Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Pets, more trouble than they are worth

Tuesday is upon us once again beautiful Creatures of The Night and so I have returned with another 200 words to tantalize and tease you.

Pets, more trouble than they are worth

“He’s very good Maria where did you get him?”
“This one came from a friend who couldn’t do anything with him.”
“Wish mine was as good as him,” Maddie moaned. “Just lately he has been getting very disobedient, more than once I have had to put him back in his cage for upsetting guests.”
“You could always bring him to me,” Maria said. “Let me see if I could do anything with him.”
“Aww thanks,” Maddie gasped gratefully. “Normally I’d just get rid but I have grown quite fond of Tim over the months.”
“Bring him around tomorrow,” Maria told her friend before patting the side of her long white boots.
As soon as she did her pet crawled over the luxurious carpet, stopping just in front of her boots.
“Good boy Sam,” Maria said lifting one of her legs towards his face.
Instantly Sam knelt before his mistress, took her boot in his hand and began to place kisses along the leather as the two women continued to talk about Maddie’s problem.
“Don’t forget Maddie Sam, I think she’s missing this”
Lowering his Mistress’ leg Sam turned to Maddie, lifted her boot and began lavishing his attention on her.


I hope you enjoyed my little tease and if you did follow the link below to see what my wonderful friends are teasing you with this week


Angelica Dawson said...

Good boy, Sam. :) Great teaser. Glad you were able to get one in!

Molly Synthia said...

Quite enjoyed this one! I love the matter of fact way the ladies discuss things. Good job!

gemma parkes said...

I hope he gets rewarded for his good behaviour! Great teaser Julez.

diannehartsock said...

Isn't licking their boots going a little too far? Careful or this pet might bite! Great tease, Julez!

Pablo Michaels said...

Great 200 words. Nice twist at the end when Sam fixes on Maddie's leather boots.

Naomi said...

She's got Sam well trained. What's his reward for obedience?