Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thirsty Thursday: Getting help from a neighbor

Getting help from a neighbor

I'd been stroking my cock and dreaming of all the things I wanted to do to my hot, older, neighbor every day since she had first moved in next door and today had been no different. As soon as the house had emptied I had turned my chair to face the window, hurriedly dropped my jeans and boxer shorts and stroked my cock until it was fully erect as watched her through the windows, busying herself in her kitchen.
Once I was fully hard I closed my eyes, her image appearing in my mind and continued to stroke my cock slowly. Picturing her running naked through summer fields, begging me to chase her, I continued to masturbate. My breathing became more erratic, my heart pounded violently in my chest and I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer, I never did when I thought of her but before I could explode I felt another, softer, hand encircle mine.
Fear tore through me and I went to open my eyes, only my vision was blocked by a soft hand covering my eyes.
No peeking,” a soft, seductive female voice whispered. “Not yet.”
W-Who are you?” I asked, stuttering.
Shhh just relax.”
The hand encircling mine released it's grip and I felt her removing my hand from around my shaft, before her soft fingers replace it and encircled me lightly. As soon as her fingers were in place she slowly began stroking me, her fingers lightly running up and down the whole length of my shaft and I felt her occasionally stop stroking and run her nails over the slit in the end of my cock, teasing me.
Eventually though her teasing stopped and her grip became tighter, her strokes more vigorous and I felt my balls started to tighten in their sac and my body begin to tremble. I was about to explode and I still didn't know who was masturbating me, all I knew was that whoever it was certainly knew what they were doing because I had never felt as weak as I did at that exact second.
I'm going to take my hand from your eyes now but I want you to wait five seconds before you open your eyes,” the voice purred. “If you don't I shall release your cock and walk away, leaving you teetering on the edge do you understand?”
Y-Yes,” I managed to gasp in reply, my need to cum becoming impossible to control.
I felt her hand move and although I kept my eyes shut, just a she had ordered, I could feel the sunlight on my face. As I had done as she wanted her hand began stroking my hardness even faster, my orgasm building and I knew that when I finally did cum it would be with a force like never before.
Lower your head and open your eyes,” she whispered softly.
Doing as she said I bent my head down, opened my eyes and found myself face to face with the neighbor I had been fantasizing about when I started to stroke my cock, the woman I had dreamed about so much and lost all control. My cock twitched violently and the first stream of the thick, milky, liquid exploded from the slit in my cock, splashing down onto her exposed breasts.
As I stared down at the woman of so many of my fantasies still stroking my hard shaft, milking every drop of seed from my body, I saw a look of pure, unadulterated, lust in her eyes as a smile formed on her lips.
I have noticed you watching me, stroking your hardness as you thought about me, every day and I wanted to make your dreams come true,” she purred seductively, as she squeezed the last drop of cum from my cock, “and tomorrow you shall return the favor. I shall be waiting.”


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Lady Gina Kincade said...

Intriguing! So she's been watching him all the while he watched her. Yum!