Saturday, 24 September 2011

Just had to blog about this little beauty

Today I have found something for you ladies that I just had to blog about. It's a vibrator but a vibrator like you will never have seen or used before and it goes by the name:

Death By Orgasm 10 Speed Scorpion Bullet Vibrator

Invite a creepy crawly between the sheets and let him pince, sting and tickle you in the most terrifyingly tantalising way. Powered by a 10-speed bullet, the scorpion's jelly rubber sleeve is ridged, noduled and tapered for exquisite vibrations.
This two-part set will provide a plethora of bone-shaking pleasure inside and out. The Scorpion sleeve is moulded with ridges, bumps, nodules and tickling parts that shake and stimulate when slipped over the powerful vibrations and patterns of the 10 function bullet vibrator.
With a precision tip that's perfect for hitting your most pleasurable spots and pincers, legs and tail to tickle your fancy, the Scorpion is suitable for both clitoral stimulation and insertion.
Easy to slip on and off, the Scorpion can be slipped onto other vibrators for all-new sensations.
Underneath the Scorpion's armoured shell, you'll discover a smooth and sensual bullet vibrator that is ideal for all-over body massage. Roll over your weary body to soothe away those aches and pains or use the rounded headed to stimulate you more intimately...
With three shocking-strength vibrations and 7 patterns, your orgasmic screams will be loud enough to raise the dead. Press the button on the base to start the vibrations. Push again to go faster - and once more to go faster still! Push a further 7 times to cycle through the delicious patterns which escalate, pulsate and tease you in deviantly dark ways.
Completely waterproof, you can use the bullet vibe in the bath or shower.
A beautifully crafted, gothic-inspired, ultra-powerful black bullet vibrator with jelly Scorpion sleeve in a metal coffin-shaped gift box.
Forget trick-or-treating this Halloween, give your lover a naughty little gift and have a night of scarily seductive pleasure instead.
Enjoy, and survive your Death by Orgasm.


An Open Book said...

Not sure how I feel about this contraption... intimidated? Hesitant? Leery? All come to mind- I prefer smooth edges with some nubs and ribbed sides- this little creature just...bothers me- lol

Curious to talk to someone who HAS experienced it though- could be a good conversation
Dawne P

Jean said...

It sounds great but looks creepy. I'd have a hard time putting something that looks like that close to my private parts or even to my bed! LOL. Love the post, though.

vampiremorbius said...

For those a little put off by the look of this toy please visit and read the customer reviews. I think you will all be surprised

Rawiya said...

Hmm, that looks like something wicked BL would love to try... :) Love the ads for toys too!


Pablo Michaels said...

Looks scary to put an object like a scorpion within any body port hole. I wonder if it could be used for anal sex?

Vampirique Dezire said...

Okay as someone who is absolutely petrified of any creepy crawly, even moths scare the hell out of me. I would actually give that one a go. I can't pick up toy spiders etc as they are tiny and look so real, but this looks real enough to get the blood pumping but fake enough not to cause hysteria.
Although what was it the doctors used to say was good for women's hysteria? hehehe

*bites n kisses*

The NymphomaniacNess said...

I have one of these. I really like it, my partner is frightened of it though. The tail can tickle the anus, but it isn't firm enough to produce much sensations when used that way, just enough to arouse you a bit :). It can be slotted in underwear and the pincers will stimulate the clitoris, while the legs tickle the labia, and the tail stimulates the anus. It's a good little toy. I might post more about mine on my blog next month. Hoping to write a few halloween style blog posts ^_^