Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday Thrills: The Old Brothel

Welcome to the first ever posting of Thursday Thrills. Each week a new picture will be chosen and I, along with a fantastic group of authors, will each attempt to thrill you with our version of the picture in anything between 100-1000 words.

At the end of my post the link to all the other writers taking part will be available, so you may see what they all came up with.

Now on to this week's image, an image that took me down a route I rarely travel. I hope you enjoy what I have come up with as I take you to

The Old Brothel
(A tale from beyond the grave)

As I traced my fingers across the letters I allowed a smile to form on my lips. There may not be now I thought but there definitely used to be.
“Babe do you think this is a good idea?”
I shook the thoughts from my head and turned to Melissa.
“”It's fine babe no-one has been here for years.”
“But is it safe?” she asked nervously, her eyes darting along the crumbling brickwork around the door frame.
“It it wasn't there be notices saying so, wouldn't there?”
“I guess so but...”
Turning away, before Melissa finished her sentence, I pushed at the heavy wooden door and was surprised when it swung open easily.
“That was easier than I expected,” I said over my shoulder as I put one foot into the building. “Well are you coming or what?”
Looking around, making sure we were really alone, Melissa quickly stepped inside and stood next to me.
Suddenly the door slammed shut behind us.
“Must be the wind.” I told Mel seeing the look of panic in her eyes.
“B-B-But there is no wind,” she stammered as she turned back to the door, grabbed the handle and tried pulling it open. “Fuck it's won't budge.”
“In that case we might as well take a look around, that's what we came for after all and, as the door won't open, no-one will be disturbing us.”
Stepping further into the large hallway I looked around, saw that there must have been at least half a dozen doors and walked towards the closest one to me. Melissa grabbed my hand as I began walking and hugged close as I gripped the crystal handle and turned. Pushing it open we found ourselves standing in, what looked like, the room where clients were originally met.
A large dusty bar stretched the full length of the room, dusty and broken glasses on the shelves behind it and four circular tables spaced equally out around the room.
“Curtis does something in this room look strange?”
“No why?”
“Look at the tables, they look like they were recently polished.”
Turning I saw that she was right, whereas the bar and glasses were covered in dust, the tables were almost shining in the dull light.
“Guess other people have been in before us.” I told her signing my name in the dust covering the bar. “Come on let's see what's upstairs.”
Taking her hand again I led her up the stairs slowly, testing each one to make sure they hadn't rotted and were safe and on to the landing.
“Pick a room,” I told Melissa looking at the evenly spaced doors along both sides of the landing.
“Eeny meeny miny mo, that one.”
Melissa released my hand and headed towards the door furthest away, the panic she was exhibiting when we first entered seemingly gone, pushed it open and stepped inside. Walking over I was about to step through when the door slammed shut, just like the front door had, almost trapping my fingers as it did so.
“Melissa!!” I called through the wood as I frantically twisted and turned the handle, desperately trying to get the door open.
“One moment sir I shall be with you in a minute.”
“You what? Mel? Stop fucking around and help me open this fucking door.”
Stepping back, ready to kick the door as hard as possible, I saw the handle turn and the door swung open.
“Fuck Mel what are you playing at?” I said entering the room.
At first I couldn't see her anywhere so I stepped even further into the dimly lit room.
“So sir what can I do for you?”
Spinning around I came face to face with Melissa, well Melissa's body anyway. The woman before me looked exactly like Melissa except she was standing in a purple and black corset, purple silk panties, stockings and stiletto heels.
“Mel what the fuck are you doing?”
“I'm sorry sir my name's Siobhan but I'll be Mel...if that's what you really want.” Melissa, the woman, said running her elegantly manicured fingers across my chest before stepping behind me.
Before I could say another word the door swung shut and the last thing I saw was the woman that had called herself Siobhan sitting astride me, handcuffing me to the large iron frame.


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Talullah Rose said...

Bloody awesome.. Great take on the image.. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did...xx

Dakota Trace said...

Wow. Love it. A little bit of haunting is just cool, especially when the ghost is a bit frisky.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Love your ideas, and the writing his name in the dust on the bar top made me smile.

pablo michaels said...

Loved your details like the crystal doorknobs and polished tables. The slamming doors and then locked present a good haunting rush for the reader up to the end when he is chained. But what happens next?

Angelica Dawson said...

What a haunting post. Is she possessed or a ghost? Love it!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love it!

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow! Excellent, haunting post!