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Another chapter of TS fiction.

Having been fairly quiet for the last few days I thought I better do something, just so all the Creatures of the Night know that I have not abandoned them. So I thought why not showcase the second chapter in my story The Girl in the Red Bikini seeing as the first part got a positive reaction when I posted it for the Naughty Nights Press Blog Hop, so here, for your reading pleasure is part two.

I sat on the edge of my bed, my limp cock still hanging down, and tried to make sense of what had just happened. As soon as I saw that she had a cock I should have turned away from the window, and normally I would have, yet I just couldn't. She really was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen, even taking into account the fact that she wasn't really a woman, but she wasn't she was a transsexual.

I had heard of, and even seen pictures, of them before but they had never done anything for me. I had to admit that although their soft, smooth looking skin, perfect looking tits and curved asses did look good, the minute I saw their hard cocks I had always turned the screen off. Yet the first time I see one in the flesh I am wanking my cock as fast and as hard as I can, until I cum, it just didn't make sense.

I know I had been single for a while, and not had sex for even longer, but surely that hadn't turned me from a red-blooded male into someone so desperate I had turned bi-sexual overnight. Grabbing my laptop I closed the job page and quickly booted up some porn. I needed to get the image of the girl in the red bikini out of my mind, and quickly, yet every page I looked at I found myself replacing the model's face on screen with hers.

I quickly dressed, headed downstairs and left the house. Maybe spending some time in town would help me clear my mind. I wandered around shop after shop but soon found myself looking at women's clothes and wondering what she would look like wearing all the different outfits on display, she had definitely got under my skin. 

It just didn't seem fair that, no matter how far out of my league she was with her looks and figure, that she was one of them instead of all woman. At least if she had been all woman I could have asked her out for a drink, even though she would probably have refused as girls that looked that good usually did. 

I continued to walk around town, avoiding clothes shops completely, until I had seen pretty much everything there was to see. I had soon had enough and started to head home when I saw her, the girl in the red bikini. Even though she was dressed in trainers, jeans and t-shirt there was no mistaking that face or hair, and she seemed to be heading directly towards me. I just stopped and wondered if she was going to say anything but she just walked past.

I quickly made my way home, deciding that a night out would help me forget, and jumped in the shower. As the water cascaded down over my body I closed my eyes, only to start imagining that she was there with me, her hands running over my taut body, her mouth kissing me, our legs wrapped around each other, our hard cocks squashing together and quickly opened my eyes again. Why couldn't I get her out of my head? It was like just by seeing each other she had taken control of my thoughts.

Unsurprisingly my cock was as hard as rock and, trying to picture any woman in the world other than her, I began to wank slowly. The water felt so good as it ran over me and my wanking became faster, until I couldn't hold back anymore, but hers was the last face I saw as I started to cum. 

I looked down and watched as stream after stream of thick, white liquid pumped from the end of my cock, onto the shower floor and down the plughole until there was no more. 

I definitely did need a night out and I was determined that I wouldn't come home until I had found a woman, any woman, to bring with me. Maybe if I fucked someone else she would leave me. Getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my waist I went into my bedroom. If I was to have any chance of finding someone I was going to have to look my best, so I opened my wardrobe and started to go through my clothes.

It had been so long since I had been out for the night that I hadn't got a clue what people were wearing nowadays. Eventually I settled on plain black trousers, blue short sleeved shirt and shoes and began to get dressed. Soon I was ready and, after glancing at the clock, I left the house for the second time that day and headed back into town. Although it was only six thirty when I got into town there were a few people milling around and I walked into the first pub I came across.

Nightclubs didn't open in this town until about nine so I had a couple of hours to have a few drinks, survey the scene and, maybe if I was lucky, find someone without the need for the nightclub at all. I could just imagine being in a nightclub surrounded by eighteen to twenty-five year olds, and being the oldest person in there. 

Ordering a pint and a whisky chaser I looked around, the only people that seemed to be in this pub were workers on their way home or couples having a pub meal. It seemed to me that the younger crowd came out later, skipped the pubs and went straight to the clubs.

I stayed in the same pub until about nine-thirty, drinking three pints and a couple more whiskies, and then left for the club. The pub had remained fairly quiet, apart from a couple of groups of mid-twenty year olds, and as they were all in couples there was no chance of finding anyone, so I had to use the club.

Once I arrived at the club I could see why the pub had been quiet, the place was absolutely heaving. There must have been fifty to sixty people, minimum, inside and I did look like the oldest there. Making my way to the bar I ordered a bottle of lager, they only sold pints in large plastic pint glasses and they just seemed wrong, and turned to face the dance floor. 

There were only a few people already dancing, mostly females and mostly in groups of four or five, just one or two alone. As I watched though one of the groups kept looking over towards me and then whispering amongst themselves, before one of them eventually walked over to the bar, and stood quite close to me. I heard her ordering drinks for herself and all her friends, and then a bottle of beer was placed in front of me. 

"I didn't order this." I told the barman after calling him over.

"I know you didn't sir she did." He answered pointing at the woman that was now back with her friends.

I turned and looked where he was pointing and saw the woman looking back over at me, so I raised my bottle towards her. She said something to her friends and then walked back over, this time standing just in front of me.

"Thanks for the drink." I said.

