Tonight's the night

It had already taken me months to get this far, fear of the unknown kept holding me back, yet Rhonda had been so patient, so understanding. We had been together almost six months and had done plenty of heavy petting and groping, hell I even enjoyed wrapping my hand around her hard shaft and masturbating her until she came, whilst she did the same to me but that was as far as we had ever gone, until now.
Everything I had done throughout the day had been in readiness for this moment. The house was spotless, the meal had been cooked to perfection and the bottle of champagne had gone down a treat and once we had finished, and everything had gone in the dishwasher, I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.
Sitting on the edge of the bed we kissed nervously, like a couple on a first date, as our hands caressed every inch of each others bodies. Soon though our nervous caresses had become urgent passion and we had torn each others clothes off, just dropping them to the floor, before laying on the bed. Rhonda kept her stockings and suspenders yet I was totally naked and as we lay next to each other, our hot bodies crushed together, our hard cocks rubbing we began to masturbate each other slowly.
Even though I could have let her take me all the way I wanted, needed, to take things further than ever and placed my hand on top of hers.
“Please Rhonda help me take things further.”
“Are you really sure you are ready?”
“Yes more than ever.”
Kissing me lightly on the lips Rhonda smiled, sat up and then turned so she was looking down at my cock. Taking me in her hand again Rhonda then lay down, her warm breath caressing my shaft, before flicking her tongue lightly over my swollen glans. Slowly tracing her tongue along my full length she twisted her body so her own thick shaft was inches from my own mouth.
“Everything will be fine babe just take your time, there's no rush.”
Moving my head forward, closing to the engorged head of her cock, I did as she had and let my tongue flick over the end. Rhonda gasped as I did and I pulled away sharply.
“No babe don't stop,” she purred before taking my full length in her mouth, sucking it slowly and then releasing it. “I have waited for this moment for so long.”
Flicking my tongue over her glans again I opened my mouth and, as she slowly took my full length to the back of her throat and closed her lips around my shaft, moved my lips over her swollen head and moved my head forward slowly, took her cock into my eager mouth and began to give her oral, our movements in time with each other, for the first time ever.


