Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A little Hump Day fiction

"Where were we before you stripped out of those clothes?" She said. "Oh yes I remember."

Her arm went around me and she pulled me as close to her as was possible, and pushed her tongue between my lips and back into my mouth. As we were kissing I felt her hand dart into my boxers and her fingers wrapped themselves around my, rapidly hardening, cock. Keeping her hand hidden, just in case anyone did come, she began to stroke me slowly.

"Alice that feels so good but..." I started to say.

"Sssh Andy just relax and enjoy it." She said. "If anyone comes they won't be able to see anything."

Her hand deftly worked my cock until I was about ready to explode. Alice could sense it as well and stopped stroking me but kept a firm hold of my cock. I let out a slight moan as the feelings subsided and expected Alice to begin stroking me again, but she didn't. Instead she climbed on top of me and, after pulling her swimsuit's crotch to one side, she lowered herself on to me slowly.
My cock slid easily into her pussy, even though I hadn't touched her, and she began to ride me. I held her hips as she bounced up and down and she quickly had her first orgasm, letting out a groan as she came.

Reaching up I freed her tits from the confines of the swimsuit and began to massage them as she bounced wildly on my cock. Her nipples began to stiffen the second I touched them and I lifted my head.  As I flicked my tongue across them they stood fully to attention, her areola tightening and shrinking as they did so, and I began to take each one in my mouth alternately teasing and nibbling them.

She started grinding harder on my cock, tensing her pussy and gripping me tightly, and I was soon felt my balls tighten, and my legs began to tremble. Unable to control myself any longer I fell back on to the sand, as my cock twitched violently, and I began to fill Alice's pussy with cum just as her second orgasm tore through her body, causing her to scream loudly in ecstasy.

As she collapsed on top of me breathing erratically, our mixed juices starting to seep from her, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly, kissing and stroking her head until her breathing returned to normal.

"I can't believe we just did that." Alice finally managed to say. "Anyone could have seen us."


Jade said...

What a way to begin a day!!
Hot, sensual, a bit of forbidden.. Now I'll have to find a way to ease that itchy feeling I am suddenly experiencing...

Naomi said...

Hot hot! You paint a sexy picture.

ER Pierce said...

Hot post, Julez. :)