Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tantalizing Tuesday Tease: A perfect date

A perfect date

We'd only just left the club when the heavens opened and, within seconds, the two of us were completely soaked. Instead of letting the weather ruin what had been a perfect night I wrapped my arms around Frankie's waist, and pulled her close.
“Are you glad you relented and let me take you out?” I asked, as our foreheads touched.
Wrapping her arms around the back of my neck she smiled.
“It's been perfect,” she replied.
“Hopefully you'll let me treat you to many more perfect nights.”
“I will. I'm just we'd done this sooner.”
“So do I but we have now, and no-one gave us a second glance.”
“Do you think anybody could tell?”
“I don't care if they did. You are stunningly beautiful and, just because you are transsexual, to me you are perfect.”
Smiling back at her I placed my lips against hers, and kissed her for the first time.
“Come on let's get back to yours,” Frankie gasped, as we finally pulled apart.
“Are you sure that's what you want?”
“I've never wanted anything more,” Frankie whispered softly. “That's if it's what you want as well.”



Doris O'connor said...

Aw, what a lovely tease :-)

Knotty Girl 1 said...

Very intriguing!

Angelica Dawson said...

How reassuring, to have someone so intent on her. I'm sure they have many more great dates to come.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

A real romantic piece.