Monday, 19 March 2018

Masturbation Monday: Meeting the new neighbor

Meeting the new neighbor

I'd only just left my house, and began the short walk to work when I noticed the front door of one of my neighbor's homes slightly ajar. Although the house had been sold about six weeks earlier I hadn't yet met the new owners but with the car, that was usually in the driveway, not there the fact that the door was open made me feel uneasy, especially in this day and age of low income and high crime.
Cautiously, in case there were some undesirables inside, I made my up the front path and slowly pushed the door open a little more.
Hello!” I called, before entering. “Is there anybody home?”
Greeted with silence I pushed the door open further, stepped inside and then closed the door behind me. Calling out again I made my way through the downstairs, looking in each room, before making my way back to the bottom of the stairs.
Hello!” I bellowed, this time even louder than before.
If there was someone upstairs they would surely have heard me this time but, still, there was no response.
Slowly I began to make my way up the stairs, occasionally calling out, until I found myself on the landing. Faced with half a dozen doors, four closed and the other two half open, I made my way to each closed one, opened it, took a quick look and then closed it again once I saw there was nothing or no-one inside
By the time I had checked all the closed doors and was left with just the two half-open ones, I called out once more, only this time I heard a muffled moaning, as if someone had been bound and gagged, coming from within one of them.
Are you okay?” I called. “Are you hurt?”
Instead of a reply more moaning came from behind the door I was standing directly in front of. Clenching my fists, expecting someone to burst from within, I slowly pushed the door open and froze.
There wasn't any burglars or thugs behind the door and the householder wasn't bound, gagged and totally hopeless. Instead, what I did find was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, totally naked, holding herself up on one elbow and moaning softly as she massaged one of her perfectly sized breasts, occasionally pinching the erect nipple and gasping, while stroking the opening of her neatly shaved pussy with a thin black vibrator.
Feeling embarrassed, and with the hardness between my legs growing rapidly, I reached forward and was about to pull the door closed when the woman suddenly opened her eyes and smiled straight at me.
I-I'm sorry,” I stammered. “T-the front door was open and w-with no car in the driveway I-I thought you were being burgled.”
Bursting out laughing she took the toy from her pussy, lifted it to her lips and sucked her own juices from it before dropping it on to the bed.
I was beginning to wonder what it would take for you to take any notice of me,” the woman said, replacing the toy with her fingers. “Ever since I moved in I've fancied you. I guess I should have left my front door open a lot earlier.”


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