Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Ultimate Weekend pt 3

Being outnumbered four-to-one I knew arguing was going to be futile and besides Tara was stunningly attractive. She was wearing a Lycra dress, which hugged her body in all the right places, causing her tits to stand out proudly and her ass to look perfect.
As Suzi, Frankie and Karen sat on the sofa Tara stood there in front of me, waiting, and I stepped towards her. Looking towards Suzi, wondering what she was thinking, she smiled and nodded in approval. Taking that as a green light I placed my hands against Tara’s hips and began to ease he dress up.
Initially I was only going to raise it enough to be able to release her cock but Frankie and Suzi demanded that I take it off her completely, and I was so glad that I did. Underneath the dress Tara was wearing a black lace bra, which was only just big enough to cover her tits, matching lace thong and hold up stockings.
As I let my eyes wander down over her gorgeous body I saw that, inside her panties, was a beautifully hard, thick looking cock and I reached forward to place my hand on it. As I did I felt a shiver of excitement tear through my body as Tara caused it to twitch against my hand, and I quickly dropped to my knees and lowered her panties.
Once her cock was free it pointed directly at my face and I wrapped my hand around the hard shaft softly and began to stroke her as she had me. As I slowly stroked her Tara let out small moans of ecstasy, and the other girls just sat watching, at least to begin with.
“Suck me J,” Tara moaned pushing her hips forward slightly, almost brushing my lips with the swollen head of her cock.
Not needing to be told twice I opened my mouth wide and, holding the base of her cock, moved forward to take her into my mouth and began to suck her slowly. As I sucked I used my tongue on every inch of her thickness, over the veins, around the thick head and teasing her cock’s small opening until Tara suddenly gripped my head and began to buck her hips wildly.
Reaching around Tara I gripped her firm, smooth ass in my hands and continued to suck in time with her thrusting, and that is when I noticed Frankie, Karen and Suzi out of the corner of my eyes.
The three of them had got so turned on watching as I sucked Tara’s cock that they had all released their own hard dicks and were stroking them slowly as they continued to watch. Seeing the three of them masturbate slowly turned me on even more and I began to suck Tara quicker, and as I did I slipped my hands over her balls and between her legs.
Tara, knowing what I was searching for, opened her legs slightly and I began to run my fingers lightly over the crack of her ass, my fingers spreading her slowly until I could press my middle finger against her tight opening.
Letting out a loud gasp Tara thrust too hard, almost causing me to choke, but quickly regained her composure as my finger gently eased past her tightness and into her ass.
“Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” Tara gasped as I thrust my finger in and out of her, all the while still sucking her cock.
I stopped sucking and, letting her cock fall from my mouth, looked up at her.
“Not yet Tara,” I said. “Not until someone begins fucking my ass you’re not.”
“Fuck will one of you three give J what he wants,” Tara said the Frankie, Karen and Suzi. “I need to fucking cum.”
“Go on Suzi show us how he likes it,” Frankie said still stroking her cock slowly, pre-cum glistening on the end.
“What about lube?” Suzi said. “His ass isn’t going to be ready.”
“Fuck Lube Suzi come here,” Karen said as she bent over her and covered her cock with saliva. “That should do now fuck him.”
Suzi slid off the sofa and positioned herself behind me, her rock hard cock against my ass crack. Reaching behind myself I pulled my cheeks apart and she began to nudge my tightness slowly, until the swollen head of her cock broke through and into my ass.
I groaned loudly and as I did Tara gripped my head again and pushed her cock back into my mouth, as Suzi began to slowly thrust in and out of my ass.
Filled at both ends I sucked Tara greedily, desperately wanting her to cum, as Suzi began to pound into my ass harder and faster.
“Oh fuck yes I’m going to cum,” Tara screamed out and she gripped my head in her hands tightly.
Each thrust from Suzi drove Tara’s cock right to the back of my throat and that was all it took for Tara to cum. Jet after jet of her seed erupted into my mouth, it seemed like she hadn’t cum for months, and I greedily swallowed as much of her slightly salty liquid as I could, desperately trying not to lose any.
