Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February Competition

Greetings Creatures of the Night and welcome once again to The Crypt. 

It is the final week in February and that can only mean one thing, IT'S COMPETITION TIME!!! 

To be in with a chance to win this month's £10 Amazon gift voucher all you have to do is write a short story of no more than 200 words based on the below image, in whatever genre you wish.

Entries to be posted as a comment or emailed to morbius_thelivingvampire@live.co.uk.

Closing time and date is 23:59:59 on 29th February and the winner shall be notified within 48 hours.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


2bmechick said...

Isabelle lay on the bed holding the tears back that threatened to fall. She had tried so to get that perfect job, the one she had always dreamed of, an actress but with every silent moment her dreams were slipping away. She felt the bed dip slightly as Ben crawled on the bed and kissed her bare shoulder.
"It'll be alright Izzy," He whispered before placing a soft kiss on her neck. "They'll regret the day when they see your name in lights and realize they missed the opportunity." he kissed her neck again as a small smile crept into the corner of Isabelle's lips. Ben always knew how to make her smile even when everything seemed bleak.

Abby Hayes said...

She granted her chest little room to move because he watched her. No amount of physical pain would make her give in, let a reactions on the outside show him how deeply he’d hurt her. His confession might as well have been a horrific monster he’d unleashed inside her, one which was clawing her to death. Let it come, she thought without blinking her eyes, without scrunching up her face in a grimace, without letting the tears which rimmed her eyes fall. Her resolve soothed her. She could hold here just like this—turned away to show indifference, frozen in time, immune to his deceit, beyond offering forgiveness, above his pathetic excuses—until he was gone. If history was any indication, he would leave soon, get mad at her of all thing and give up on the apologies. Only difference was, this time, when he returned home in a few hours, just drunk enough to start the endless rain of apologies again. she would be gone, forever. No absolution would she grant. Not this time. Good-bye Mike, she whispered even if it only was in her head.

Eden Connor said...

What do you say to the woman you’ve hurt to erase her pain?

Ethan had no idea, but though he lay touching Holly, her bed had never felt so wide.

He loved her. God, how he loved her.

She’d waltzed through his door around dark on Easter Sunday after an entire day spent chatting online and on the phone. She was widowed. He’d told her he was divorced; such a small lie. He’d told it for so long, it felt true. It had never mattered before. As always, he warned her he’d never get married again. She hadn’t asked why, instead telling him she’d already had her one true love, and buried him.

Holly was smart, pretty, funny, sexy. Honest. Not manipulative.

He’d fallen so damn hard, proposing six days ago, terrified she’d say no. Terrified she’d find out before he could make his untruth true.

“Holly, I didn’t mean to lie.” He could feel her pain.

His ring on her left finger glinted mockingly as she wiped a tear.

“You forgot to mention you never got divorced? For eight months, you forgot? The day you proposed, you still forgot? Your brother had to remind you tonight? Get out, Ethan.”