The waterfall

The heat was almost unbearable yet I carried on walking. It wasn't long before I realized I would have to find somewhere to shade, my body couldn't take any more. It seemed like I had been walking for days, yet I Knew it wasn't much more than a couple of hours. If I was honest this hadn't been one of my better ideas, trekking through the jungle in the height of summer, but when I was offered the chance I just couldn't say no.
I carried on as the sun continued to beat down through the trees, unsure of where I was going and then I heard it, the sound of splashing water, but where was it coming from. Stopping to listen, and trying to get my bearings, I suddenly heard the sound of female laughter. Even more eager to find the source of the water as, ever since I'd strode out on my own, I hadn't seen or heard another soul. Deciding east seemed to be the most likely direction the sound was coming from I continued to trek forward, slashing at the overgrown flora and fauna surrounding my legs.
After only a couple of minutes I came to a clearing and there, before me like something out of a film, was a sight of untold beauty. Never had I dreamed I would see something which was so beautiful it take my breath away, yet here before me was something I had only read about and I walked into the clearing further to fully admire its beauty.
There before me was a small pool like area, the water coming from a waterfall, but that wasn't all. In the pool, wearing small bikinis, were two beautifully tanned women just laughing, joking and splashing about. I stopped in my tracks, this was something I could never have imagined, my eyes unable to look away. Where had these women come from? I wondered because I had never come across any villages and I found it hard to believe they were just two random tourists.
Feeling like I was intruding I backed away before they saw me, only the sight of these two gorgeous women was too much for the red-blooded male I was to back away too far. Careful not to make a sound I inched back out of the clearing, to just inside the jungle, partially hiding myself behind a tree, so I could carry on watching the two beauties. Oblivious to my presence the women continued laughing and splashing each other without a care in the world. Part of me wanted to go out and speak to them but, partially through fear of scaring them and partially through curiosity to see what they were up to, I stayed where I was.
The women carried on under the cascade of the waterfall for a few more minutes, before they stopped and looked around. Had I been heard? Did they know I was there? My heart was racing as I thought my cover had been blown. Carefully I took another gentle step back and crouched down slightly, my heart eventually slowing down back to normal. Once I felt safe and hidden again I turned my attention back to the two women, hoping they would carry on enjoying themselves. I decided after another twenty minutes or so I would leave the safety of my viewpoint, and pretend I had only just come across the clearing to see how the women reacted.
Looking back to the waterfall I noticed the two women were walking out of the water. Had they had enough? Were they leaving? I thought for a fleeting moment I'd missed the chance to meet them. I was about to leave the safety of my hiding place when I noticed the women were holding hands and saying something to each other. At that exact moment I would've given anything to hear what they were saying.  
Deciding to stay where I was I watched intently, to see what they would do next. Maybe they were just a couple of friends who, after an afternoon of fun, had decided it was time to go home after all. I looked around to see if I could creep away before being seen, as the bravado of saying hello to them had suddenly deserted me, when what happened next took me totally by surprise.
The two women turned to face each other and, without saying a word, they leant into each other and started to kiss. Not just little pecks on the lips either these were full on, mouths open, tongues flicking out, passionate kisses. I stood transfixed at the sight of two gorgeous women staring to get it on with each other. I'd led such a sheltered, boring, life that I had only ever seen women kissing like they were in hardcore film and magazines. There was definitely no way I was moving now.
As they carried on kissing their hands started to run over each other's bodies, exploring every inch of uncovered flesh. One of the women, the slightly taller of the two, ran her fingers up her friends back and with one deft movement removed her bikini top. From my vantage point I could see the woman's breasts were perfectly formed, neither too large nor too small, and they looked natural. It was very rare nowadays to see a pair of tits which looked so good they hadn't been surgically tampered with, and I couldn't believe my luck. The taller women slowly lowered her head and started flicking her tongue across the other woman's nipples, causing them to stiffen, and her friend to let out an audible sigh of pleasure.
Slowly the two women lowered themselves onto the ground, still entwined in each other's arms, kissing and groping as they went. As soon as they were on the ground the taller women reached around her back, undid her top, and released her breasts as well. They were larger than the other woman's, her nipples darker, but they also looked as though they had been untouched by a surgeon. Now the smaller of the women greedily reached for her companions nipples, licking and sucking greedily, until her nipples were fully erect as well.
The two women spent ages taking it in turns to suck and lick each other's tits, running their tongues all over each other in turn. By now I could no longer contain myself and, reaching into my shorts, I started to massage my throbbing cock without taking my eyes of the view in front of me.
Watching carefully while stroking my cock I noticed the women stop playing with each other's tits and quickly helped each other out of their bikini bottoms, leaving them both fully naked. The smaller of the two women started working her way down her companion's body, kissing as she went, before her head came to a stop just at the top of her pubic area. Gently she opened her friend's legs and then continued until her face was buried deep into the taller woman's pussy.
The taller woman let out loud moans of ecstasy as her friend flicked, and flicked, her tongue expertly in and out of her pussy. The taller woman lifted her head and whispered something and, as I continued watching, the other woman reached her hand down and started stroking her own pussy, all the while never moving her head from between her friend's legs.
After a few minutes the smaller woman finally lifted her head and ran her tongue back up her friend's body before they started kissing again. Rolling her friend off her the taller woman said something and turned around. The smaller woman then lay on her back as her friend swung her legs over the other's face and, while her pussy was on her friend's mouth she began licking furiously at the smaller woman's pussy at the same time. The sight of the two women performing oral sex on each other became too much for me and, not caring if they heard any more, I released my cock from my shorts and started stroking myself. At first I moved my hand up and down my hard shaft slowly, eventually becoming faster and more urgent as I never took my eyes off the two women writing by the side of the waterfall in ecstasy.
I knew there was no way I was going to be able be able to hold back much longer as my body began to violently tremble, but I desperately hoped I would be able to hold out until the women let out their last moans. Unsurprisingly though there was no chance of that and my cock suddenly twitched in my hand and, with a loud gasp, my seed shot from the end of my cock all over the tree I was partially hidden behind. Continuing to stroke my cock gently I continued until I had released all of my own come, and then looked back towards the women.
Whether they had just decided that they were both satisfied, or that they had actually heard my moan, I noticed they had stopped licking each other's pussy's and were looking around, as they hurriedly slipped their bikini's back on at the same time. As soon as they were fully dressed the two of them stood up, looked in my direction and smiled, before turning away and leaving me with my flaccid cock, and a final drop of my seed, hanging limply between my thighs.


