Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Two into one will go

Two into one will go

Seeing Marcus lying naked on the pool table, stroking his thick cock, was the hottest thing I had ever seen so when he virtually begged me to climb up, and let him fuck my ass, I couldn't strip quick enough.
Once naked I climbed on to the table, positioned my ass above his shaft and lowered myself down on to his hard shaft. As soon as he was buried deep inside I started to buck my hips back and forth, building up a perfect rhythm, when I suddenly felt a pair of hands grip either side of my hips.
Glancing over my shoulder I came face to face with Marcus' part time lover, Ivan. Before I had a chance to ask what he was playing at I felt the swollen head of his cock pushing against my, already, full ass. As much as Ivan's cock pushing against my hole hurt the thought of being fucked by the two of them, at the same time, almost caused me to come right then so I gritted my teeth against the pain, allowed Ivan's cock to join Marcus' deep inside my body and let the two of them fuck me until they both came, together.



Anonymous said...

lol i'm glad I didn't open this page in a crowded place. very hot tease as usual

Kendel Davi said...

Stuffed full and enjoying every second of it. Steamy tease, Julez!

Christina Mandara said...

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!! :D

Doris O'connor said...

Phew, def a hot tease! :-)

Naomi said...

Extremely steamy tease

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow, what an intense piece Julez. I like the scene you painted on there.