Tuesday, 3 November 2015

tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Giving the boss a hand Part 2

Giving the boss a hand Part 2

As I knelt before him, his hard shaft in my hand, I lifted my head to see his reaction and was stunned to see Mr. James had thrown his head back and closed his eyes. I began to move my hand up and down his shaft, slowly, smiling as I listened to his breathing as it became laboured and the soft gasps, which occasionally escaped his lips.
Revelling in the control I had over him, as I continued to stroke his hard shaft and bring him close to the edge of orgasm on a number of occasions, I unzipped my own trousers and released my hardness. Gripping my shaft I began to stroke myself, in time with my hand around his cock, before deciding to take things further.
Without stopping my hand movements I lowered my head, and flicked my tongue along the slit in the end of his cock. As soon as my tongue came in to contact with the swollen head of his cock Mr. James gasped loudly, reached forward and placed his hand on the back of my head.
“Fuck, Matt, please,” Mr. James gasped, before lifting his ass and offering me his cock.



The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Pretty explosive piece Julez. Wow!

Doris O'connor said...

*fans self* Hot tease, Julez!

Raven McAllan said...

very hot.... I can so see this :)