Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturdays AfterDark Moments: My Perfect Bride

My Perfect Bride

As we waltzed around the bed, our day having gone absolutely perfectly, I stared into Terri's eyes and smiled.
So how does it feel, babe?” I asked, as I spun her around effortlessly.
How does what feel?”
To be Mrs. Williams.”
It's going to be strange, but I'll get used to it,” Terri replied, leaning forward and placing her lips against mine, fleetingly.
Sliding my hand down her back I let it come to rest on her perfect ass, and gave it a little squeeze.
I couldn't believe it when he said I know pronounce you husband and wife,” I told her, leaning in and kissing her back.
I know what you mean, it sent shivers down my spine as well,” Terri replied.
Mr and Mrs Williams,” I whispered, before dropping my hand a little further, and scooping her off her feet.
What are you doing?” Terri gasped, as I turned to the bed and placed her down gently.
Instead of answering her I placed my hands on her corset and pulled it down, over her full, firm, breasts, lowered my head and flicked my tongue across her rapidly hardening nipples.
Terri gasped, and squirmed, under my touch, lifting her breasts to my mouth. As she did I slowly ran my hand down over her stomach, stopping when I finally reached her crotch. As I continued to suck and lick each nipple in turn Terri lifted her ass and slowly pulled her wedding dress up, just far enough for me to get my hand underneath.
Slowly I ran my fingers over her lace stockings and up her thigh, Terri moaning softly as I did, until I felt the lace of her panties. Running my over her crotch slowly I eventually slipped my fingers in to the top of her panties, before wrapping my hand around her thick, swollen, cock.



Muffy Wilson said...

Sounds like there might be allot of "allot to get used to" in that new family!! Well done, Julez! Loved it:) xo

Pablo Michaels said...

I read your Moment through the end, realizing he probably knew Terri was a transsexual. Your wedding nice was sensitive and romantic. Very well crafted with enough description to tease me the reader wanting more.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Great piece; enticing scene. The wedding scene was romantic enough, and love has no limits, even if Terri was a transexual.