Monday, 28 January 2013

Masturbation Monday: One Day

Masturbation Monday is here again so lay back slip your hands between your legs and enjoy yet another piece of Masturbation fiction as well as a selection of images to go with the words. Hope you find it as erotic to read as I did to write ;)

One day
Day after day, night after night, I watched you on the screen as I stroked my cock, first to hardness and then until I finally exploded across my chest, covering myself in cum, cum that I wished was yours even though I knew it never would be.

You were the one I wanted so badly. Everything about you was perfect. Your long flowing red hair, your perfect figure, your fake, yet firm and perfectly sized breasts, your gorgeous curved ass and your thick, hard cock. Yes you might have been a transsexual but all I saw when I looked at you was the most beautiful woman in the world and, as I said, absolutely perfect.

There was just one problem though, you didn't even know I existed. Not that it would have mattered if you had. You were stunningly beautiful, the hottest woman I had ever seen and you were famous, probably one of the most famous transsexuals on the planet, whereas I was just a nobody, just another guy. Hundreds but more likely thousands of others would have also fantasized about dating one of the most beautiful women I had ever set my eyes on and, like me, also knew they had no chance with you.

I didn't even want you just for sex, like a lot of so-called tranny-chasers, I wanted you to be the girlfriend I had always dreamed of. I wanted to be able to take you to fancy restaurants, to the movies. I wanted to be able to go clubbing with you and take you on exotic holidays to far flung countries. Fuck I would have married you if this stinking country we both lived in allowed it.

From the very first day I saw you I was under your spell as your slender fingers wrapped around your own hardness, a hardness that was probably and inch or so bigger than my own and stroked yourself slowly all the time staring, smiling, into the camera as you did.
The look on your face said you were enjoying every second as you masturbated to ejaculation in front of the camera, the screen finally going black as the last drops of cum hung from the end of your cock, knowing about all the attention that you were getting but I wondered just how happy you really were.

How I wished you would whisper my name as you were masturbating. I had whispered, groaned and screamed yours night after night as I came over and over again, my eyes never leaving the screen as you did the same.

All I could do was hope that one day you saw one of my messages and became curious enough to answer me but until that time I would just have to keep dreaming, keep fantasizing.


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