A perfect start to the week

As the early morning drifted across the bedroom I could feel Eddie's fingers circling my hard shaft, and turned to face him. Shocked to see his eyes closed I lifted my head, before reaching down and wrapping my fingers around him. After kissing his soft lips lightly I began to move my hand up and down his shaft, and watched as his eyes slowly opened. Eddie smiled and, as I continued to stroke his hardness, soft moans escaped from his lips.
“Good morning, handsome,” I whispered, staring deep in to his piercing blue eyes.
“Morning yourself, gorgeous,” Eddie replied. “That feels so good, please don't stop.”
“I won't, as long as you don't,” I whispered before kissing him once again, this time a lot more passionately.
Eddie's soft fingers tightened around my shaft as he began to move his hand a lot faster, our tongues finally meeting and entwining together and I sped my own movements up to match his.
Pulling his lips from mine, after a couple of minutes, Eddie gasped loudly.
“Fuck, Mark, I'm going to come,” he moaned breathlessly, his body starting to tense next to mine.
Smiling as I heard those words I tightened my grip and stroked him as fast as I could, before turning my body into his. Within seconds Eddie arched his back, and gasped loudly, as the first stream of his seed erupted from the slit in his cock, splashing all over my chest and stomach.
Slowly I continued to stroke his cock until he was completely drained, then rolled back on to my back.
“That has to be one of the best ways to wake up,” Eddie finally gasped breathlessly.
“One of the best?” I replied quizzically, turning to stare back into his eyes.
“Well I can think of at least another two.”
Before I had chance to respond Eddie straddled me and made his way down my body, before taking hold of my hardness and lowering his head, his soft lips closing around the swollen head of my cock and taking me all the way to the back of his throat.


