Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Paying my debt

It's time to tease once again and this week's tale comes with a moral.

Never make a wager when you've been drinking.

I hope you all enjoy.

Paying my debt

Nipping my ear lightly Helena slipped her arm around my waist, wrapped her fingers around my rapidly hardening cock and began to stroke me slowly.
“Morning, handsome,” she whispered softly.
Before I had chance to answer Helena bit my ear a little harder, causing me to yelp out.
“Hey, be careful.”
“If you think that hurts there's no way you'll cope with this,” she replied, as her hand started to move faster along the full length of my shaft.
“Cope with what?”
“This,” she murmured just before I felt something hard, cold and sticky pushing against the crack of my ass.
Suddenly I snapped my eyes fully open and was about to protest but she released my cock, and pressed her fingers against my lips.
“Have you forgotten last night's little wager?”
For a couple of seconds my brain started to go in to overdrive as I tried to remember just what she was on about, and then it hit me.
Between shots of Jack Daniels I had stupidly, as it turned out, agreed to let her fuck my ass with her newest toy, but only if her team somehow knocked mine out of the tournament.



Molly Synthia said...

Ah alcohol...the wonderful social lubricant that has in this case led to the need for an entirely different kind of lubricant.

Great tease, Julez!

Pablo Michaels said...

He has an awesome surprise coming to him. Wagers made when drinking alcohol are dangerous as he has realized.

Muffy Wilson said...

Anything said under the influence of alcohol, is the God's honest TRUTH and reflects true desire, or so I am told. I have fallen prey to my own villainous stupors in the past and can honestly admit - anything wagered drunk is everything gained! Great teaser, Julez. I loved, loved, loved it <3 xo

Naomi said...

Let's face it we've all agreed to things under the influence. I hope it wasn't too painful for him

Doris O'connor said...

LOL, oh dear! Let's hope she takes it easy on him, and he gets to enjoy the experience.

Anonymous said...

There goes the comfort zone again - way behind me, lol. I love kinky stories of wagers ill-made. He'll know better next time than to mix sports with lovin'...