Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Welcome to the second day of promo week in The Crypt my Children of the Night. Today's guest promo features one author but two very different books.

The author is Lily Weidner and the two books are Submissive Zombie Slut and Southern Superstition.


Sarah is left for dead after a run in with a few zombies. Fearing the worst, what can she do but wait? Sarah then discovers a hidden side to the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps this isn’t the end of the world after all, but merely the end of sex as Sarah knows it. These zombies aren't just seeking brains; they need to satisfy an even more primal desire. Sarah is in for a kinky night of group zombie sex when the zombies begin to having their way with her. What she doesn’t expect is to discover a new side of her desire, a dark side that longs for a world dominance and submission.


My hands remained pinned down, and there was nothing I could do as she got on top of me. Her skirt was ripped to shreds, and there was nothing left of her panties. The more my body moved to accommodate the body on top of me, the more she moved closer. In a matter of seconds, she was straddling my mouth. Her pussy was inches from my mouth, and curiosity got the better of me. Until then, I’d always wondered what another woman would taste like.
Slowly, my tongue reached up to her warm pussy. It was surprisingly wet, and the taste of her filled me with a hungry desire. My hands fought to be free, and eventually were able to hold the female in place. Her juices ran down onto my mouth, and I licked even more intently. My tongue parted her lips, and penetrated her as deep as possible. With my tongue deep within her pussy, my lips sucked around her entrance. The female seemed to love what I was doing, and it gained the attention of another male zombie.
The male zombie looked at the female on top of me with lust, and he managed to bend her over. Not wanting to refuse, my grip loosened on her legs. Seeking balance, the female gripped my ankles. I found myself trapped underneath them, as the male excited the one of top of me. Her moans grew louder, as the male began to thrust inside her. My head tilted back as far as possible, and for a moment I watched his dick thrust continually into the girl’s pussy. The sight of it made me extremely excited, and my mouth worked its way up to the man’s dick


Austen and Samantha have turned away from their Southern heritage. So their first night in their new house couldn’t be stranger. With the lights out, and the bed their only furniture, Samantha finds that the past comes back to haunt her. When the past suddenly takes human form, Samantha’s in for a night of passion and erotic bliss. Sometimes being haunted by ghosts is as bad as people think.


Austen slept peacefully beside her, and Samantha was left staring at the ghostly intruder. He seemed to look at her, but then at times seemed to look beyond her. 
“Can…can I help you?” 
His eyes met hers, but otherwise did nothing. Hesitantly, she reached out to touch him. To her surprise, her fingers made contact with his skin. There was a chill that ran through her body, yet he still felt like flesh and blood.
This time he looked at her fingers, and then met her eyes. 
“You can see me?”
Samantha nodded, not sure what to say.  She wasn’t sure why she was able to see him either, or what was even going on. The man seemed shocked by this, and looked down at his simple bedding.
“Is that your husband?” 
Looking back at the bed, Samantha found herself blushing. 
“He’s my boyfriend.”
There was a look of sadness on the man’s face, and then he reached out and touched Samantha’s cheek. 
“I had a wife like you.” 
His touch made her look at him again, and then a part of her smiled. 
“Is that why you sleep here?” 
He looked at his bed, the gun he once carried in life still resting beside it. 
“I believed in something once. Something that can be true again.”
Shaking her head, Samantha didn’t have the heart to tell him he would never see his dream fulfilled. His death had probably spared him the reality of seeing how the war had turned out. It didn’t take much for her to see that he wouldn’t be pleased with the outcome.
A part of her was now longing to comfort him, though she didn’t quite know how to do so. Taking a chance, she reached out pulling his mouth to hers.
Surprised, his hands wrapped around her waist pushing her down onto his bedding. There were no words spoken between them, only his insistent hands upon her body.


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Angelica Dawson said...

Wow, an interesting pair of novels. I'm more interested in the ghost story than the zombies I think. Although I do adore menage.