There's a first time for everything

The day I found Tanya's stash of sex toys was the day masturbation, for me, changed forever. For months I had pleaded with her to be more adventurous in the bedroom, even offering my ass to her to do with as she pleased but, instead of being turned on by the idea she was repulsed. Tanya had accused me of fancying guys, being gay and not being turned on by her anymore but all I wanted was to try something different.
Then, one day after she had gone to work, I was tidying our bedroom when my foot stepped on something poking out from under her side of the bed. Bending down I was shocked to find a thick, eight inch, sex toy.
Picking it up I turned it over and over and my hands and saw that it was made to look exactly like a real cock, with veins, the slit in the end and balls. It also had a rubber sucker on the end which was obviously meant to secure it on any suitable surface, so it could be used hands free.
As I continued to stare at the toy I didn't know what to feel. Was she using the toy because I no longer satisfied her? Did she think of someone else as she was using the toy? My head began filling with all these negative thoughts yet the longer I held the toy, thinking about things, the harder my cock became. That was when the idea struck me.
Looking through her bedside cabinet I found a half-empty tube of lubrication, removed it and headed down stairs. With the toy and lube still in my hand I switched the PC on, closed the curtains, placed the items on the coffee table and hurriedly removed my clothes.
Once I was naked I typed what I was looked for into the search engine, clicked on the first link that came up and sat on the sofa. As the video began I took my semi-hard cock in my hand and began slowly stroking myself, until I was fully hard. As soon as I was I reached fro the toy and lube, placed the toy next to me and opened the lube. Squeezing a generous amount into the palm of my hand, I would have to replace the tube before she found it was missing, I slipped my hand under my body and massaged the cold, jelly-like substance all over my ass, making sure my tight hole was completely covered.
Once I felt like I was ready, with the scene I was about to live out for real playing on the screen, I picked up the toy and pressed it against my virgin hole. Stroking my cock slowly, my eyes never left the screen and I began to press the molded head of the toy against my ass.
At first I couldn't get the toy to enter me but, after opening my legs even wider, the head finally broke through my defenses and I let out a loud gasp. The pain was unbelievable and I stopped. Hoping the pain would lessen I continued to stroke my hard shaft, the head of the toy nestled just inside my ass, threw my head back and closed my eyes.
After a couple of minutes I took a deep breath and began to ease the toy deeper into my ass, wincing at the new pain I was experiencing but, at thye same time, feeling an ecstasy that I had never felt before. My whole body felt like it was on fire but, as my stroking became faster and more erratic, the further I pushed the toy in to myself.
I was determined to take it all before I came, which I knew wasn't going to be long and pushed harder and deeper, ignoring the pain. I only stopped pushing when I felt the toy hit my prostate, the waves of pleasure washing over me as it did like nothing I had ever felt before and I felt my balls tighten as my whole body started to tremble.
Masturbating furiously, sweat pouring from every pore on my body, I slowly pulled the toy back before ramming it fully in to my ass and that was all it took. As the toy hit my g-spot once again my cock twitched violently in my hand and, as I gasped loudly, I began to cum.
Gripping my cock tightly, stroking furiously, the first thick stream of the milky-colored liquid splashed down on my chest. With each further twitch more and more cum splattered on to my body and, as it did, I started to fuck my ass faster and harder with the toy, screaming and moaning louder and louder each time it hit that spot.
Eventually I had nothing more to give and, as the last drop of cum hung weakly from the end of my shaft I let my hand fall from my cock, released my grip on the sex toy and just lay there with my eyes closed, my chest covered in my own seed and the toy still buried deep in my ass.
I must have fallen asleep in that position, for how long I hadn't got a clue, because the next thing I heard was the front door closing, Tanya calling out my name and her footsteps getting closer and closer to the front room.


Dreaming of you

I couldn't believe what I was doing. It was the middle of the afternoon and I should have been getting ready for my night shift, only I wasn't. Instead I was laying back on my bed, totally naked, with one hand between my legs teasing my wet pussy, pinching my nipples and causing them to harden with my other hand and all because of you. I had never thought of another woman the way I was thinking about you right at this minute, and it was all your fault.
Seeing you in the shower, at the gym yesterday made me feel things I had never felt before and I watched you furtively as you massaged your firm, yet large, breasts, pretending to wash yourself but secretly, or so you thought, occasionally flicking your nipples before running your hand over you stomach to between your legs.
I had to quickly look down, and carry on washing myself, as you glanced around the shower to make sure you weren't being watched, before I heard you gasp. Looking over at you again I watched, transfixed, as you rubbed between your legs vigorously before you finally let out one final gasp.
For a few more seconds you stayed under the shower, letting the water cascade down over your body, your face flushed with the ecstasy of your self-induced orgasm and I could feel my own pussy tingling between my legs.
Pressing my thighs together, my fingers buried deep in my pussy, my body glistening with sweat, I carried on masturbating as I wondered what it would be like to let a woman touch me the way I was touching myself. I wanted to feel the soft, delicate touch of a woman against my skin, instead of the rough hands of a man, her soft lips trailing kisses down over my breast, my stomach, my pussy.
Fuck I had never felt as turned on as I was now and, as I felt my body tingling as though I had been hit with thousands of volts, I began to buck wildly, my orgasm tearing through my whole body, my juices covering my fingers before running out of me on to the bed.
As my body slowly began to come down, from the most intense orgasm I had ever had, I decided I had to go back to the gym, had to see her again and then maybe, hopefully, she would be the one to finally show me sex could really be beautiful.


