Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sinful Sunday Short: Busted!

Forgive me my friends for, once again, I am sinning on a Sunday.


Laying back with my eyes closed I couldn't believe how sexy I felt, wearing the lingerie Sara had left behind when she had stormed out, during yet another of our arguments. I had found the lingerie at the back of one of our wardrobes and as I stepped in to the lace boy shorts, my cock already rock hard, and with pre-cum seeping from the slit, I stared in to the bedroom mirror. I would never have done this if Sara hadn't left but I missed her so much slipping in to her lingerie, somehow, made me feel like we were still together.
Once the shorts covered my hardness I picked up the matching top and pulled it over my head, carefully so not to tear it, before sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling on the stockings I found in the drawer.
Taking a last look at myself in the mirror I lay back on the bed, and began to massage my hardness through the panties. Eventually though I couldn't hold back any longer and slipped my hand into the top of the panties and released myself. Reaching in to the bedside cabinet I rummaged around, while still slowly stroking my cock, before I felt what I was searching for.
Removing the cock ring from the drawer I opened my eyes, lifted my head and slowly slipped the ring to the base of my cock. Hopefully the ring would do it's job and keep me hard for longer, while delaying my orgasm, because I didn't want to cum, I wanted the feelings I was having to last for as long as possible.
Resting my head back on the pillows I continued stroking my hardness, using my free hand to play with my hard nipples through the lace top and knew that, even with the ring around my cock, I wasn't going to last much longer.
Stretching out on the bed I began to masturbate furiously, moaning Sara's name the closer I got to coming, until I couldn't hold back any longer.
Oh fuck, Sara, yes,” I screamed out, as my balls tightened in their sac and my legs began to tremble violently.
Suddenly my cock twitched and I gasped her name once more, as I felt the first stream of thick, white, seed explode onto my exposed stomach. Gasping breathlessly I continued to stroke myself, milking every last drop from my body, before I released my cock and opened my eyes.
As I lifted my head, to stare down at the mess I had made I found myself staring, instead, at Sara, who was standing at the end of what used to be our bed, the keys she had kept while she fetched her belongings dangling from her little finger, with an evil, yet slightly, sexy, smile forming on her lips.



Beth D. Carter said...

Very sexy. Painted a vivid picture in my mind as I read it.

Muffy Wilson said...

This WAS sinful, sexy and wicked! Looks like Sara is excited by all the possibilities her lingerie unfolded:) xo