Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sinful Sunday: When friends become lovers

When friends become lovers

Sasha looked into Lisa's eyes, smiled and placed her hand just under the curve of her smooth, soft breasts and leaned forward. As she did her breasts brushed against Lisa's, her nipples rubbed lightly against the girl she had known since the day they first started school and stiffened almost instantly.
She couldn't believe that after all the years they had known each other, everything that they had been through as friends, they were about to make love for the first time.
The kiss they shared earlier in the day wasn't their first, they had often pecked each other on the lips but there was something about that one that had sent feelings of electricity coursing through Sasha body, feelings that only subsided when she felt the tingling in her pussy.
“Are you sure Lisa?” Sasha asked softly staring deep into her friends eyes and shifting her hand so that her thumb brushed Lisa's nipple.
“I, we, have to know Sasha.”
Lowering her head, before either of them said anything that they might regret, Sasha placed her lips, softly at first, against Lisa's. Kissing each other lightly a few times Sasha felt the same electric tingling from earlier and gripped her friend's waist tighter.
Pulling Lisa as close as she could to her own body Sasha slowly eased her tongue passed Lisa's lips and into her mouth. Quickly Lisa reciprocated and, as they kissed passionately, Sasha allowed her hand to travel across her friends small, but firm tits, caressing each one in turn before pulling her lips away from Lisa's.
Lowering her head Sasha began flicking at Lisa's nipples with her tongue, occasionally sucking each one into her mouth gently, causing Lisa to moan softly before she kissed each one lightly. As she continued to kiss and suck Lisa's hard nipples she slowly moved her hand further down over Lisa's flat stomach.
Pausing as she felt the soft curls of Lisa's blonde pubic hair she lifted her head, looked at Lisa and smiled again. Lisa smiled back before closing her eyes, the smile staying on her face as she parted her thighs slightly. Sasha knew what Lisa wanted, she wanted it just as much and she slipped her hand between her friend's legs. As she felt the slightly parted lips of Lisa's pussy, which was already moist from anticipation, Sasha slowly eased her middle finger into Lisa.
Gasping Lisa moaned Sasha's name, parted her legs even more and begged Sasha not to stop, bucking her hips against Sasha's hand in encouragement. After circling her finger inside Lisa's pussy for a few minutes Sasha slipped a second, then third, finger into her friend, filling her pussy and began to thrust in and out in a fucking motion.
“Oh fuck Sasha yes don't stop,” Lisa gasped and she reached around Sasha to grip her ass tightly.
Sasha smiled to herself, she had no intention of stopping, but what she did want and what surprised her more than anything was that she was desperate to find out just how sweet Lisa's soaking pussy tasted.
Keeping her fingers buried deep inside Lisa Sasha slid down the bed, the smell coming from her friends pussy sending yet more bolts of ecstasy towards her own pussy, before she ran her tongue through Lisa's pubic hair. Pausing before allowing her tongue to travel along the outer lips of Lisa's pussy, to savor the sweet smell emanating from her friend's core, Sasha slipped her fingers out of Lisa's pussy and down between her own thighs.
As she began to probe Lisa's opening she pushed her fingers deep, and hard, into her own pussy and was surprised to find it almost as wet as Lisa's. Lisa's groans became louder as Sasha lapped at her pussy, knowing that she was so close to coming and she reached down and gripped Sasha by the hair.
“Fuck yes Sasha I'm coming!” Lisa screamed as she bucked her hips even more, grinding her pussy against Sasha and making sure her tongue was as deep inside her as possible. “Fuck please don't stop.”
Sasha had no intention of stopping because, with her own orgasm almost upon her thanks to her fingers, she was determined that the two of them would cum together and, with each of them letting out a long, loud groan, they did.