Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New W.I.P.

Just began writing this earlier and am thinking this could become my new WIP.

Nobody understood me. They couldn’t see the attraction that I had, but if only they knew just how good it was. Besides I had never been happier, and it wasn’t just because the sex was electrifying either.
When all my friends saw her, her long golden hair flowing in the autumn breeze her perfect figure covered by a shimmering red glittery dress and her long, luscious legs they all commented about how lucky I was and that they couldn’t believe I had found someone as gorgeous as she was.
Well that was until they found out the real truth about her, the truth that my beautiful Suzie was a transsexual Then they showed their true colours. They called me all the sick, homophobic things they could think of and as for Suzie, the abuse she got was even worse.
Day after day we were subjected to taunts, obscene name calling and even threats until Suzie refused to be seen out anymore. She said I could go but she wasn’t facing the ignorance and hatred of my so-called friends, and I couldn’t blame her.
I never imagined in my wildest nightmares that people I had known most of my life would turn out to be some of the most bitter, twisted and homophobic people I had ever met, they had never shown any sign of being like that until I met Suzie and I soon stopped going out as well, at least with them anyway.
Instead Suzie and I always called for taxi cabs everywhere we went and Suzie slowly began to introduce me to all her friends, and acquaintances, from the GBLT scene. After only a couple of months I was almost as well known as Suzie at all the GBLT bars and nightclubs and the two of us were the happiest either of us had ever been.
At least we were until one night when one of my ex-friends went just a little too far.


An Open Book said...

Curious as to where this will lead Suzie and her companion- very intriguing to say the least

Dawne P

gemma parkes said...

Looking forward to reading more, great excerpt.