Monday, 13 February 2017

A romantic Valentine's Day short

We'd been dating for six months, yet never spent the night together. It was a mutual decision to wait, until we both knew we were one hundred percent commited to the relationship. I'd known since the first day I'd seen her she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but, due to the fact she'd been used, and hurt, so many times in the past, Shelby was the one who wanted to take things slowly.
Whether it was planned on her part, or not, I'd never know but the day she told me she wanted our first Valentine's Day together to, also, be our first night together I went out of my way to make it as romantic as possible so, after a night out at the best restaurant in town, followed by a few hours drinking and dancing at the hottest club, I'd told her it was time for the last part of her perfect Valentine's Day.
After hailing a taxi outside the club I'd blindfolded her, to keep the surprise until the very last second and instructed the driver to take us to the hotel I'd pre-booked.
Once there I led her up to the room, still blindfolded and ushered her inside. Once through the door I uncovered her eyes, and let her take in the romance of our surroundings.
The four-poster bed in the centre of the room was adorned with a red heart, made from hundreds of rose petals and a bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice on the bedside cabinet. Noticing a flickering from the bathroom Shelby made her way over to the, slightly open, door and pushed it gently. Taking a sharp intake of breath when she saw the heart shaped bath, filled to the brim with bubbles and surrounded by more rose petals and scented candles she turned to face me, and I could see tears forming in her eyes.
“It's not too much is it?” I asked, stepping over to her and taking her in my arms
“No. It's absolutely perfect,” she replied.
“In that case shall I get you a glass of champagne?”
“That sounds like an excellent idea and, while you're fetching it, I shall get in this bath and wait right here for you.”
I left Shelby to get undressed, and climb into the scented water, while I went back to the bedroom and collected the champagne and glasses.
Re-entering the bathroom I smiled down at her, the bubbles covering everything but her head, before opening the bottle and pouring two glasses. Taking both glasses from me she looked up and smiled.
“Well, are you going to join me?”
Not needing telling twice I quickly shed my clothes, climbed in, rested against side and held my arm out for her. With the champagne in her hand she sidled up to me, pressing her firm breasts against my chest and placed her lips against mine.
“I can't believe how much trouble you've gone to for me,” she whispered, once she'd pulled her lips from mine.
“You are worth every single bit of it, Baby,” I replied. “However there's one more thing I want to do.”
Before she could say a word I reached down the side of the bath.
“What are you doing?”
Lifting my hand, which I'd curled into a fist around what I'd reached for, I held it out.”
“Open this for me.”
Slowly pulling my fingers open she screamed, as the diamond ring I was concealing revealed itself.
“It's beautiful,” Shelby sobbed, staring down at the golden band.
“Not as beautiful as you are though,” I replied.
“Stop it, Marcus.”
Seeing her face go as red as the rose petals surrounding the bath caused a smile to form on my lips.
“The only thing is, baby, it'd look even better if you were wearing it,” I began, “so I just wondered if you'd like to marry me.”
“Are you being serious?”
“I've never been any more serious about anything in my whole life.”
“But what about...” She paused for a second, and let her head drop.
“What about what?” I asked, interrupting her, before slipping my hand under the bubbles and wrapping my fingers around her hard shaft. “This? I love you for you and, just because you've got a cock, that doesn't change the way I feel about you and it never will.”


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