Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Ultimate Weekend pt 2

This is the continuation of my short story entitled My Ultimate Weekend.

By the time I woke up, with my head pounding from the champagne I could hear a lot of movement from downstairs, more movement than if there was just one person down there.
Climbing off the bed and standing up, still slightly groggy, I headed out of the bedroom towards the stairs. As I started to descend I heard the voices of at least three people, possibly four, and crept as slowly and quietly as I could.
Once I could see into the living room my jaw dropped, almost hitting the floor, as I came saw Suzi, and three of her friends, sitting closely together on the sofa watching a film. I stood up straight and regained my composure before continuing my descent to the living room area.
“Hiya babe,” I said after clearing my throat.
“There you are,” Suzi responded. “I thought you were going to sleep all weekend.”
“Yeah about that,” I began “I’m so fucking sorry.”
“Don’t worry you are up now that’s the main thing.”
“I see we have guests,” I said looking at the three other girls, two that I didn’t recognize.
“Yes babe we do,” Suzi said. “You know Karen of course and the blonde is Tara and the redhead Frankie.
“Hi everyone,” I replied. “Suzi can I have a word?”
“Of course babe.”
Suzi came over to me as I stayed at the bottom of the stairs.
“What’s up baby?” Suzi asked.
“I thought you said you were going to give me the best fantasy weekend ever,” I said.
“And believe me I am.”
“What about those three then?”
“Those three are part of your biggest fantasy,” Suzi answered. “Remember when we were talking a couple of weeks ago and you said you would love to find out what it would be like to be the only male in a room full of transsexuals?”
“Yeah but that’s just fantasy,” I responded.
“Not after this weekend it won’t be,” Suzi said. “After this weekend you will have lived out your ultimate fantasy and you will be begging for even more.”
“I don’t know babe,” I said. “What if I can’t, you know, perform?”
“Trust me you will have no problem there,” Suzi said grabbing my hand. “Now come on and join us on the sofa.”
With Suzi virtually dragging me by the hand I didn’t really have a lot of choice and went along with her.
“Move over Karen, Frankie let J (her nickname for me) sit right in the middle.”
The two girls giggled as they moved over and I sat in between them, Suzi and Tara.”
“There that wasn’t so hard was it babe,” Suzi said.
“Guess not babe,” I replied feeling a familiar stirring inside my jeans.
I knew Karen was a transsexual like Suzi, but I hadn’t got a clue about Tara and Frankie, I just assumed they were as a transsexual group session had been my ultimate fantasy ever since Suzi had introduced me to the joys of the third sex.
“Let’s get the other bottle of bubbly J brought open now we are all here,” Suzi said heading over to the fridge. “Frankie get some music on that damn stereo, what is this a party or a fucking wake.”
Frankie walked over to the stereo and within seconds the sound of Scooter’s “Jumping all over the world” filled the room.
“Come on everyone get off your lazy asses and party,” Tara called out and dragged me off the sofa.
Soon the five of us were jumping, dancing and singing along to the music while drink continued to flow and the more we all danced the hotter and sweatier we became.
I was the first to tear my top off, it had begun sticking to my muscular torso with sweat, and as soon as I did Frankie and Suzi did exactly the same, releasing their perfect tits without a care in the world.
 Seeing the two of them half naked caused my cock to begin hardening inside my trousers, and I began to get really uncomfortable, and trying to dance my dick into the right position was impossible so I stopped and slipped my hand into the top of my jeans to straighten myself, but Tara saw me.
“Hey everyone I think J has a problem that he might need a hand with,” she called out above the music.
“Well give him a hand then Tara,” Frankie shouted and burst out laughing.
“Yeah go on Tara,” Karen echoed. “After all it’s his ultimate fantasy weekend.”
“Shouldn’t Suzi be the one to get the ball rolling?” Tara asked.
“Don’t mind me Tara,” Suzi shouted shocking me. “You go for it girl, just don’t make a mess.”
All the girls burst out laughing at Suzi’s comment as Tara dropped to her knees in front of me, and for a second or two I just froze.
“It’s okay J I’ll be gentle,” Tara said looking up at me with pure lust in her eyes, her hand slowly lowering the zipper on my jeans.
Once my zipper was completely opened Tara slid her hand into my jeans and began to rub my hard cock through my boxer shorts, before slipping her perfectly manicured fingers into my boxers and deftly releasing my cock, for all to see.
Slowly Tara wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft and began to stroke my hardness slowly, taking her time, driving me wild with lust as the other three stopped their dancing and all came and crowded around the two of us.
Tara’s hand continued to slide up and down my shaft slowly and every few strokes she would bend her head and flick her tongue over the swollen purple head of my cock.
Frankie, Suzi and Karen were all chanting as Tara stopped stroking me and, quick as a flash, took the full length of my cock to the back of her throat and began bobbing her head up and down rapidly.
Placing my hands on Tara’s head, mainly to keep my balance, I closed my eyes as I felt the first signs of my ejaculation building up quickly.
The chant continued, my legs began to tremble and my balls tightened all at the same time and I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer.
“Oh fuck Tara I’m going to cum,” I gasped.
The chant changed and within seconds I began to flood Tara’s mouth with my thick, white milky liquid and she greedily continued to suck, and swallow, until I was completely drained.
As Tara pulled her mouth slowly up the full length of my shaft, and let it fall from her mouth, I pushed my semi-hard cock back into my trousers and went to sit back on the sofa, only for Suzi to stop me before I can manage to sit down.
“Don’t you think you ought to return the favor for Tara,” she said. “I’d love to see you make her cum just like you make me.”


An Open Book said...

I am so hoping for a Part 3- you can't just leave it hanging like that- no pun intended- great excerpt

Kellie Kamryn said...

great excerpt!