Monday, 2 November 2015

Masturbation Monday: Teamwork


Walking back in to the changing room, once I'd dried myself off, I was stunned to see Shaun, totally naked and slowly stroking his very impressive cock.
“Fuck,Shaun, I thought everyone had gone,” I said, my eyes fixed on the slow movemoents of his hand.
“And I thought you were never going to come out of that damn shower,” he replied, as he started to walk towards me, his cock still in his hand.
I could feel my own dick hardening rapidly, as he got closer and closer to me. Lifting my hand I wrapped my fist around my shaft and began to stroke myself, in time with Shaun, only for him to stop right in front of me and take my hand from my cock.
“I've waited for this moment, for us to be alone, ever since you joined the team,” Shaun whispered, before reaching forward and circling my cock with his large hand.
“What would you have done if I'd told you I wasn't that way inclined, that I was one hundred percent straight?”
“I'd have called you a fucking liar. I've seen the way you look at me, the way your cock twitches every time you look at me when we're changing.”
I closed my eyes as Shaun started to move his hand up and down my shaft slowly, my heart beginning to pound in my chest.
“Jesus, Shaun, that feel so fucking dood,” I managed to whisper just before he released my cock, stepped forward to press his own hardness against mine and then wrapped his hand around both of our cocks at the same time.
Looking down, as he began to stroke us both, all I could think about was how his cock would feel buried deep in my ass. Lifting my head to look in to his eyes I tried to push the thoughts of Shaun fucking me to the back of my mind, only it was too late. The thoughts had caused my balls to tighten in their sac, and my legs beging to tremble.
“Fuck<Shaun, I'm going to cum,” I managed to gasp, as I struggled to stay upright.
“So am I, Lee. So am I.”
Suddenly I felt Shaun's body tense like mine and, almost instantly, the two of us began to come, our thick, milky white, liquid shooting up between us and splattering against our chests.
“You just wait until the next time we're alone,” Shaun whispered, before kissing me lightly on the lips, releasing our cocks and running his fingers through the trail of come on my chest.
“Fuck that, Shaun.I can't fucking wait,” I told him, before grabbing his come-covered fingers, lifting them to my lips and sucking them dry. “I need you right here, right now.”


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Kayla Lords said...

This is me hoping that happens in locker rooms around the world every day. :)