Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease 13th March 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

I'd been seeing, well more like fucking, Mason for about four months when he finally admitted he had a, female, partner. I must admit I'd already had an idea he was hiding something because we never went back to his, and he had cancelled on me more than once, but I will admit that it did hurt he couldn't just be honest with me.
What I didn't expect though was to find myself kneeling on his bed, his strong hard wrapped around my hard shaft stroking me slowly, while she, sat in the corner of the room totally naked, playing with her tits and rubbing her shaved pussy.
“We couldn't you just be honest,” I groaned as, with his one of his hands around my throat and the other moving up and down my shaft, I was struggling not to explode all over their bed.
“Because you are the first one she has ever wanted to meet,” Mason replied, as he started to stroke my hardness even faster. “You've had such an effect on me she demanded to see just why you were making me so happy.”
“Please, Damon, let me see Mason fuck your beautiful ass,” Brooke gasped, as Mason's stroking finally made me cum. “


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Phew, a hot tease indeed :-D