Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Captive (A Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser)

This is my first attempt at this. I hope it is acceptable.


The door creaked open again, for the fourth or fifth time, but that was still the only noise I heard. There were no footsteps, no words, nothing just darkness.
“Hey!!!” I called into the void. “Who’s there?”
“Who the fuck are you?” I called out again. “Why are you doing this to me?”
Still everything was silent. Whoever was in the room was as quiet as a church mouse, and they were obviously enjoying every second of my captivity, and struggles. I had tried to rock the chair over two or three times, but with the way I was tied, and the fact that the chair seemed bolted to the floor that had proved impossible.
“Look answer me please,” I called again, fear welling inside me.
Blindfolded, virtually naked and vulnerable, whoever was holding me could make me suffer, no-one would ever know.
“Please just let me fucking go,” I almost cried. “Whatever you think I did I won’t do again.”
“How can I be sure you’re not just saying that?” A female voice asked.
“I fucking swear,” I wailed. “Who the fuck are you?”
“Just someone who doesn’t like to see her daughter cheated on, or lied to.”

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Bonni S. said...

Loved the ending. You did a fabulous job your first time out. I could feel his fear and desperation. Only problem was I wanted more.

Don Abdul said...

You weave such a web of suspense, fear and desperation into this tantalizing 200. Loved it.... I'd love to read the rest of it someday :)

Naomi said...

Oh what a wonderful start to your teasers. I loved it!

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Now that was good! I love the suspense and element of surprise there. Great Tx3!

Jp Archer said...

Very suspenseful. And how does momma know he cheated? Is it supposition or fact? This could turn into a much deeper, longer story a bit a of stalking, seduction and knot tying! Good TTT.

ER Pierce said...

OOO Julez this is fantastic! Loved the way you wove the suspense and bewilderment. Excellent Flash. I can see this going further, delve a little deeper.

Nichelle Gregory said...

Hmmm...very engaging piece, Julez! I want to read more! Is there more?

Molly Synthia said...

Yummy! This was great. I want to see what happens next!

Lee Brazil said...

Oh watch out for Mama! Great post. Maybe the beginning of a very chilling tale?

gemma parkes said...

Oh Oh watch out! Maybe she's after a piece of him! Great post Julez and great picture!

VenusBookluvr said...

Never mess with a mama bear! Love how you left me wanting more.