Friday, 1 February 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Don't touch the shades

It's time for Flash Fiction Friday once again. Don't forget I am not the only person taking part and the link to all the other flashers follows my post. Please check them out and let them know what you thought of their 100 words.

Don't touch the shades

I had finally cornered the woman that had killed seventeen men in five years and secured her with handcuffs, before reaching forward to remove her sunglasses.
Don't touch me,” the woman hissed venomously.
Listen lady it's over.”
My name is Anastasia not lady and, if you want to live, you will leave the glasses alone.”
Grabbing at the glasses I ripped them from her face. Instantly I regretted my actions as her piercing, red, eyes bored deep into my soul and the razor sharp fangs, which hadn't been there when I cuffed her, glinted in the streetlights.



Talullah Rose said...

Love it.... You never fail to please me...xx

S. J. Maylee said...

In all fairness, she did tell him not to touch her. That's kind of like a warning, right? lol. I'm so curious about this woman. She wants to be called by her name and not lady, very interesting. Captivating flash. Well done, Julez.

Naomi said...

Excellent flasher. You really drew me in. I loved the twist