Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: There's no such thing as a sure bet

There's no such thing as a sure bet

For the first half of the season they had played like they were completely out of the depth. In fact they had been so bad they had been written off by every bookmaker in town and that was when I told them if things didn't improve then the last day of the season they would all be on their knees, sucking my cock.
“And what if we do win the league?” The captain had asked, as if he was challenging me.
“As if that's likely to happen.”
“You haven't answered the question though, boss.”
“Well seeing as there's less chance of that happening than there is me winning Miss World... I'll do exactly what I've told you will happen when you don't.” I replied, cockily.
Of course I would never have made the bet if I had any idea that the team were suddenly going to become world beaters but as I knelt on the dressing room floor surrounded by the five of them, their hard cocks inches from my face, I vowed never to gamble again no matter how much the odds were, seemingly, stacked in my favour.


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Molly Synthia said...


I loved this tease, Julez!

What a great scenario, and what a playful tease. Excellently written and just perfectly done. Great job.

Doris O'connor said...

Oho, what a pic and a fantastic tease to go with it! :-D

Anonymous said...

A lesson there for us all, Julez. If I was remotely a betting man before I read that, I'm sure as hell not now, lol! Very nicely written and hugely entertaining. A great take on the pic.