Saturday, 10 September 2011

My Ultimate Weekend

Breaking off from my blogs looking at sex and the single male I am posting the first part of a story I wanted to write, a story describing a weekend that I would love to have, a weekend that would be like no other. Hope you enjoy it. 
My Ultimate Weekend
The directions that I had been given, roughly scribbled on a scrap of paper, had led me to this cabin in the woods, miles away from civilization. All I knew was that Suzi had promised me I wouldn’t be leaving the cabin until she was completely satisfied with everything I did, and me being me didn’t think twice about coming, even though she could have planned absolutely anything.
Parking the car just down the side of the cabin I climbed out, stretched and looked around. She hadn’t been joking when she had said no-one would ever find the place. The cabin seemed to be surrounded by miles and miles of forest, with just the single track I had driven up on being the only possible access, unless you were a skilled at orientation.
Opening the boot of the car I removed the small holdall of clothes, toiletries, cigarettes and two bottles of champagne and walked up the three wooden steps to the front door. Trying the handle I expected to find it locked and was stunned when the door swung open, obviously Suzi was already around here somewhere, probably watching and waiting.
Suzi wasn’t like any woman I had ever been out with, for a start she was a transsexual and until I met her I had always considered myself heterosexual. I had never had thoughts of going with a man in my life, and I suppose technically I still hadn’t after all, apart from the eight inch cock between her legs, Suzi was one hundred percent woman.
Standing just less than six feet tall she had a figure that any woman would kill to have. Long dark hair cascaded down over her shoulders; her tits were absolutely perfect for her figure, big but not obscenely so, her hips and long legs finished of my perfect woman.
The first time I had seen her cock, hard and inviting, I had almost died. She had slipped her panties slowly, and seductively, over her hips and down her long legs with her back to me, bending to take them completely off and giving me a glimpse of her beautiful, tight hole and then she had turned around to face me.
To me her cock looked massive and, being truthful, it terrified me and I nearly ran there and then, and would of if Suzi hadn’t reassured me that nothing would happen unless I wanted it to.
By the end of the night I had more than wanted it to happen I had been desperate for her. She had teased, stroked, licked and sucked my cock for what seemed like hours only stopping every time I was about to explode and then she pinched the end to control me before continuing with her hands and mouth until she had been ready.
Forgetting about the past, before I needed to relieve the pressure that had built in my trousers, I headed through the door into the cabin and placed my holdall on the coffee table in the centre of the room.
Taking out the champagne I walked over to the fridge, opened it and was surprised to see it was fully stocked.  Placing the two bottles inside me closed the door and went back to my holdall. Taking the open packet of cigarettes, and my lighter, I placed one between my lips, lit it and inhaled the smoke deeply.
I continued to walk around, investigating the whole downstairs of the cabin, before going back outside and looking to see if Suzi had appeared yet, but she hadn’t.
Sitting on the front step smoking my cigarette I wondered how long she was going to be but didn’t have to wonder for very long as her car finally drove up.
“Hay babe,” she said as she climbed out of the car.
“Hi Suzi,” I replied as my eyes wander all over her gorgeous figure.
“Hope you have bought plenty of energy with you,” Suzi said winking at me.
“Oh I’m sure I have more than enough for you.”
“Good because there am not just me,” Suzi replied.
“What are you on about there’s no-one else here?” I replied puzzled.
“Trust me there will be,” Suzi responded.
“Who else is coming then?” I asked.
“Just you wait and see,” Suzi said. “But first let’s get your holdall up in the bedroom.”
I picked up my bag and began to walk up the stairs when Suzi stopped me.
“I hope you’ve got what I like in that bag,” she said.
“Of course I have.” I replied before continuing up the stairs.
Entering the main bedroom I stopped instantly, I had never seen a bedroom like it. The bed, a massive king sized four poster stood in the centre of the room, with space around all four sides, but it was the rest of the d├ęcor that had made me freeze. The ceiling was absolutely covered in mirrors and there was one mirror on each wall, directed to the bed. Other than that the bedroom was completely empty, save for one chest of drawers in the corner.
“Hey Suzi have you seen this bedroom?” I called down the stairs.
“Yeah great isn’t it?” she called back.
“Different is what I was thinking.”
“Anyway hurry up I fancy a drink.”
Putting my clothes in the drawers quickly I hurried downstairs to Suzi, who had already opened one of the bottles of champagne and poured two glasses.
“To the weekend you will never forget,” Suzi said raising her glass.
I clinked my glass against hers, still unsure what she was up to, before taking a large swallow of the cold, bubbly liquid. As the liquid hit the back of my throat I realized just how thirsty I was after my long drive, and between us we quickly emptied the first bottle, which was a mistake.
The combination of the long drive, the heat and the fact that I hadn’t eaten since the morning, it was almost seven pm, caused the champagne to go straight to my head and I began to feel pissed.
“Are you okay babe?” Suzi asked looking at me worried.
“Yeah I’m fine,” I replied. “Or I will be after a lie down.”
“Go up and get an hour then,” Suzi said. “I’ll come up and check on you then.”
Taking her advice I stood up and, after regaining my balance, I headed upstairs to the bedroom, unable to believe I had gone and made myself look stupid in less than an hour. As I lay down I hoped Suzi didn’t take offence to my indiscretion, and before I knew it my eyes closed.


An Open Book said...

Kind of amazing how a quiet weekend afternoon can evolve into such an imaginative scene-
Dawne P

Vampirique Dezire said...

Love it honey and now you are going to make work even harder.

*bites n kisses*