Monday, 25 March 2013

Masturbation Monday: The Hole

The Hole

Ever since the first time it had happened, when I had hurriedly shoved my cock back into my jeans and fled from the club, curiosity kept playing on my mind. I kept finding myself wondering what would have happened if I had took hold of the shaft, had stroked it, had sucked it or even had made it's owner cum and the more I tried top blank out the thoughts, as well as the image, of the thick, hard, shaft inches from my face the more curious I became.
Curiosity had eventually got the better of me though because here I was, one week later, back at the club, standing in the same stall and staring at the same hole hoping, praying even, that someone would feed their hard shaft through the hole but after about fifteen minutes, my cock hard and straining against my zip, I turned and reached for the bolt on my door and began to slide it back slowly.
“Wait,” a deep voice suddenly boomed from the stall next to mine. “Don't go.”
“Excuse me,” I replied spinning around, my hand freezing on the bolt.
“I said don't go,” the deep voice replied. “After you ran last week I wasn't sure if you'd ever return.”
“To be honest I wasn't sure either.”
“But you have.”
“I had to,” I replied softly. “Especially since your cock has been all I have been able to think of since I fled.”
“Lock your door fully,” the voice ordered. “We don't want to be disturbed, do we?”
“I-I-I guess not,” I stammered nervously as I slid the bolt back, making sure the door was locked, before taking a deep breath and turning back towards the hole.
Reaching forward I lowered the toilet seat and sat down, as I listened to the unzipping sound coming from the next cubicle.
Neither of us uttered another sound as the man in the next cubicle fed his thick, yet still flaccid, shaft through the hole and then the only sound that came was the sound of the gasp emanating from between my lips. Even flaccid his cock was about seven inches long, the same as mine when I was rock hard, as well as too thick for me to wrap my fingers fully around.
Holding him in the palm of my hand I slowly began to move my hand back and forth as I used my free hand to lower my own zip releasing my shaft, which was already as hard as rock.
As I started to masturbate my own cock slowly I continued to stroke his, willing him to get hard, so I could feel every vein throbbing and pulsing in my hand from under his tight skin. Light gasps came from the next cubicle as I continued stroking the two of us when and after a few minutes I released my own shaft, for a couple of seconds, before taking it in my other hand.
With both of our cocks now in my one hand I squeezed my fingers a little closer together and stroked us both, my pace quickening as I felt my balls start to tighten and my legs begin to tremble.
“Fuck..I'” I gasped breathlessly, sweat running down my forehead and in to my eyes.
Using my free hand to wipe the sweat away I stared down and watched as first one thick purple head became exposed then the other, my hand moving rapidly back and forth, until I felt my legs start to buckle and one of the cocks I was stroking, mine, twitch violently.
“Fuck...I'm....coming,” I managed to gasp, the first, thick stream of my seed exploding forcefully from the slit in the end of my cock and against the cubicle wall.
“Don't fucking stop, I am nearly there,” The voice from the other cubicle moaned.,
As I released my shaft, grabbed it with my free hand and continued to milk every drop I had from my body, I concentrated on stroking him as fast as I could.
Desperate to make him finally cum I dropped to my knees and began flicking my tongue, rapidly along the full length of his shaft and over his glans slowly before opening my mouth and taking the tip of his cock just passed my lips.
Slowly I began to suck, as well as continuing to stroke, his shaft and I soon felt his cock start to twitch. Slowly pulling my head back along his full shaft I released him from my mouth, stroked him as fast as I could and closed my eyes, just before he began to cum.
Continuing to masturbate him furiously as his sticky juices splattered against my cheeks, I opened my mouth once more and swallowed some of his thick, slightly salty, seed before closing my mouth and letting him finally finish over my face and hand.
As soon as he was finished I stood up and turned around to grab some toilet roll, only to find there wasn't any, while he eased his cock back through the hole into his cubicle.
“Hey you never told me your name,” I called through the hole, as I heard his door unlock “Who are you?”
Only he never answered, no-one did, as the sound of the door opening and his footsteps disappearing into the distance was the last thing I heard from him.


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