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Interview from the Crypt: Siobhan Kincade

Owing to the popularity of The Crypt today I am posting an extra visit, so many victims so little time, and today I welcome Siobhan Kincade

First of all I would just like to say welcome to The Crypt and thank you for stopping by today.

To begin with why don’t you introduce yourself to my creatures of the night and tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Siobhan Kinkade, a little girl from Small-Town South Carolina.  I never intended to be a romance writer... it sort of happened on a dare, and a publisher decided that it was good enough to buy.

Because of that, I write a wide variety of things, from Contemporary, Paranormal, and Erotic Romance to Steampunk, Splatterpunk, and Horror. I’m a fan of all things creepy, particularly vampires that eat people and werewolves with really sharp teeth.

When did you first begin to write? Was there a specific moment or did something happen to make you think ‘I could be a writer’?

I’ve been making up stories as long as I’ve been able to talk.  When I was a kid, I used to scribble lines on paper, then read wild stories back to whoever would listen.  Once I learned real words, all bets were off.

What are you currently working on? Would you mind giving the readers a quick synopsis in 100 words or less?

Two things, actually – one is Romantic Mystery involving a detective whose sister has been murdered and the faithful best friend/girl next door determined to get him through it.  He’s going vigilante, and all will be well in the end.

The other is Steampunk Horror, sort of an homage to Frankenstein, in which a girl’s brain is replaced with a programmable clockwork one.  She starts to remember its previous owners’ memories (the last of which was a fairly famous murderer) and goes on a killing spree while the one that signed her up for the surgery has to both fight the doctor who performed the surgery and figure out how to stop her.

Where do you draw your inspiration for your stories, characters and settings?

It depends on the story.  A lot of my inspiration comes from music – the setting and tone is greatly influenced by the style of music.  Many of my characters are based on people I actually know.  The stories?  Well, that’s up to the muses, and they do so love to mess with me.

Is there one particular genre you prefer writing in and is there a genre you would never attempt and if so why?

I make my money writing romance, but I’ve always had a soft spot for horror.  I love the blood and guts, the anticipation, and the psychology behind it.

I hesitate to say that there’s a genre I wouldn’t soon as I say I wouldn’t, the muses would insist that I write something in that world, just to make me look bad.  They really are sadistic little bastards.

If you weren’t a writer/ couldn’t write anymore what would you do?

I don’t know.  I’d probably be stuck forever in the day-job from hell that I’m trying desperately to escape.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand life without words. I’ve never wanted anything else.

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours what would be the first thing you would do?

Learn how to sit down without crushing anything vital. Or test the to speak.  Find out what all the fuss is about from a guy’s point of view.  And then we’d just consider it research so I wouldn’t look like too much of a pervert.

Which fantasy creature/being do you like the most?

Tough question... I’ve always been partial to vampires.  Real vampires, that is... not this sparkly, emo shit that every ‘tween in the world is all over.  They’re the perfect predators – attractive and deadly. 

If you could be your favourite fantasy figure what would be the first thing you would do?

Rip someone’s throat out.  I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’m all about the blood.

What scares you the most?

Clowns.  And the whole concept of possession.  Demonic, not sexual.  Sexual possession is another story entirely, and not included as part of this interview.

Favourite film?

The Lost Boys.

Worst film you have ever seen?

It would have to be a toss-up between Super Troopers and Rubber.  Though Rubber has the upper hand because it’s at least creative.  A murdering tire?  That’s freaking hilarious.

Favourite book?

Too many to choose just one!  Either The Stand by Stephen King, or Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice.

When you go shopping what is the one thing that you always HAVE to buy?

Whatever I’ve gone out for.  I hate to shop.  I know, I’ll probably lose my girl-card for that, but it’s true.  My husband is the shopper in this team, and I’m the one that gets dragged around.

Going back to favourite film write an erotic scene featuring the main characters in 100 words or less.

Where’s my fan fiction when I need it? 100 words or less, too?  Jeez, not much to work with there, Julez... 

With a shout of pure ecstasy, Michael thrust high and deep, burying the full length of his cock inside her as he came.  Distantly, behind the sound of the blood rushing in his ears, he heard Star’s strangled cry as her body seized, milking him for every last drop of his orgasm. 

Spent, he collapsed atop her, willing his heart rate to slow even as he felt himself readying again.  This new awareness – whatever it was that David’s blood had done to him – left him both lightheaded and fully focused – on her and on being buried between her legs.

