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Interview from The Crypt: Abby Hayes

Once again the doors to The Crypt creak as they open slowly to allow yet another unsuspecting soul deep inside and today's delicious victim, I mean visitor, is the delightful Abby Hayes.


First of all I would just like to say welcome to The Crypt and thank you for stopping by today.

Why don’t you begin by introducing yourself to my creatures of the night and tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Abby Hayes, or at least that is my pen name. I’m part of the twenty-something crowd, and a new erotic author at Naughty Nights Press. As my bio says, by day, I’m who the world wants me to be. But, by night, I’m who I want to be, listening to the voices that pant new and downright naughty things in my head. *giggles*

When did you first begin to write? Was there a specific moment or did something happen to make you think ‘I could be a writer’?

I’ve actually been writing a few years, just finally got up enough nerve to send of the stories I was hiding ;)

What are you currently working on? Would you mind giving the readers a quick synopsis in 100 words or less?

Well, I recently signed a contract with Naughty Nights Press which has me writing one or two stories a month for all of 2012. So, I’m just starting on the first two themed shorts due in October since each one is due into the publisher three months in advance.  But, I’m sorry, right now, I’ve been taking some time, probably too much time, to look over all the stories for next year and just let myself fall into some research to get the ideas going. I’m not to synopsis yet :(

Where do you draw your inspiration for your stories, characters and settings?

Well, at first, they came from sexual scenarios that interested me. And, in my first contracted story, Finding Paradise, I’d come across this blog, and this lady, probably in her mid-sixties had a video up of this song, I think 70’s era, “I’ve Never Been To Me” by Charlene. My mind went all over the place for some reason, the song was so mournful almost, but I though, wow, this song is an erotic story waiting to me told. Pulling it back into what I know, I had the old friends from high school meet on Facebook. I did question a few ladies at work about the song, if they remembered it coming out. I was surprised what each of them had to tell about it.

Currently, I’m being given by Naughty Nights Press themes to follow, but again, it’s all about the sexual scenario I want to learn more about, flesh out, according to the given theme. Then my characters are created by asking who would be fun to put into these situations and why.

Is there one particular genre you prefer writing in and is there a genre you would never attempt and if so why?

I guess I’d have to go with Erotica overall for prefer, but I’m exploring there, into my favourite sub-genre of M/M, and M/F/M with M/M action. But, I know I’m moving into BDSM soon ;) Never write in? Hmmm, I don’t know. I’m pretty open, but probably not going mainstream, or out of the erotic genre, any year soon! LOL

If you weren’t a writer/ couldn’t write anymore what would you do?

I’d watch a lot of sexy movies, and change them when I relived them in my head! LOL Oh, I already do that, but it would be much more intense if I couldn’t get my own stories into the computer. I’m currently working a day job to put myself through college, but I need the release my writing provides me! In fact, I like looking at people, especially the ones that I get sick of giving just the right answers too, and like to imagine what they would think if they knew what was really going through my head, or knew what I write. Why do I get immense pleasure from this – don’t want to know! LOL Wow, did I even answer your question?

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours what would be the first thing you would do?

OMG! Probably play with myself! I mean having access to a cock 24/7 would take some getting used to! LOL

Which fantasy creature/being do you like the most?

Vampires. A vampire made it’s way into my Finding Paradise story in a rather unique way! But, I won’t spoil that for ya!

If you could be your favourite fantasy figure what would be the first thing you would do?

Now we’re just talking fantasies, right? Not paranormal? In my fantasies, I’m a porn star, and getting to experience all sorts of new things! This came out in a story I recently subbed to Naughty Nights Press. In it, I explored working in that industry with my main male character owning the company, and the main female tired of not finding a job in the film industry coming to work for him and getting more of an education than she bargained for!

What scares you the most?

Hmmm, right now, my real life over-running my fantasy one, and not finding time to write!

Favourite film?

I’m all over the place in the movies I watch when I have time. Not sure I could pick a favourite even in the different genres. Most recent movie I’ve gone to see though was “One Day” and it is definitely not going on the fav’s list at all! LOL

Worst film you have ever seen?

