Saturday, 31 March 2018

Sexy Saturday: Surprise striptease

Surprise striptease

I had tried for weeks to get Cindy to agree to a date with me yet she had always refused, saying she wasn't my type of girl, so when she had finally caved in and agreed I couldn't believe my luck.
Now, as I lay back with my arm behind my head, watching Cindy toy with the strap of her lace bra I knew that my pursuit was over and I was finally with the girl of my dreams. She danced slowly, in perfect rhythm, to the sound of Justin Timberlake's Sexyback emanating from the radio on the bedside cabinet, her hips swaying slowly from side to side as she eased the strap from her shoulders, exposing her dark, erect, nipple briefly before hiding it from my view once again.
My hard cock throbbed achingly beneath the sheets as she turned her back to me, unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor before turning back, her arms crossed over her chest to still hide her tits from my view.
Shifting slightly, to try and hide my obvious excitement, I patted the side of the bed next to me and smiled but she shook her head and continued to sway her hips from side to side, before turning away once again.
Slowly Cindy traced her fingers down, over her hips, before eventually running her hands over her firm ass as I slipped my hand under the sheets and wrapped my fingers around my hard shaft.
As I began to stroke my shaft slowly I watched Cindy take hold of the waistband of her panties and slowly start to ease them down over her hips as Justin Timberlake faded away, to be replaced by Snoop Dogg's Sweat.
Finally bending and stepping out of her panties Cindy gripped her cheeks and eased them apart slightly, exposing her tight hole, before turning back with one arm still across her chest and the other placed coyly over her crotch.
Smiling, as she saw my hand moving under the sheets, Cindy finally moved her arm and exposed her perfect tits before slowly starting to walk towards the bed. Watching her breasts sway as she walked I smiled and released the grip on my cock, in anticipation of her joining me at last, as she lifted one of her legs.
With her hand still keeping her crotch covered Cindy placed one knee on the bed, lowered herself on to her stomach and began pulling herself up over my body and that was when I finally found out why she was so reluctant to agree to go out with me, why she had kept saying she wasn't my kind of girl but as she pressed her lips against mine, and I felt her own hard shaft nestling against mine, just didn't matter.
To me she was still Cindy, and she was still perfect.


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