Friday, 19 May 2017

Flash Fiction Friday: Not what they planned

Not what they planned

Sandwiched between Alexander and Yuri, the two russian playboys who'd been trying for months to get her into bed, and wearing nothing more than a thin lace babydoll, Sasha could feel their excitement growing rapidly.
It's such a shame things aren't going to go the way they think she thought to herself, as she pulled Alexander close, while reaching behind herself to wrap her other hand behind Yuri's neck.
As soon as his lips were close enough Alexander leaned forward, to kiss her, only for Sasha to quickly move her head, and sink her razor sharp fangs into his neck.



Rolling Muse in The Roses said...

Giggles! I love it! So sneaky and clever of her. I loved this flash! Guess their plans didn't go as they wanted but hers sure did. :)

Doris O'connor said...

Hehehe, love it. great flash, Julez :-)

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Oh shit. The other man better fight hard, but it's over for him. That was one hell of a sneaky post. Sorry I took long to respond.