Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Life by Dawne Prochilo

As promised all over Facebook and Twitter I am proud to present the first ever MY LIFE contribution, and it comes from the most amazingly wonderful, (and damn stunning as well ;) ) Dawne Prochilo.




My life isn't...

  • The storybook tale most little girls dream about. I don't have a knight in shining armor riding the proverbial white horse to my rescue. I have to bail myself out most of the time. I've been married twice but never proposed to- pathetic? Nope, just my life. So for all you little girls out there, find the perfect man the first time around.

  • Perfect, but then again, whose is? If someone claims to have the perfect life, call them a liar. Sure I have good days, bad days and even awesome days but it's never perfect. If it were, I'd be boring as hell. We all need those speed bumps.

  • A made for TV movie by any means. Ok, sure I've had a few stalkers in my day recently, one is still hovering but my world isn't enough for a two-hour Lifetime Movie (maybe an after school special for teens on what NOT to do in life but that's even cutting it close).

  • Glamorous or worthy of being recognized. I live on five acres of land in the middle of nowhere with uptown consisting of a flashing red/yellow light and maybe 12 businesses. Who-hoo, contain your excitement.

My Life is...

  • Fulfilling and keeps me busy and out of trouble, usually. I have raised three awesome kids who are respectable citizens with goals and I am happy with my career.

  • Full of love. I have a special person in my life that means more to me than anything (and luckily, he feels the same way about me, whew!). This makes all the difference in the world on those bad days. He can always make me laugh or the minimum, smile. *plus he says the sweetest words to me*   **Bonus points... I tend to get a tad bit horny too.

  • Full of laughter and sarcasm and I wouldn't have it any other way. Laughter, humor and smiling makes me happy and keeps me positive. What's better than a smart-ass? Nothing in my book. In my house we thrive and grow on sarcasm.

Dawne currently has six erotic and contemporary romance books out. In the fall of 2011, a short erotic F/F/M will be released in an anthology with Romance Divine and her seventh book, His Holiday Seduction, an erotic M/F, will be released in October 2011 also with Romance Divine. Her ninth novella Insatiable Kate released on October 3. Her first novel, On Her Own, is being re-released with Secret Cravings Publishing in November and she's under contract with Ravenous Romance for an early 2012 release of her eleventh novel. 
She's the Promotion Director for a publisher, she's a freelance writer for a newspaper, writes web content and is the administrative editor of the WM Connection Freelance Writers website and a contributing editor for the WM Connection Review. She writes relationship articles for, and associated press. She's also a reviewer for Eden Fantasy products and writes for their sister website, Eden Cafe. She does book reviews for Coffee and Romance Times, Simply Erotic Reviews and Sexy Reads.

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So there we go that is My Life by Dawne Prochilo and a wonderful piece it is as well. Thank you Dawne for  bearing your soul in The Crypt and let me tell you, any time you want to pop in I am a most welcoming host.




Karenna Colcroft said...

I like your "is"es.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Awesome Dawne! That's what I love about you - you tell it like it is :)

Jean said...

Love your positive attitude, Dawne. Keeps one going strong.

An Open Book said...

TY Karenna and Kellie...and Jean, I just keep going and going and going...wish my batteries would too- lol

Thank you for having me Julez ♥ always a pleasure

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Dawne, you is a riot. Much love for you. Julez, great inro about Dawne, one of my favorite authors of erotica.

An Open Book said...

TY Ray and you're my favorite number one fan ♥