Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments: 26th January 2013

Welcome to my 400th post but my first AfterDark Moment. First I would like to thank Ray Sostre for inviting me to partake in his new venture, I am truly honored that he asked me.

What is AfterDark Moments you may ask and as you did I shall tell you. AfterDark Moments is a place where you can post your most erotic, raunchiest snippets up to 500 words, but no less than 100 words.

My piece this week is taken from halfway through the first chapter of a currently untitled work-in-progress, which I first had the idea for while writing another piece of flash fiction.

Once you have read my piece allow me to guide you to

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Closing my eyes and hoping I hadn't made the biggest mistake of my life I almost jumped out of my skin as I felt the fingers of the note writer wrap lightly around my hard cock and slowly start stroking the full length of my shaft. Moaning I pressed as close to the wall as I could, making sure I had got as much of my hardness through the hole as I could, while the person stroked my hardness expertly, so expertly in fact that after groaning yet again I heard myself begging them to take me in their mouth.
“Oh fuck that feels so good,” I moaned as they continued stroking me, their hand speed increasing slowly as I felt my body building up to my climax. “Fuck I'm going to cum please suck me.”
Instead though the note writer 's hand sped up even more and after a couple of minutes I knew I couldn't hold back any longer.
“Oh fuck yes,” I gasped loudly, no longer caring if anybody had entered the rest room and could hear me, as my balls tightened, my legs started trembling violently and I felt the first stream of cum erupt from the slit in the end of my cock.
Eventually, once I was completely drained of cum, disappointment filled my body as the note writer released my cock leaving me standing there against the wall as my hardness slowly returned to it's more normal flaccid state. Not wanting to move in case they were just having a break before continuing, hopefully with their mouth, I was dismayed to feel another note pushed under the partition against my foot.
Pulling my cock slowly from the hole I quickly dressed before picking up the note and reading it.
Now put the paper dispenser back, dispose of ALL the notes in the toilet, flush them away, wait five minutes and then rejoin the club. If you follow all these instructions exactly,  I shall be watching and timing you, then if you are here at exactly this time in three days I swear you will get exactly what you wish for.
I don't know why but I did actually believe the note writer so I hurriedly tore all the notes into tiny pieces before dropping them into the toilet, flushing and watching as all evidence that he was even here disappeared for good. Once I was satisfied that every single piece was completely gone I checked my watch, waited for the full five minutes then opened the cubicle door and stepped out into the, to my relief, empty rest room.



gemma parkes said...

I love this, what a great idea! This could become a full length Novella...l can see it now, naughty!

Talullah Rose said...

Oh yes, yes... That is brilliant.. It reminds me of a movie I once saw starring Pauline Collins..

It is going to be a very interesting read...xx

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Wow! What an excellent post there Julez, very suspensful and indeed brilliant. I also want to welcome you to AfterDark Moments, and thank you for participating! Wow, Great work!

Muffy Wilson said...

Fabulous, Julez!! I am dripping with anticipation for the next 'note':) xo

Dakota Trace said...

Wow. I hope there's a follow up to this...after all he obeyed. :D


pablo michaels said...

Julez the glory hole session was written with much suspense and secrecy. I felt his desire building and hoping the note writer would suck rather than finish off with a hand job. Very well done. I am anxious to see if they return and what might ensue.