Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Getting ready for my Mistress

Getting ready for my Mistress

Kneeling on the bed with my legs slightly apart, my semi hard cock and balls hanging down and with the thick toy in my hand I glanced over my shoulder, and saw her standing there.
“Well what are you waiting for?” she asked sternly.
“Permission, Mistress,” I whispered.
Turning my head away I lowered it, and buried my face in the pillows. After what felt like an eternity I heard her stiletto's on the laminate flooring, as she moved closer and spread myself as much as possible.
“You may begin,”
Knowing how she got if I took too long to do what she ordered I pushed the thick head of the toy against my tightness, winced and began to push it against my hole. I'd never had anything as thick as this one inside me and, at first, I thought I was never going to get the damn thing inside me.
“If you can't get that in how the fuck do you think you will ever be able to accommodate me,” Mistress said, stepping to the side of me and letting me see the thick strap on she was already wearing.



Molly Synthia said...

As usual, Julez, you've written a great tease. I loved how you built the anticipation and how you described his thoughts with each action. Great job.

Naomi said...

Great teaser. You portrayed anticipation in the build up excellently, and dealt a final blow when his Mistress spoke, revealing what she had in store.

Theresa Stuart said...

you have a gift of making the reader feel all the anticipation and lovely feelings of your characters always enjoy your writes.... hugs T

Dariel Raye said...

I feel like I know these characters! Great job, Julez.

Anonymous said...

Shit I need that mistress

Anonymous said...

Strong sense of the moment, Julez - the anticipation and the imminence of his total penetration. Very evocative.

Michaela Rhua said...

The anticipation leaves you wanting more. I wonder what else she will subject him too. Love a woman in control.