Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sexy Saturday: Five years (A true story)

It's Sexy Saturday and this week, whether you want to believe it or not, I am bringing you a true story and once you have read this you will finally release why I've been struggling with everything.

Five years ( A true story)

As we lay there in the dark, neither of us saying a word, your hand slowly wrapped around my semi-hard shaft and you began to slowly stroke me. The softness of your hand, wrapped around my shaft, soon had me fully hard and, without saying a word you lifted the covers.
As you continued to stroke me you slowly eased yourself down, licking and kissing my chest as you went, until I felt your warm breath caress the swollen head of my cock. You stopped stroking me, kept hold of my shaft and flicked your tongue across my swollen glans. Gasping I reached down but you brushed my hand away and continued to lick and kiss my hardness, starting at the very tip and working your way down my full length, before slowly making your way back up.
Once you'd flicked my cock with your tongue once more you opened your mouth and slowly lowered your head, your beautiful lips running down my shaft, and you began to suck me. At first your head bobbed up and down, slowly, almost methodically, teasing every inch of my cock but you soon built up the rhythm you knew would bring me to the edge quickly.
As I moaned I reached down once more, and this time you let me grip your flowing hair in my fist, so I could control your speed and make you stop, before it was too late.
I loved the feeling of your warm mouth around my shaft so much I could have let you go all night, but I desired even more, and pulled your hair gently as a sign to stop you. Lifting your head you looked at me, and knew exactly what I, what we both, really wanted.
Kneeling by my side you climbed on top of me, and took hold of my hard shaft. Staring in to my eyes you slowly lowered your body, and your trimmed, wet, pussy easily surrounded my hard cock. As inch after inch of my shaft entered you, and your moans of ecstasy became louder. I lifted my hands and began to massage your beautiful, large, breasts, my thumbs brushing over each of your nipples.
You threw your head back and took the last of my cock, deep inside your pussy and began to grind your hips back and forth. This time there was no slow start, no building up a rhythm, your eagerness and need to come matching mine and your hips bucked wildly on top of me. Releasing your tits I wrapped my arms around you and slid my hands down, gripped your firm ass in my hands and held you until my legs began to tremble violently. Tensing my body I tried to hold back but as soon as I heard you scream out, your orgasm coursing through your body, I stopped holding back, felt my cock twitch deep inside you and began to come with you.
You continued bucking your hips wildly until you had fully drained my cock of my seed and then collapsed on top of me, where you stayed, until we both drifted off to sleep.
The only trouble is this happened five long years ago and it was the last time I felt the softness of warm skin against my body, the grip of perfectly manicured fingers, the warmth of a mouth and the tightness of a pussy, five years since I had any sort of sexual contact with anyone, and those five long years have been absolute hell.


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