The strangest morning of my life

Ever since the first time I caught a fleeting glimpse of your beauty, as I was scanning the internet while bored, I had searched every day to see more and more of you. Everything about you was perfect and I just couldn't resist you.
Your long hair hung loosely around your shoulders, some days it was straight yet others slightly curled, your skin blemish free and slightly tanned. Your firm, full, breasts and large swollen nipples always causing a swelling between my legs, a swelling that I frequently stroked furiously, until I came, while dreaming it was your hand around my cock.
Yet that was all it would ever be, a dream. I knew a woman like you would have never seen anything more in me than just another fan, even if we did ever meet, which I also knew was never likely to happen. You lived thousands of miles away, In the US, while I was just a single guy, struggling to make a living and living in a one bedroom flat in a small town in the UK.
Sitting naked in front of my PC yet again, which was one of the only benefits of living alone, I found myself flicking through some new images of you I had found, on yet another new site. As I did I wrapped my hand around my hardening cock, closed my eyes and slowly began stroking my hardness, once again dreaming my hand was yours, when I was shocked to hear a soft female voice.
“That looks so good,” the voice whispered softly. “Please don't stop I want to see you come.”
Snapping my eyes open I let go of my cock and spun around, only to find that I was, unsurprisingly, alone. Confused I was about to stand up, to check my flat, when the voice spoke up again.
“It's okay we're alone, it's just you and me,” the voice whispered. “Just like it's been every other day.”
Slightly scared I walked over to the window and peered out in to the darkness, there was no-one down on the street, so what the fuck was going on.
“Babe, come back, I'm waiting.”
“W-W-where the fuck are you?” I stammered nervously.
“Where I always am, just here.”
“W-Where the f-f-uck is here?”
“The same place I am every day, right in front of you.”
Turning towards the only thing that was on, my PC, I saw the woman of my dreams was still there, staring back at me, only the image on the screen wasn't the one I had began stroking myself to, and that was when I suddenly saw her lips move.
“Well are you coming back or not?”
Cautiously I walked backed over to my PC, never letting my eyes leave the screen, hoping to see her speak again yet my dream woman stared back at me from the screen, silently and with a small, seductive, smile on her lips, waiting patiently for me to sit back down, which I slowly did.
“Now where were we?” She asked as I stared, dumbfounded, at her face. “Oh I remember, you were entertaining me, for a change. Well what are you waiting for?”
“W-What do you mean?” I heard myself asking, my voice still trembling nervously.
“I think you know what I mean, Mason,” she whispered, before running her tongue slowly over her lips.
“H-H-How do you know my name?” I stammered, shocked.
“The same way you know mine, the internet is a wonderful thing,” she whispered. “Don't you agree?”
“But nothing, Mason. Now carry on and let me watch you, just like you enjoy watching me.”
As she spoke she smiled and ran her hands slowly across her firm breasts, pausing only to pinch her nipples, as if she knew that I would instantly get hard again, which I did.
“Mm, that's a lot better.”
The soft, seductive, tone of her voice was driving me wild and that combined with the look of pure lust in her eyes had me reaching down for my hardness once again. Wrapping my hand, lightly, around my shaft I began to stroke myself as she watched me from behind the screen, one of her hands suddenly dropping from view.
The look on her face changed and, knowing where she had let her hand come to a rest, I began to stroke my hardness faster and faster. Unable to control myself any longer, and with my legs trembling violently and with my balls tighter in their sac than I could ever remember, I let out a load gasp.
Closing my eyes I felt my hardness twitch in my fist, just before the first stream of seed exploded from my cock. Moaning her name, as I felt the thick, milky, liquid splash down on to my chest, I opened my eyes and saw her staring back at me.
“Fuck, Mason, I have been waiting to see that for so long,” she whispered, lifting her hand back in to view and, slowly, slipping her fingers in to her mouth.
Once I finished coming and with my body still trembling, only now with exhaustion, I felt myself smile at the screen. Opening my mouth to speak, as she took her fingers from her mouth, she cut me off and spoke first.
“Hopefully we can do this again, Mason,” she whispered as she smiled back at me, before my screen suddenly went black.