"You're welcome the next one is on you." She answered. 

"Fair enough."

"So what's your name and why haven't I seen you in here before?" She asked.

"I'm Michael, Mike to my friends, and the reason you've never seen me is because this is my first time." I told her. "What do I call you?"

"Sally." She answered.

We spent the next couple of hours talking, and drinking, and I found out that she was a mother with two kids and was only out because her friends were fed up of her moaning about being single.

"Well we could go mine if you don't mind the babysitter and kids." She said. "Or we could go back to yours instead.

Her answer shocked me a bit, women definitely weren't backwards in coming forwards anymore, but I composed myself and suggested mine would probably be better.

"I couldn't agree more." Sally said. "The kids are with the babysitter and I've already paid her for the night."

"How come the whole night already?" I asked, wondering if she was out for the same reason that I was in a roundabout sort of way.

"Oh I was supposed to be going to hers." She said pointing towards one of her friends. "But to be honest I didn't fancy that all."

"Why not you seemed to be all enjoying yourselves?"

"Five drunken women alone all the talk would be about sex, or the lack of it." She told me. "Besides why talk if there is a chance of doing it."

I looked at her, and she must have seen the expression on my face at her answer.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realise you were gay." 

"I-I-I'm not gay you just took me by surprise that's all." I said. "Come on then let's go."

Sally didn't even look back at her friends as we walked out of the club and hailed a cab. During the drive home we started to kiss, not passionately or hard, just light pecks against each other's lips and after about fifteen minutes we were back at mine.

Once inside though Sally completely changed, pouncing on me as soon as the front door was closed and ramming her tongue down my throat. I thought she was going too fast but as the idea of my night out was to fuck someone, and get the girl in the red bikini out of my head, I responded the same way. We were still joined at the lips by the time we made it into the front room and fell onto the sofa, Sally on top of me.

Pulling her lips away from mine she gripped hold of my shirt and just ripped it open. I had never been with a woman as horny as Sally was, and once my shirt had been thrown across the front room she unbuckled my belt and dragged my trousers and boxers down all in one swift pull, leaving me virtually completely naked from the waist down.

Sally looked down at my cock, which had only managed to go semi-hard, and wrapped her long fingers around it. Slowly she began to stroke me but still I didn't respond, and I could see that she was looking puzzled.

"Are you sure you aren't gay?" She asked.

"I swear I'm straight." I said.

"Let me try something else then." she said sliding down my naked legs.

Lowering her head she started to flick the end of my cock with her tongue, before opening her mouth and taking my cock as deep into her throat as she could. Normally as soon as I felt the warm, wetness I would be rock hard but it just wasn't happening and Sally was starting to get frustrated more and more, and let my cock drop from her mouth.

"I know exactly what will work." She said standing up and looking down at me.

Slowly she started to strip, as I began to stroke my cock and will it to hardness, starting with her top. Her tits were actually fairly impressive once she had removed the tight top and they were struggling to stay in the purple lace bra she was wearing. She began to massage them while I wanked but still my cock refused to harden, so she slipped out of her trousers and stood there in just her underwear, before sliding a hand into her panties.

Slowly she started to rub her pussy as I watched, and wanked, before using her free hand to undo her bra and release her tits. Starting to pinch her nipples and massage her tits her hand began to move even faster inside her panties, and for a minute my cock began to twitch. As I felt a slight growth I began to wank faster and begged her to remove the panties, which she did.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed, with just a thin line of hair growing up from her opening and she sat back on top of me. Still I wasn't hard enough to enter her and she lifted herself up and turned her back to me. She lowered her already soaking pussy onto my mouth and lowering her head took my slightly harder cock into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down again.

Although I didn't become as hard as I usually did the feel of her mouth running up and down the length of my shaft felt really good, but after such a long time without sex I suddenly started to feel the first signs that I was going to explode into her mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything to stop myself from cumming, but as soon as I did the image of the girl with the red bikini entered my head and, almost immediately my cock hardened fully and I unloaded a thick hot stream of cum into Sally's mouth causing her to choke.

Once I had finally finished cumming, and she had swallowed as much as she could, she lifted her head and turned to face me.

"I have never had someone cum as much as that before how long is it since you last came?" She asked.

I couldn't very well tell her that it was earlier that day, while wanking over a transsexual, and that the only reason I came so hard then was because I was thinking of the very same transsexual. 

The only thing I couldn't understand was, until I thought of her, why wouldn't my cock go hard. The only reason that I had failed to go hard before was because I had two women on the go, which I knew was wrong, and I felt guilty seeing them behind each other's backs. Surely I hadn't felt like I was cheating on the girl in the red bikini, I had never even spoken to her. My thoughts for her were even interfering with my sex life now and I couldn't let it carry on.

I looked at Sally and, without either of us saying a word, she got dressed and walked out of my house, obviously upset. 

I decided that the next day I would find some reason to go next door, introduce myself to the girl in the red bikini, and start trying to get her out of my mind, one way or another.

It would be great to hear from any of you that find the time to read the chapter and I would love to hear what you think.

This is Julez S Morbius saying keep your necks clean, you never know when I shall pop by for a bite


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My darling dark prince, again you floor me with the tenderness of your words that produce a deep heat within the pit of my stomach.
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