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My Life by Robert Wacaster

As my new feature, My Life, continues to motor along, with all the speed of a steamroller going up a mountain, I am pleased to welcome yet another visitor into The Crypt with their tale, and that visitor is none other than Robert Wacaster. 

Welcome Robert and thank you for taking the time to partake is such an exciting new venture.



I always had a vivid imagination, but grew up in a small, boring town in Idaho.  I joined the U.S. Air Force to get out of Idaho and see the world.  When I joined, I had figured I would stay in the military at least 20 years.  After a miserable 4 years, I was given an honorable discharge, but not before the military had changed me.  During my 4 years I had discovered beer.  I liked beer.  I liked beer a bit too much, in fact.  It got so if I wanted to run away from something, I got drunk.

This carried over to my civilian life.  After having a rough time finding a job, I ended up dealing blackjack at a Las Vegas casino.  (When work dried up in Idaho, my family had moved to a place called Bullhead City, Arizona, 100 miles away from Las Vegas.)  It was a horrible job!  I honestly can’t imagine doing much worse work.  I watched people piss and shit themselves while playing.  People spit on the floor.  They would blame me when they lost all their money.  Around the holidays some people would say things like “I hope you sleep well tonight, because now that you’ve taken all my money my kids won’t get any presents for Christmas!”  So my life became a train wreck, and I sank deeper into alcoholism.

One day I caught some kind of virus at work.  I tried to fight through it, but eventually my lungs filled with fluid and I was having a hard time breathing.  I finally broke down and went to a doctor.  Since I had pretty good insurance, the clinic I went to ordered every test they could on me, just to make a bit of money.  They did give me antibiotics that cleared up the virus, at least.  A week later, the clinic called and wanted me to come back and talk with the doctor.  Here’s the start of where my life finally changed.

The doctor told me that after looking at my blood test, my liver was in really bad shape.  That if I kept drinking, I would probably be dead in 3 more months.  He told me the good news was that the liver will regenerate if you stop abusing it.  So I had a choice to keep drinking and die soon, or stop drinking and keep on living.  This was a harder choice for me than you might think.  Since I hated my place in life, I considered just drinking for the next 3 months and giving up.  Obviously though, I didn’t take that route.  I decided I would just quit drinking. 

I really struggled while drying out, but I did stay clean.  But things were getting worse at work, and I was just having a really rough time.  I had some vacation time saved up, and my sister and I took a vacation to Disneyworld in Florida.  I had hoped that if I got away for a week, I could maybe get my head together.  While in Florida, an amazing thing happened.  I was walking through this hotel called the Grand Floridian and saw this guy cleaning gum from a rug.  I thought to myself that this had to be the worst job in the world, and he must be miserable, too.  As I walked by, he looked up at me with a happy smile and said “Good morning!  How are you?  I hope you have a magical day!”  I was stunned that he could be so happy doing a shit job like that!  And right then it occurred to me that I didn’t have to be miserable at home.  I could change my life!  I wasn’t chained to the rotten casino!

On my first day back to work, I found the assistant casino manager (the casino manager was no where to be found) and told her I was quitting.  I would work the shift for that day, but then I was finished.  I wasn’t even going to give a 2 week notice.  She told me I was a really good employee, didn’t call in sick usually, was always on time, and maybe she could help me transfer to another department.  She had talked me into staying, until...the casino manager found his way into the pit, looked at me and said:

“What the hell are you doing standing there?  Get your ass on a table and start dealing and shut your fucking mouth!”

I looked back at the assistant casino manager and said, “Sorry, I quit.  I won’t take this.”  and then I left.

After a few years of stocking shelves and unloading trucks for a living, which is too boring to even write about, I found my way into working security for a casino.  It’s not a bad job and the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  They pay me a decent wage and all I really have to put up with is juvenile behavior.  Mostly that comes from the other security officers, some of which refuse to bath, have horribly bad dandruff, and are borderline illiterate.  But still, it’s a living I can get by with, and sometimes even enjoy.

I found Myspace and found out about blogging.  I began to write.  I had written in high school, and even some in the military, but never kept anything I had written.  I don’t even think I had 10 friends on Myspace.  *chuckle*  But I did start getting a few views on my blog.  I decided to write a book about casino security.  I tried sending query letters to literary agents, and only got back form letters.  None of them would even read what I had written.  So I self published the book.  It’s poorly formatted, and the paperback is a mess, but it was a start.

I wrote a couple other titles and self published them.  Then, I began to find a few other writers on Facebook.  I began to swap reviews for amazon.  I made friends and eventually ran across an erotic writer at the start of her career.  No, I won’t tell you who, but she’s done quite a bit since we’ve met!  I began making other friends who were erotic writers and decided I wanted to try writing in this genre.  After writing my first erotic story, I didn’t know what to do with it and put it aside.  I wrote another one.  After looking at the two stories, I realized one had a home setting, the other a work setting.  I thought to myself if I add a vacation setting, I can put out all three stories as an anthology about women searching for and love...THE SEARCH FOR SEX AND LOVE!  And thus my first erotic title was born!  I submitted it to Silver Publishing and was thrilled when it was accepted and I was offered a contract!

I continue writing, hoping someday I might even make enough of a living doing this that I can quit my security job.  My current project is a story about an air force sergeant who ends up blinded in Afghanistan and falls in love with an air force nurse in a hospital in Germany.

So there you have it, my life up to this point.  The good and bad.  I’ve left out a few things like the woman who cheated on me and expected me to watch her kids while she did it, my crushes and how badly I’ve done with women.  *chuckle*  But maybe those are stories for another day?


Robert Wacaster




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Jean said...

Great story, Robert and well written, too! I admire your honesty and the way you pulled yourself together. That isn't an easy thing to do. Seems like you've found your way to a happy life. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this.

Rawiya said...

Great post Robert!

I'm glad you found solace in writing!

Robert Wacaster said...

Thank you, ladies.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Good for you Robert! Such honesty...