Toys are not just for women

The package had arrived just as I was about to leave for work that morning. Knowing exactly what it was I slammed the door shut, making sure it was locked tightly as well, before heading back to my bedroom and closing that door as well. Sitting on the bed I turned the package over and over in my hand, the anticipation of the delight with causing a shiver to course through my body.
Hurriedly I tore the wrapping from the package, letting it fall around my feet and held the box up in front of my face. I had never used anything like it before yet, after seeing it used on one of the videos I had watched a few weeks earlier, I had scoured the internet for one, hurriedly purchasing it before I had time to think about changing my mind.
Carefully I opened one end of the box, held it lengthways and let the contents slide out and in to my hand. Once the box was empty I placed the tube that came with it on the bed next to me, quickly read the instructions and headed into the bathroom. After running it under lukewarm water, as per the instructions, I took it back to the bedroom glanced at the instructions once more and pieced it together.
Once it was ready I stripped out of my clothes and grabbed a condom from my bedside drawer, slipping it over my hard shaft. Picking up the tube of lubrication, which had fallen out of the box with the toy, I unscrewed the lid and squeezed a small amount over the tips of my fingers before massaging the pussy-like opening in the end of the toy.
Once I was certain that I had covered the slit enough I lay back on my bed, gripped my hard shaft in one hand, closed my eyes and began to press the toy against the swollen head of my cock. As I slid easily into toy I was surprised, not just, at just how tight it was around my cock but also how much like a real pussy it felt.
Gripping the toy tightly I continued to move it up and down my shaft, imagining it was her rocking back and forth on my cock, before lifting my knees and parting my legs wide. I could feel my orgasm starting to build in my body, my balls tightening in their sac first and started to masturbate as fast as I could.
Bucking my hips, like I did when she had been on top, I lifted my hand above my head before slowly running it down my body. My nipples felt sensitive to the touch and as I continued to run my fingers down, over my stomach, my legs began to tremble violently. Dropping my hand on to the bed, as I thrust into the toy hard, I slipped it under my left knee and, before realizing what I was doing, I began toying with the tightness of my ass.
Although I had never done it before just the feel of my middle finger circling my tight hole drove me wild with lust and I wondered if what I had heard about rubbing the male prostate, just as the man was about to cum, giving massive orgasms was really true and before I knew it I slipped my finger deep in to my ass.
Gasping loudly, thankful that I was in the house alone, I began circling my prostate as I masturbated faster than I could ever remember doing before I felt my cock twitch violently inside the toy. Moaning I felt the first stream of my thick, milky, liquid erupt from the end of my cock and continued to stroke my shaft and finger-fuck my ass, not stopping until I was completely drained, all the time wondering if I would ever find another woman that could make me cum as much, or as forcefully, as my new toy.