Okay, so One Day isn’t the worst either. Wow, worst, again, so many…. With Halloween coming up and scary movies on the brain, I can tell you I was very disappointed in Paranormal Activity movies :(

Favourite book?

I’m am sooo bad at this fav’s thing! I like erotic stories, and read them all the time. I’m really looking forward to reading my fellow NNP author’s stories. Got The Taming of Tess next up on the list!

When you go shopping what is the one thing that you always HAVE to buy?

Something heavily caffeinated ;)

Going back to favourite film write an erotic scene featuring the main characters in 100 words or less.

But, I never choose one! Okay, so let me go back to the one I mentioned though. A scene from “One Day” First let me say that in this movie, despite a much uncalled for event at the end that had me walk out of the theatre shaking and repeating like an idiot, WTF, the main characters were friends, and it took them years to get together. For that, for all the crap he put her through, he gets spanked! Oh this is going to be fun, because there were times in the movie which spanned many years that Jim Sturgess, playing Dexter, was so cute.

She woke up cross, still unable to believe he’d done that to her last night. She’d given him the opportunity to say what he really felt, explain his actions. But, no sooner had he given her the truth, than he’d, like a coward, taken it all back.

Replaying the whole skinny dipping scene in her head, she tied Dex to her bed. Carefully attaching each wrist and each ankle to her bedpost as he lain there, naked, on his stomach.

Her tightening the ropes had woken him. No sooner had he blinked a few times, tugged and cursed, than she’d taken her hairbrush down on his ass three determined times. Putting all the strength she had into each one, all her anger, all her frustration and all her love, she’d left a nice red mark, as crimson as the short nightgown she’d put on for the task.

Noticing how heavy his balls seemed, laying on the bed, framed by his thighs, she reached her hand under him as she let her arm go, hitting him again. His grunt followed by his groan, the hardness of his dick, let her to…

Opps, too long, sorry, but that felt good after what they put me through. I did it for me and for all the others who jumped in their seats and screamed out loud though this wasn’t a horror film. Truthfully, never in all my life have I seen a movie theatre clear so fast!

And finally, just for a light hearted end to the interview what words would you want etched on your tombstone?

Real Name
Date born, Date Died
She wrote as Abby Hayes. Look her up!


Finding Paradise

Coming in December 2011 from Naughty Nights Press 

Days before her high school reunion, Kelly reconnects on Facebook with childhood friend, Nevaeh—a woman who, rumor has it, has lived a life straight out of some erotic novel. And, Kelly has a lot of erotica on her ereader! Ménages, slave fantasies, strangers and BDSM are all included in the stories Nevaeh has to share.

This sexy, world traveler incites Kelly to forge a friendship unlike any she’s ever had before. She never knew a shopping trip could be so educational, especially in an adult store. With her head spinning and her panties damp, Kelly embarks on a crusade to reignite the passion her and her husband, Nate, once had with a few new toys and other surprises. When he surprises her by being a more than willing participant, she decides to test a few boundaries, push a few limits...

Kelly becomes determined to find out if her old neighbor is right, if
paradise can be found within your own four walls with the man you married. But, what happens when Kelly’s husband finds out about all of her time spent with Nevaeh? What will happen when Nevaeh’s husband, Hayden, comes into town for the reunion? Will her marriage be in trouble, or will things go further than Kelly ever dreamed they could go?

And that concludes today's main course, oops I mean interview so I would like to say a big thank you to my guest the delicious Abby Hayes and I hope you will all join me in wishing her all the best in her future endeavours.

So until I once again need to feed this is Julez S Morbius saying keep your necks clean, you never know when I will come calling.


Julez S Morbius


An Open Book said...

Love the upfront honest answers Abby- as for the being a man for 24 hours- I have to agree- It would be quite irresistible to NOT touch myself.

Dawne P

Abby Hayes said...

I'm glad someone understands, Dawne! LOL

And, thanks Julez for having me for my very first interview. Well off to work in a high collar to hide that bite ;)

Tessa said...

Really great interview :-) and shout out for my book too!!! Woo! It's The Training of Tess though ;-) LOL see the problem now is I want to watch One Day, and I know I'll regret it!!!!