Monday, 3 March 2014

Masturbation Monday: As morning comes, so do I

As morning comes, so do I

 Waking up alone, and as hard as rock, I closed my eyes again and wrapped my fist around my throbbing shaft. Picturing your lithe, slightly tanned body, naked, I began to move my hand up and down my shaft slowly. Fuck you were red hot. I had lost count of the number of times I had come, as I thought of all the things we could do to each other. You were the only one I thought of when I masturbated because, to me, it would feel like I was cheating on you if I thought of anyone else, even though I knew that was stupid.
I had been fantasizing about you ever since the first day I saw you, in your lingerie, staring back at me from the screen. I had even spoke to you a few times, but never had the balls to tell you how you made me feel.
Now though as I imagined you in front of me, a look of pure lust in your eyes, I began to buck my hips and stroke myself even faster. As my legs began to tremble violently and my balls tightened in their sac I whispered your name softly, thinking about the next time I saw you on screen. I decided that, whatever the outcome, I would tell you exactly how you made me feel.
Gasping loudly I gripped my shaft tightly and moaned your name again, as the first stream of my seed erupted from the end of my cock. I continued to masturbate, slowly, until the last of my come hung limply from the end of my hardness. Only then did I let my body relax, my seed beginning to trickle over my stomach, as your image slowly faded from my mind.


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