And finally, just for a light hearted end to the interview. 
What words would you want etched on your tombstone ?

I’ve thought about this seriously, and as corny as it may be to quote Shakespeare, I want to do it:

“What’s past is prologue.”

Thank you for joining me today and I would like to wish you all the best in future endeavours.

Thanks for having me!  It has been quite an interesting ride.


This comes from my newest release, She-Wolf, published by Sugar & Spice Press.

It is almost the full moon, and werewolf Mira Winterborn is feeling restless. Research has failed her, and she is convinced that no matter what happens, there is no way to stop the change. But when her best friend invites her out for a late night on the town, she finds herself drawn to the bad-boy in the corner as a likely candidate for a final experiment. Unfortunately, he’s there to kill her.

Rune Morwyn is a hunter, working to repay a blood debt. Mira is to be his last mark, but she makes him a bizarre offer that seems too good to be true. Is the wild attraction between them enough to upset her curse, and what will happen if he lets his normally guarded heart go?


“Do you make it a habit of accosting total strangers for your own benefit?”

“It’s that time of the month,” she quipped with a noncommittal shrug. Normally that meant something entirely different…and apparently for her the two didn’t cross. At least he had that to be thankful for. Bitchy and wolfing out? What a nightmare. “And just so you know, you’re the only stranger I’ve ever done that to.”

Do what? Was she serious?

“So you make it a habit of doing that sort of thing to regular acquaintances instead?”

“Not really,” she replied. She tossed her hair back over her shoulder with a twist of her head, and he caught a glimpse of a tattoo on the back of her neck—some sort of bird from the look of it. But Rune’s attention quickly focused somewhere else—before he realized it he was staring at her ass. The skirt she wore came to midthigh, and he could see from the way it hugged her gently flaring hips and rear that she wore nothing underneath. Confirmation of that fact remained on the leg of his pants, in a dry, pale streak.

The thought that only the thin leather had separated him from her bare flesh was enough to send his mind hurtling back toward the obscene. I could put off killing her long enough to have her, he thought. Heaven knew he wanted her in a bad way. It had been years—five of them, to be exact—since he’d had a woman, and this little one seemed to trip every trigger he had. Hell, Rune had even considered pulling her against him and doing more than just dance right there on the club floor, but that would be much too personal for such a dirty job.

Keeping it simple had never failed him before.

Damn if he didn’t want to back her up against the wall of the building and take her right here in the alley, though. Wolf or not, she was a woman, and an unusual, oddly beautiful one at that. Rune didn’t make a habit out of seducing his targets, but then again, he’d never had a female target.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, signaling the impending downpour. He could smell the rain in the clouds overhead. Being out in this would only slow him down after the job was done. And it needed to be done, he told himself again, focusing on the dagger clenched in his fist. Again he found himself not listening to common sense. Frustrated, he lifted his hand and prepared to plunge it into her chest.

“Since you’re planning on killing me anyway,” Mira said, turning back to face him just in time to catch his wrist in her hands. Damn, she was strong. Only the slightest flash of fear crossed her face before she reined it in and regained her cool exterior. Almost. Something new and wicked danced in her eyes. “Do you think you could put it off long enough to help me with an experiment?” She batted her lashes at him and offered a coy smile.

“Excuse me?” he barked through another bout of laughter, and she used his distraction to pry the weapon from his fingers.

“I want to use you.”

Yes, he thought as he surreptitiously dropped his hand to his crotch for a minor adjustment, use me any way you like. “What sort of experiment?”

“I’m curious to know if my research is correct.”

She wasn’t making this easy. He raised an eyebrow at her and tried unsuccessfully to curb his laughter. “And how exactly am I supposed to help you with this experiment?”

“I need you to take me home.”

That one sentence immediately sobered him. Was she really suggesting what he thought she was? Hadn’t he just been telling himself it was a bad idea to prolong this? But at the same time, hadn’t he also been weighing the options of doing exactly what she was suggesting?

Rune stared down his nose at the brazen little woman, ignoring the immediate tightening in his gut as he did so. Yes, he wanted her in the worst way imaginable. Yes, bedding her would make this job intensely personal. The question was, would he still be able to put that dagger in her hands through her heart when he was through with her?

He was pretty sure he would. It would only be sex, after all.

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