Eventually Tara couldn’t cum anymore and, as Suzi continued to fuck my ass, she removed her cock from my mouth. As I raised my hand to wipe any excess cum from my lips Tara collapsed back on to the sofa and as she did Karen took her place in front of me, her cock thicker and longer than Tara’s.
“Suck me J,” she purred.” Suck me like you sucked Tara.”
My jaw ached and I was getting that hard being fucked by Suzi I wasn’t sure I had the energy to suck another cock and was about to tell her to give me a few minutes when, out of nowhere, I felt Suzi bring her hand down across my ass.
“Well baby don’t keep Karen waiting,” she said as she thrust harder than ever into me. “This is how you described your ultimate weekend to me remember.”
“I know but my…” I started to say only for Suzi to slap my ass again, this time on the other cheek.
“Are you saying that we are all too much for you baby?” Suzi asked.
Realizing that Suzi was in complete control, another thing that I loved about her, I knew there was no point in continuing to argue and took Karen’s massive cock in my hand. Due to her thickness I struggled to encircle her cock fully but begin to move my hand up and down her veiny shaft slowly until I was ready to try and get her in my mouth.
“That’s better baby,” Suzi said slowing her thrusting. “I knew you wouldn’t let us all down.”
Listening to her soft voice, as her thrusts became more passionate and less urgent; I opened my mouth as wide as possible and let Karen slowly feed her cock to me, inch by inch, until I literally couldn’t get another millimeter into my mouth.
Closing my lips around her I hoped she didn’t begin thrusting like Tara had and began to suck as fast as I could.
Oh baby that looks so hot,” Suzi said from behind me. “Watching you suck cock like that makes me want to cum would you like that baby?”
All I could do was nod my head slightly and push back against her cock, but she knew exactly what I wanted and began to thrust faster, moaning as she did so.
Gripping my sphincter muscles around her cock I felt Suzi’s body begin to tremble, and her cock twitch violently, as she lost all control and began to cum. Twitch after twitch deposited more and more cum into me and each twitch made me suck Karen’s cock eve faster until, she to, began to cum as well.
Bing filled at both ends was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I began stroking my own hard cock furiously, desperately wanting to begin cumming before Suzi and Karen had finished, but I couldn’t and Suzi slowly removed her spent cock from my ass.
“Fuck baby that was the best ever,” Suzi said bending to kiss me. “But poor Frankie still hasn’t cum.”
“That’s a point Suzi,” Karen responded her cock still pumping cum into my mouth.
“Frankie come here babe,” Suzi said and held my cheeks apart, cum dribbling from my already stretched hole.
Frankie stood up and walked behind me, her hard cock swaying as she did, and she slowly began pushing it into my cum filled ass. With Suzi holding my cheeks apart, and my ass lubed enough with Suzi’s cum, Frankie quickly got into her rhythm and pounded in and out of me quickly.
Karen finally withdrew her cock from my mouth and joined Tara on the sofa, still stroking what was left of her erection, and the two of them watched as Frankie’s thrusts became more and more urgent until, she to, couldn’t hold back any longer.
This time though, instead of getting to feel the twitching of her cock in my ass, Frankie withdrew from me. I looked over my shoulder to see Suzi wrap her slender fingers around Frankie’s shaft and start to masturbate her hard cock furiously. It didn’t take Suzi long and, very quickly, Frankie let out a low moan as she began to cum, stream after stream splashing against my ass and back, Suzi making sure every last drop was drained from her body.
Eventually once Suzi had made sure I was cleaned up and the five of us were sitting back down on the sofa, and recovered enough, Suzi spoke.
“Well baby how did you enjoy the first half of your ultimate weekend?” She asked.
“It was amazing I never expected anything like this when you told me to meet you here,” I replied.
“I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it,” Suzi said. “Because as I said it was only the first half, you wait until tomorrow.”
With that she winked at the other girls and, one by one, they kissed me on the cheek and headed up the stairs, until there was just Suzi and I left on the sofa.
“Why what have you got planned that could be any better than tonight?” I asked.
“You will see soon enough,” Suzi responded before taking hold of my hand. “Come on let’s go up to bed.”


Ana Hart said...

Whew, honey! That was very hot.

Rawiya said...

YUMMM what a weekend. Very hot Vamp! :D

Cassandre Dayne said...

Very very sexy as usual love - never thought of writing one like this and you never know now. You have my thoughts going wild...