Monday, 20 July 2015

Masturbation Monday: Memories of Katie

Memories of Katie

As the first rays of sun caressed Summer's body she stretched, and began to slowly wake. Opening her eyes she turned her head, and stared at the empty space next to her. Reaching across Summer smoothed her hand over the cold sheet, before turning her head away and stared at the window.
Summer hated waking up alone yet refused to allow anyone to sleep next to her, and had ever since the only person she had ever really loved, Katie, had left for the city. The two of them were supposed be going together but never having gone further than the small town, a few miles from the village where she lived, Summer had got cold feet at the last minute. Now every morning when she woke she would stare at the empty space, think of Katie and dream of what could have been.
Together the two of them had been the perfect couple, hardly ever apart and even the narrow minded villagers who, at first, shunned the pair of them as they walked around like any other couple grew to admire them, as they refused to buckle to the pressure of their parents to find nice boys and settle down, as they put it.
Summer closed her eyes, pictured Katie next to her and felt a warmth coursing through her body, a warmth which sent tingles of electricity to her nipples, hardening them instantly, before continuing down through her stomach and coming to a stop between her legs.
Slipping her hand in to the top of her white, cotton, panties Summer stretched to her full length and began to rub her swollen lips. Moaning Katie's name as she flicked her erect clitoris the feelings only Katie had ever caused her to feel surged through her body and, as her orgasm began to take hold, a lone tear fell from her eyes. It was then Summer finally realized that to be happy she had to bite the bullet, and head for the city.



Oleander Plume said...

Sexy and lovely prose!

Melody Parks said...

This is so bittersweet. I feel for missing Katie the way she does, pinning for her, remembering what they shared.
I'm so happy that she's resolved to head to the city to find her. You can't fight fate, right?

F. Leonora Solomon said...

oh gosh, this is so terribly emotional! i cannot wait to see what happens next...

Kayla Lords said...

It's that bit of hope at the end that does it for me. :)

Christina Mandara said...

Mmm! Girl on girl - what's not to like? Deliciously steamy and I hope that these two manage to get themselves together in more ways than one ;)

Horny GeekGirl said...

Loved this.

It's so bittersweet.

Love memory as a stimulant.

HGG. xx