back at his hotel.
Normally I'd have brushed his hand away, I wasn't one for picking up random strangers but the combination of alcohol we had consumed and the fact that he was everything I looked for in a man, hot, muscular and slightly tanned, had me readily agreeing and now, as my eyes adjusted to the scene and I saw his muscular back and tight firm ass staring at me, the heat I had for him the night before flooded through my body once again.
Gently I placed one of my legs across him, my cock hardening instantly and began to lightly kiss his muscular shoulders and back, breathing in the aroma of sweat, sex and alcohol from the night before as I did, slowly pushing my hardness against him.
A soft moan emanated from his lips as I pushed and, as he parted his legs enough for me to nestle my hard shaft between his ass cheeks, I slowly began thrusting back and forth, sure I would cum before entering him. He, though, had other ideas and I felt him reach between our bodies, wrap his strong hand around my shaft lightly and guide me over his tight hole before slowly easing back on to the swollen, pre-cum soaked, head of my cock.
As I slipped easily into him I felt his muscles tighten around my shaft, gripping my cock and I began to fuck him slowly, a lot slower than our alcohol fueled passion from the night before. Slipping my hand around his body I circled his thick shaft with my hand and began to stroke his hardness in time with my thrusts, quickening my movements the closer I got to my orgasm. Before I could make him cum though he placed his hand on top of mine, stopping me from stroking him, at the exact second he must have felt my balls tighten and my legs begin to tremble violently.
I was too close to the edge to be able to control myself and as my cock twitched violently I began to cum, flooding his ass with my seed, as he pushed back against my thrusts, his ass still gripping my shaft tightly, milking every drop from my body.
Once I had no more to give him, my body completely drained, my forehead dripping with sweat he eased his ass from my shaft. Turning to face me he smiled, before rolling me on to my stomach and, as he lifted my ass with his strong hands, I knew just why he had stopped me from making him cum.


Julie's first time

As I stared deep in to Georgia's eyes, my leg over her beautiful naked body and her hand holding mine, I couldn't believe what was happening. We had known each other for about six years, ever since meeting at college and had never even spoken about having feelings for each other.
Yet here we were, in bed, naked and deeply in love. How it happened neither of us knew but as I leaned forward, and closed my eyes, I placed my lips against hers. The softness of her lips made my body shiver like never before, and I felt like waves of electricity were coursing through my body.
Pulling my head back I was about to tell her what I had just felt but, before I could, Georgia placed a finger against my lips, smiled and lowered her head. Running my fingers through her soft brunette hair I threw my head back, as I felt her tongue flick across my semi hard nipples. Gasping softly I felt more shivers of ecstasy coursing through my body and as Georgia teased each of my nipples in turn I could tell that, even though she was mine, I wasn't her first.
Nervously I lifted my hand up and placed it lightly on one of her breasts, my thumb brushing over her small, yet beautiful, nipple. Feeling it stiffen under my touch I gently began to massage her breasts gently as she continued to suck, lick and flick her tongue over mine. I had never felt as passionate as I did at that very second but when I suddenly felt Georgia's hand running down, over my stomach, the waves of ecstasy I had felt so far were nothing compared to what was happening now.
My whole body began to tremble with excitement, I could hardly catch my breath and the feeling between my legs was like nothing I had ever felt before. My pussy started to tingle, I could feel myself becoming wetter and then, when I felt Georgia's fingers running along my slightly parted lips, my body gave up and my first orgasm tore through my body.
Georgia lifted her head, her fingers still working there magic on my body, and eased herself up the bed so her face was just inches away from mine.
“You will never know how long I have waited for this.”
“I can't believe it's happening,” I somehow managed to gasped back, as Georgia plunged two fingers deep in to my body.
“Oh it's happening, Julie, believe me,” Georgia whispered, her fingers slowly fucking my soaking pussy, “and tonight is just the beginning.”


There's something about rain

The two of us didn't care that the rain was the heaviest it had been in months, or that our clothes were so drenched they were virtually ruined, all we cared about was fucking right there.
As I buried my head into her ample cleavage and hitched her skirt up I found that she wasn't wearing any panties and, instantly, ran my hand over her pubic mound. Feeling only a small amount of pubic hair I pushed my hand roughly between her legs, slipped two fingers deep into her pussy and began thrusting in and out of her.
Twisting her head to the side, as I ran my fingers over her swollen clit, she groaned loudly.
“Oh shit fuck me right here, right now.”
Gripping my wrist she pulled my fingers from her pussy, hurriedly undid the zip on my trousers and released my hard cock from my trousers. For a few seconds she stroked me slowly and I noticed her take a quick glance to the end of the alleyway before dropping to her knees, once she saw that we were far enough from the entrance to be seen by anyone walking past.
Wrapping her fingers around my shaft once again she flicked her tongue lightly over the swollen head of my cock, opened her mouth wide and slowly took every inch of my cock to the back of her throat. Once I was fully inside her mouth she closed her lips and started to bob her head back and forth, sucking me greedily.
After a few minutes I knew that if I didn't stop her I would explode into her mouth, something I didn't want to do, so gripped her hair and pulled her head back to stop her mid suck.
“Get up I need you so fucking bad,” I gasped looking down at her and offering her my hand.
Once she was standing I hitched her skirt above her waist , placed my hands on her soft ass cheeks and lifted her up against the wall. Reaching between our bodies she gripped my cock and, as I started to lower her slowly, guided me into her pussy.
Holding her tightly I began thrusting violently into her, her groans getting louder and louder as her orgasm started to tear through her body and I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft. Bucking wildly I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. As she let out one last, long, loud groan I felt my cock twitch and I began to cum.
With every twitch from my cock flooding her pussy I continued to thrust until I had nothing more to give, finally stopping and holding her tightly.
I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy, reached into my pocket and pulled out a pair of white lace panties.
“You better put these on,”
As she took the panties from me she stepped into them, with a smile.
“Guess we better get back for the babysitter, Mr Stone.”
“I guess we better, Mrs Stone.”


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