Monday, 16 January 2012

HELP!!!! Writer in crisis

Fairly new writer having a serious crisis of confidence and doubting his ability is seeking some people to get his ass motivated and help him find his smile and confidence once again.

When I began on my journey of writer a few years ago it was purely by accident that I fell into erotica. Since that day I have continued to try and improve my ability as a writer and eventually I got my first story published and along the way I have met some great people.

But I have now come to a place I don't like, a place that seems to be dragging me back into the darkness I used to frequent all to often, a place I never wanted to visit again and I seem to have lost the confidence in my own ability. No longer will ideas form in my mind, no longer will words come forth onto the page, the multitude of ideas I used to have no longer exists and I feel like a fraud and a failure.

If I don't soon get  my belief back I could have the shortest writing career in history and that is why I am asking for help.

The position of JS Morbius' ass kicker doesn't pay, but what it does give is everyone the right to scream, shout,  swear and generally be as harsh as you want to be so that the words once again flow freely and I can truly class myself as an author, not just a one hit wonder.

This is JS Morbius, wandering desperately among the souls of the wasteland, saying thanks for taking the time to read my plea.


Sessha Batto said...

Hmmm, I find myself in much the same place. How about this - I'll kick your ass if you'll kick mine?!

Vampirique Dezire said... couldn't bloody tell have kicked my butt when it comes to writing and I thought as friends you would have told me about this...but noooo you didn't...that is not what friends do friggen happy!

*no bites nor kisses*

Jean said...

Julez, everyone has moments of crisis like yours. Writing is hard. First you need to keep a journal and write down all your ideas son on dry days, you have a list to inspire you.
Writing is hard work. I've looked at my work and been disgusted. In fact it kept me from writing fiction for many years. But my motto is "never give up" and you mustn't give up. You're just starting out. Early careers go in fits and starts. Please stay with it or you'll never be happy. Take a break. Take a few days off. Clear your mind. Your muse will return. If you give up, I will find you and beat you to a pulp. Don't be your own enemy. Stay with it. Keep writing. It's the only way!

Shay MacLean said...

We all have moments where we doubt our ability to write. I know I do. I have a bad habit of allowing my emotions rule mine. When this happens I do as Jean said. I take a step back...journal, go for a long walk, ask someone to brainstorm with me...whatever it takes to break through the bolder in my path. The key is you can't give up. While writing is a mostly solitary endeavor we join groups like NRW to have that support team you'd find in most traditional jobs for times such as this. I sincerely hope that you don't give up. Your muse will speak to you again. If he/she starts taking too long send them my way, my muse, Lucien will kick his/her ass until you start getting ideas. (Trust me I've been told my muse is a PITA. He could do it.) Oh, and something else that might help. In the wise words of Dory from Finding Nemo (slightly altered of course) "Just keep writing.Just keep writing. Writing, writing...". (Sorry that's another one of Lucien's ways of letting me know I'm procrastinating. I blame my DD who likes to randomly sing the original song.) Huge hugs. Okay now get back to work. *wink*

Robert Wacaster said...

No. That may sound harsh, but as a fellow alcoholic you know as well as I do that the only person who can keep me from drinking is me. And the only person who can motivate you, is you! I can't motivate you, or help you write. But I can give you some advice.

Read some books you've loved in the past, or if you're a visual person, watch some old movies that have given you ideas before. Writing is a trained art, and sometimes you need to really work on training yourself. Schedule a time when you will write each day. Whether you write on a novel, just blog, or whatever, if you do it all the time, you'll get yourself used to writing. I've heard that even Stephen King makes himself sit down and write 500 words at least every day. Stay with it, get used to writing, and the ideas will come. You have a lot of other people who will help give you support, but you'll have to motivate yourself.

Hang in there, Bro!

Naomi said...

Oh you have no idea how much I identify with your crisis. Lack of confidence and self belief can be a disease and difficult to get over. Your plea for reassurance is heard and plenty given by me. Together with a big hug. You are amongst friends, so never feel afraid to reach out

Cassandre Dayne said...

And and I have had many conversations about writing and you know I don't pull any punches. I think we all have room to improve and you know the wonderful thing about writing is? We get to try other things and taste other avenues. Do you think I don't have doubts? I have them all the time especially when I can't pay the bills but I refuse to give up. You know I adore your writing and what I think you need is a breather for YOU - you have responsibilities and worries that have nothing to do with writing. Remember you are human and allowed to be sad and grieve and angry and all of the wonderful emotions we put into writing. Just remember I do kick butt with the best of them and I can find you across the large lake... Love ya honey and here if you want to talk

Kayelle McClive said...

I honestly was feeling the same exact thing for the past three days. I have tons of ideas, but I can't make the words come. I finally pushed through it because of my hubby cheering me on. But let me tell you something I heard at a writers panel back in 2004. I don't remember the author but she said. "Give yourself permission to write shit, just write it. When you go back and look at it, you'll realize that it probably wasn't shit at all"
We're all in this together, your muse will return and you will look back and see how many people believe in you!

Pablo Michaels said...

I'm going to kick your ass because I feel the same hindrance, but all you have to do is listen to the comments and go back to what turns you on in writing. I've been told to write for myself and so I'm doing that. It's good to be able to share what you create but first find that heat that burns inside you. You will find your way back to the words that flow like a river's torrent in your mind and soul.

BLMorticia said...

Julez, When you feel this way take the time read books from others, write something down, even if its just your emotions on paper, no matter how silly. Anything to get the juices flowing. Even watching a movie might wake up the muse. We all get in these places sometimes where we don't think we're good enough, that's when we need to take a deep breath and realize how far we've come, read a fellow author, and go from there. The muse will return!

gemma parkes said...

Come on Julez, you did it before and you can do it again. Everyone is right, we all have moments of self doubt. Take a break and read a lot. You'll soon feel that inspiration surging through your veins towards your typing hand! I beleive in you!

gemma parkes said...

Sorry, that should have been l believe in you! xx