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Well this is a first. Never before have I entered a blog hop and i am not sure whether I am even doing it right but there is a chance to win yet another copy of Star Search at the end.

I wanted to write something shiny and brand new for this. Naughty Nights Press have been totally amazing towards my writing and I thought that something never-before-seen would have been most appropriate but over the last week or so I haven't been feeling myself, or anyone else so don't ask lol. So, instead what I have decided to do is to introduce the world to the first chapter of yet another transsexual love story that I wrote some time back, called The Girl in the Red Bikini.

The first time I saw her she was lying in the back garden of next door, wearing just a tiny pair of red bikini panties. The only reason I looked out of my balcony window because the sudden pounding of music shocked me, but as soon as my eyes saw her I couldn't move away from the window. 

From my vantage point in the bedroom she looked perfect. She had long black hair, her body was slim and slightly tanned, there was a tattoo across the bottom of her back and another on her ankle. Yet as good as she looked I couldn't tear my eyes from her ass. That was just as perfect looking as the rest of her body. It looked firm and beautifully shaped, her cheeks just poking out slightly at the edges but lighter than the rest of her skin, obviously she had never sunbathed completely naked.

The figure of beauty lying no more than a hundred feet away from me caused my cock to stiffen rapidly and, being alone and knowing no-one could see me, I released it from the confines of my shorts. I stayed standing exactly where I was and began to stroke myself slowly, my eyes never leaving her ass, when she suddenly grabbed a towel, slowly rolled over onto her back, put a pair of sunglasses on and covered below her waist. 

As soon as I saw her breasts I quickened my stroking. They were large, but not overly so, firm and her nipples were dark and she had another tattoo around her belly button.

Soon I felt the first trembling in my legs and my balls began to tighten. My hand was stroking my cock as fast as I could when it began to twitch violently before shooting jet after jet of cum onto the balcony window. Eventually I was completely drained but I still stood there, cock in hand, cum running down the window while I carried on staring at the beauty next door. 

As I continued to watch, my cock softening slowly, she lifted her head up and I saw her mouth something in the direction of her house, gather her things together and get up. She started to walk to the house when she stopped and, causing me to step back quickly, glanced in the general direction of my window. At first I thought she had seen me wanking, and I half expected an angry banging on my front door, but then she just carried on into her house.

I quickly slipped my cock back inside my shorts, cleaned the window of cum and went and sat on my bed. I knew next door had been sold about a month earlier but then I had gone on holiday and so missed them moving in, and seeing her in the back garden was actually the first time I had seen anybody from that house. The longer I sat there the more the feeling that she had actually watched me watching her filled my head. 

It was the first time I had ever masturbated while staring at someone, other than the porn I watched occasionally, and I had to admit that it felt extremely erotic. And the fact that I could, or even may, have been caught just heightened the experience. All I could do was hope that this summer continued to be as hot as it had been and, hopefully, I would see her again. As it happened I didn't have to wait too long for my next sight of her, just a couple of days in fact.

That day I had slept late, waking at ten thirty and quickly jumped out of bed. It was already quite hot and I walked over to the window and I slid it open a little. I stood there for a couple of minutes, letting the fresh air wash over my naked body, before turning around and heading for a shower. I turned the shower on and stood under the water and began to wonder what I was going to do with the rest of my day. That was the worst thing about having been made redundant and out of work, boredom. 

I used to work from eight until five at a busy firm, but they had obviously not been as busy as they had led us to believe and one day, completely out of the blue, the whole workforce were informed that we would be closing at the end of the week and since then I had been unable to find any work at all.

Turning the shower off I stepped out and began to dry myself off before, after wrapping the towel around my waist, I went back into my bedroom. I stared around the room and wondered how much longer I would be able to afford the mortgage and continue to live here, unless I found a job quickly. Wearing just the towel I walked over to the bed, picked my laptop up off the floor, switched it on and logged into the internet. This was the day I was determined to find a job, any job, and start getting my pride back.

I had just found the jobsite when I heard music coming from next door again and, remembering the girl from next door, I got up and went to the window. I looked over the fence and there she was, just as she had been the other day, on her stomach in just the red bikini panties. 

My job searching was forgotten as I just stood and stared, the towel around my waist starting to rise in the middle thanks to my cock hardening, but I resisted the urge to rip it off and wank again. Instead I just stood staring, and listening to the music she had on, hoping she would roll onto her back like she had two days earlier. After about fifteen minutes I was about give up and go back to job hunting when she did, finally, roll onto her back, once again covering herself with a towel.

She looked even more gorgeous than she had two days earlier, I just couldn't put my finger on my, and the towel I was wearing finally gave up, burst open and fell to the floor. Instead of picking it up I just stood there with my erect cock pointing straight out in front of me, like some sort of sexual divining rod, and I continued to stare. As I watched her I was shocked to see her begin running her hands over her tits, pinching her own nipple occasionally, before continuing to run her hands down over her flat stomach.

Slowly she slipped her hand under the towel covering her bikini panties and, as I watched, the towel began to move slowly. It looked, from where I was standing, like she was actually masturbating and I couldn't control myself anymore. I wrapped my hand around my thick, hard cock and began to stroke myself in time with her movements. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and I sped my hand up even more when she suddenly kicked her legs, causing the towel to expose herself to me.

As she did my cock exploded with cum and I shot a thick stream over the window, again, before getting the shock of my life. I was still cumming when I saw that where she should have had a neatly trimmed, or even shaven, pussy she was gripping a cock at least as big as mine and she was cumming even more than I had. As each new jet of cum that erupted from her cock she used her free hand and rubbed it into her stomach and tits until she was finally spent. I watched as, after rubbing in as much as she could, she licked her hand clean and stood up.

She stretched and ran her hands up and down her body, stroking her cock a couple more times, before she looked up at my window. I was unable to move as she smiled directly at me, winked, blew me a kiss and then walked back down the garden and out of my sight leaving me standing there with a semi-hard cock and as confused as I had ever been.

I had never seen another man cum before, except in films and definitely wasn't gay, yet the sight of her stroking her cock and cumming all over her body had, instead of repulsing me, turned me on more than I would have thought possible and I suddenly found myself realising that I just had to get to know her a lot better.

If you enjoy the above chapter, and think I should submit the whole story leave a comment and your email along with the answer to the following question and one lucky winner will win a copy of Star Search.



I hope you enjoyed the chapter and whole blog, and don't forget to stop by all the other wonderful people taking part in this special event.

Julez S Morbius


mandy said...

I want to bite you all over then i want to fuck you to death!!

Eva's Flowers said...

Wait til you see what I have just for you!

Awesome Hop, thanks for participating :)


June M. said...

"Since you are not wearing any pants, I guess you are finally doing laundry?" lol

The chapter sounded good. I have to admit that I have never read any transgender/transsexual stories, although I do love m/m. This was very interesting though.

manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

A great tease to what could become a wonderful story. i haven't read transgender work either, but I haven't had the opportunity to either. I would love to read more though.
Thank you being part of the blog tour and now what do I think he's say to her?
Hmm..."Why don't you wrap you legs around me?"