Monday, 23 April 2012

(Very) Good Morning- A ghostly tale

As I opened my eyes I glanced towards the alarm clock on the small, bedside table. The bright green numbers read 7:30am and I groaned. I didn’t have to be up for another thirty minutes so I stretched out and rolled onto my back. Maybe I’ll get another few minutes I thought as I stretched out.
Closing my eyes I saw your face looking down at me. You were standing there naked and smiling, your pert breasts shining in the early morning light, your nipples already hard. As you smiled at me I watched as you let your fingers run down between your breasts, over your soft, tanned stomach before coming to rest on the swollen lips between your legs.
I felt my hardness growing and slipped my hand under the covers, wrapping my fingers around my growing hardness as I watched you started to rub you outer lips slowly. Whispering my name as you masturbated slowly, you begged me to let you watch as I began to stroke my cock.
Smiling back at you I pulled the soft covers from my body, exposing my nakedness to you as I moved my hand slowly up and down my full length. I couldn’t take my eyes from you as you began to plunge your fingers into your glistening wetness, your free hand tracing slow circles around each of your hard nipples alternately.
I could hear your soft, seductive tones telling me to masturbate faster for you. I want to see you cum you whispered, and I obeyed, my hand beginning to move faster and faster. My legs began to tremble after a few minutes, my breathing became more erratic and I felt my balls tighten, and knew that I was about to explode.
That’s it baby cum for me you whispered as you continued to look at down at me, your fingers deep in you pussy, your juices clearly visible as they ran over your fingers. I gasped that I was going to and then it happened. My cock twitched in my hand and the first thick, white stream of my seed spurted from the swollen, purple head of my cock and splattered onto my chest.
That’s it baby that looks so good You said stooping your masturbation to watch as I continued to stroke, and milk, my cock. With each twitch from within my hand another stream of semen left my cock, each twitch releasing a little more, my chest slowly getting covered in the milky, white liquid, until I let out one last gasp and the final solitary drop of cum squeezed from the slit in my cock and, very slowly, dripped down onto my stomach.
Beautiful you whispered and I opened my eyes and realised that I was all alone. You weren’t there, you never would be and we wouldn’t ever be together again.
Not until I joined you in the afterlife anyway.

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