Alicia had had enough of Mia. Even though the two of them had been friends since meeting at work five years earlier, getting the flat together to save on costs, Mia had started to let herself go. She had began taking the occasional day off work for no apparent reason, which meant she was earning less and less money, instead just preferring to sit around surfing the internet or watch daytime television.
Now though, As Alicia opened yet another bill, a bill which was double what it normally was, she knew she had to try and make Mia see sense. If she couldn't there was no way the two of them would be able to keep the flat on, especially as she could see Mia getting the sack if she continued the way she had been doing.
Slamming the bill on to the table Alicia decided enough was enough and began to make her way up the stairs. Knowing that Mia would still be in bed as neither of them worked on a Saturday she would say whatever it took to get Mia to change, to return to the Mia that she had first moved in with, even if it meant telling a little white lie to achieve her goal.
As she neared Mia's bedroom she practiced the lie, she was going to tell Mia the flat was at risk because the rent had to go up and there just wasn't going to be enough money to keep it on, over and over again.
Walking towards Mia's door she could hear the sound of the radio coming from within. Good at least she is awake Alicia thought. Once she was withing touching distant of the door she saw that it was slightly ajar and, wondering if her friend had maybe got up and was in the middle of getting dressed she peered through the gap.
Alicia almost gasped, covering her mouth with her hand just in time, as she saw that Mia was indeed awake. However she wasn't in the process of getting dressed, far from it. Mia was laying on top of the bed, her eyes closed, her legs spread wide, masturbating furiously.
Shocked Alicia wanted to turn away, go back down the stairs and wait for her friend to make an appearance, yet for some reason instead of doing that she stayed rooted to the spot staring at Mia's gorgeous naked body.
It wasn't the first time she had seen Mia naked, they often bumped into each other first thing in the morning going for their showers, however it was the first time she had seen her like she was.
Mia, oblivious to her audience of one, continued masturbating furiously. Each time Mia thrust the thick toy, which Alicia hadn't noticed at first, in and out of herself Alicia felt her own pussy start to tingle.
Shocked at her feelings, she had never even thought about another woman sexually before, Alicia suddenly became aware that she had slipped her hand, without meaning to, under the hem of the skirt she was wearing and was slowly tracing the outline of her own swollen lips.
As Mia moaned loudly Alicia slipped her hand inside her panties, feeling her own wetness, before slipping to fingers deep inside herself. Slowly she began rubbing at her engorged clit, her eyes never veering away from the view in front of her, as her desperate need to cum caused her to start thrusting her own fingers harder and faster into herself.
Within minutes she felt her legs start to weaken and buckle, her orgasm tearing through her body more forcefully than any orgasm before, causing her to reach forward and grab the door frame to stop herself from collapsing. Only she didn't catch the frame she caught Mia's door, pushing it open. Instantly Mia stopped masturbating, opened her eyes, turned her head and stared directly at Alicia, who was struggling to stay upright, with her hand still inside her panties.
“Well don't just stand there looking all flustered come over here and join me,” Mia purred sexily as she pulled the toy from herself, giving Alicia her first glimpse of another woman's open, wet and eager pussy. “I've been hoping you'd catch me for months.”


If only you knew

As I lay back on the sofa, my panties thrown fuck-knows-where, I began to tease my wet pussy with the toy. Staring down my body I watched as I moved the toy slowly along my opening, turning it on and teasing myself, before parting my lips slowly and closing my eyes, just so I could see you you.
I couldn't believe how you made me feel because no one had ever had this effect on me, least of all another woman. Yet ever since you had first walked in to college, all legs and micro skirt, your heavy breasts bursting to escape the tight blouse you were wearing, you were all I could think of when I was alone and when I thought about you I became so horny, so wet.
Gently I eased the thick end of the toy between my lips, gasping your name as I did, and began to roughly pinch my hard nipples. Spreading my thighs as wide apart as possible I slowly pushed the thick, ribbed, toy as deep in to my pussy as I could, the fingers of my free hand running down over my stomach, so I could rub my erect bud.
Gasping breathlessly my body starts to tremble violently and I began to buck my hips, driving the toy harder and deeper in to my pussy. Fuck I was about to come and I'd only just begun but the thoughts of you ravishing my body, your soft hands caressing my breasts, your warm tongue flicking over my hard clit before pushing in to me did it to me every time.
I never lasted more than two minutes but I didn't care because that was only the first orgasm, there would be plenty more before I finally stopped and tomorrow, when you walk in to that classroom, I am going to sit and watch you. Watch you as slowly I part my legs, and stroke my pussy slowly and seductively, in the hope you see me and realize the only reason I still bother coming to your crap lectures is to see you, not listen to you drone on about boring fucking accounts.


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