Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: Julia


Entering the bedroom I walked over to the bed, where my chosen lingerie was laid out and ran my fingers over the soft white lace. Taking a quick glance at the bedside clock I saw it was six-thirty, ninety minutes before I was due at the restaurant and sat down.
After running my hands down my legs, to make sure I'd shaved them perfectly, I picked up one of the lace stockings. I pushed my toes in slowly, so I didn't ladder them, before easing the delicate material up my leg. Once I was happy with how it looked I smoothed it out and did the same with the other one, before picking up the corset.
It took me longer than normal to do the corset up thanks to my hands, which trembled nervously. Eventually though it was on. After clipping the suspenders to the stockings I picked up the pure white, silk, panties and stepped in to them.
Stepping over to the dressing table I sat down, and applied my make-up. Once finished I took one last look at myself, before slipping my skirt and blouse on. Once dressed I headed to the front door and stepped outside, as Julia, for the first time ever.



Angelica Dawson said...

What a scary moment that must be. You captured it beautifully.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

You painted this scene beautifully. I love it!

Naomi Shaw said...


Doris O'connor said...

Oh wow, what a big moment for her. :-)