Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: The sweet taste of Honey

The sweet taste of Honey

Lowering her pussy towards my face I closed my eyes inhaled deeply. Her fingers wrapped lightly around my shaft and, after flicking the swollen head of my cock with her tongue, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through my body. Slowly she began to stroke me, her pussy just close enough for me to breathe in her sweet aroma, yet too far for me to taste her.
After a few minutes of her greedily sucking my cock, and almost bringing me to orgasm more than once, I thought she was never going to allow me to pleasure her like she was me when she suddenly pulled her head back, and allowed my shaft to fall from her mouth.
Throwing her head back Honey lowered her relaxed her body and, as I felt her shaved wetness against my mouth, I flicked my tongue out and began to tease her with just the tip of it, lightly flicking it over her swollen bud to taste her for the first time.
Lifting my head slightly I buried my tongue deep inside her as she began to grind her pussy against my eager mouth, screaming loudly and pleading with me to make her come.



Doris O'connor said...

It's getting hot in here! ;-) Great tease!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Julez. Delicious in more ways than one.