Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wicked Wednesday: The morning after the night before

The morning after the night before

As I opened my eyes I glanced around the room, the neon light from the casino across the road bathing the room in an eerie green glow, the crushed beer cans, the contents of which we had hurriedly devoured , before devouring each other, just discarded on the floor alongside the condoms that lay unopened and unused, due to our urgency for each others muscular bodies.
We had first met at the casino where we were both on a roll at the tables and, after calling it quits at close to ten grand up, we went to the bar and spent the next couple of hours laughing and joking about how well we had done and that was when he put his hand on my knee and asked if I wanted to continue our good night back at his hotel.
Normally I'd have brushed his hand away, I wasn't one for picking up random strangers but the combination of alcohol we had consumed and the fact that he was everything I looked for in a man, hot, muscular and slightly tanned, had me readily agreeing and now, as my eyes adjusted to the scene and I saw his muscular back and tight firm ass staring at me, the heat I had for him the night before flooded through my body once again.
Gently I placed one of my legs across him, my cock hardening instantly and began to lightly kiss his muscular shoulders and back, breathing in the aroma of sweat, sex and alcohol from the night before as I did, slowly pushing my hardness against him.
A soft moan emanated from his lips as I pushed and, as he parted his legs enough for me to nestle my hard shaft between his ass cheeks, I slowly began thrusting back and forth, sure I would cum before entering him. He, though, had other ideas and I felt him reach between our bodies, wrap his strong hand around my shaft lightly and guide me over his tight hole before slowly easing back on to the swollen, pre-cum soaked, head of my cock.
As I slipped easily into him I felt his muscles tighten around my shaft, gripping my cock and I began to fuck him slowly, a lot slower than our alcohol fueled passion from the night before. Slipping my hand around his body I circled his thick shaft with my hand and began to stroke his hardness in time with my thrusts, quickening my movements the closer I got to my orgasm. Before I could make him cum though he placed his hand on top of mine, stopping me from stroking him, at the exact second he must have felt my balls tighten and my legs begin to tremble violently.
I was too close to the edge to be able to control myself and as my cock twitched violently I began to cum, flooding his ass with my seed, as he pushed back against my thrusts, his ass still gripping my shaft tightly, milking every drop from my body.
Once I had no more to give him, my body completely drained, my forehead dripping with sweat he eased his ass from my shaft. Turning to face me he smiled, before rolling me on to my stomach and, as he lifted my ass with his strong hands, I knew just why he had stopped me from making him cum.


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